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Lift & Separate IV

Getting a bra with the right support is important. If you don't love the fit, send it back - returns are on us.

why we made this

When our yoga instructor told us to lift and open our hearts, we took it seriously. We made this sports bra with four-way stretch (for the lift) and a front clasp (for the open) so that we could achieve our best in the studio. Opening the clasp is for after class, of course.

fabric + features

  • made with sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric
  • a front clasp makes it easy to slip in and out of this sports bra
  • the Mesh strap and open back help you keep your cool
  • flat seams so you don't get rubbed the wrong way
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • support: light
  • coverage: low
$54.00 USD
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{"14332":[["32 C","3547599"],["36 C","3547601"],["38 C","3547602"],["32 D","3547609"],["34 D","3547610"],["36 D","3547611"],["38 D","3547612"],["32 DD","3547605"],["34 DD","3547606"],["36 DD","3547607"],["38 DD","3547608"],["32 E","3547614"],["36 E","3547616"],["34 E","3547615"]],"0001":[["36 C","3542350"],["38 C","3542351"],["32 D","3542358"],["34 D","3542359"],["36 D","3542360"],["38 D","3542361"],["32 DD","3542354"],["34 DD","3542355"],["36 DD","3542356"],["38 DD","3542357"],["32 E","3542363"],["34 E","3542364"],["36 E","3542365"]],"14395":[["36 DD","3546313"],["36 E","3546322"]],"0002":[["36 C","3532922"],["38 C","3532923"],["32 D","3532930"],["34 D","3532931"],["36 D","3532932"],["38 D","3532933"],["32 DD","3532926"],["34 DD","3532927"],["36 DD","3532928"],["38 DD","3532929"],["32 E","3532935"],["34 E","3532936"],["36 E","3532937"]],"14336":[["32 C","3544913"],["34 C","3544914"],["36 C","3544915"],["38 C","3544916"],["32 D","3544923"],["34 D","3544924"],["36 D","3544925"],["38 D","3544926"],["32 DD","3544919"],["34 DD","3544920"],["36 DD","3544921"],["38 DD","3544922"],["32 E","3544928"],["34 E","3544929"],["36 E","3544930"]]}
{"38 DD":[["0001","3542357"],["0002","3532929"],["14332","3547608"],["14336","3544922"]],"36 E":[["0001","3542365"],["0002","3532937"],["14395","3546322"],["14332","3547616"],["14336","3544930"]],"34 E":[["0001","3542364"],["0002","3532936"],["14332","3547615"],["14336","3544929"]],"34 D":[["0001","3542359"],["0002","3532931"],["14332","3547610"],["14336","3544924"]],"34 C":[["14336","3544914"]],"32 DD":[["0001","3542354"],["0002","3532926"],["14332","3547605"],["14336","3544919"]],"34 DD":[["0001","3542355"],["0002","3532927"],["14332","3547606"],["14336","3544920"]],"36 C":[["0001","3542350"],["0002","3532922"],["14332","3547601"],["14336","3544915"]],"36 D":[["0001","3542360"],["0002","3532932"],["14332","3547611"],["14336","3544925"]],"38 C":[["0001","3542351"],["0002","3532923"],["14332","3547602"],["14336","3544916"]],"38 D":[["0001","3542361"],["0002","3532933"],["14332","3547612"],["14336","3544926"]],"36 DD":[["0001","3542356"],["0002","3532928"],["14395","3546313"],["14332","3547607"],["14336","3544921"]],"32 D":[["0001","3542358"],["0002","3532930"],["14332","3547609"],["14336","3544923"]],"32 C":[["14332","3547599"],["14336","3544913"]],"32 E":[["0001","3542363"],["0002","3532935"],["14332","3547614"],["14336","3544928"]]}

Lift & Separate IV 3.7 5 63 63
faulty clasp I bought this bra, 2 total, one in black and one in white like another reviewer. It was some months ago, but within the year. I always wash on delicate and hang to dry, both clasps on both bras broke on mine as well. Shame, I loved the fit but now they don't stay closed correctly and they were expensive to not be able to wear still. August 31, 2014
Broken Clasp - super disappointed I bought both white and black in February and March of this year. I ALWAYS wash on delicate and with like garments but the clasp has broken on both. This, of course, is very disappointing and feels like $$$ down the drain. August 30, 2014
Fantastic Bra!!! This bra fit tts on me in 34C. Some other manufacturers bras, not sports bras, fit me in a 34B, but not many. I wear a 6 in the Energy, Flow Y, All Sport, 50 Rep, Run Stuff Your Bra, and On Your Way bras. I love the extra exposure of this bra (very comfortable) and have no issues with the girls staying put. The bra is EXTREMELY comfortable on me. It is wonderful having a front close - so easy to get on and off. I will be careful with the little pins on the clasp as their diameter is small. 34C must be a popular size as I have been unable to get one in white, bruised berry, or pow pink light. Seriously, I want them all!!! Would love a nude color too :-) as I could replace most of my "normal" bras with these. August 29, 2014
wearing it RIGHT NOW! This is definitely my current favourite sportsbra/bra. It took a couple of tries to get the sizing right (ended up ordering 4 different sizes) but I think it was worth the effort. I used to be a small busted girl (32D) but as I am now pregnant the girls have totally changed and as such NONE of my beloved lulu sports bras fit comfortably. (And NO going up to size 6 rather than my usual 4 does not help - the band is too loose, moves around and is simply not supportive enough) Ended up going with the 34DD which is 1 band size UP and 2 cup sizes UP from the size I originally ordered going by the size chart. You really just have to give it a chance and try on different sizes and see what works best for you. The bra is GREAT! It is comfortable and supportive and the girls look great - NO uniboob whatsoever. LULU - PLEASE RESTOCK!! and add more colours I was looking for this bra in stores because I wanted to try it on before buying and I had a really hard time (yes I know there are free online returns but this is very time consuming rather than just trying it on ONCE in stores.) Would it be possible for the store to at carry ONE SIZE RUN of this bra not for sale but simply for sizing purposes? August 21, 2014
love hate relationship i love and hate this bra. first i'm athletic muscular build. 5' tall and 125lbs i measure a 34 but i usually always buy a 36 in bra band. i am a not quite so full B cup and when i read another reviewer who stated that this bra is not only for the well endowed i jumped in and bought 2. i own 6 pairs of a motion comfort bra that is built the same way as this bra only it doesn't have the clasp in the front for easy on and off. now this was the biggest selling point for me. after a super sweaty work out i hate hate hate trying to wrestle out of a sports bra. love the look of this bra. the deep v provides lift and truly does separate the girls preventing the unsightly uni boob affect. trust me when your barely a B cup the uni boob look makes me look like a 11 year old boy with no chest at all. for the most part i love this bra but for the price i expect it to be near perfect and although this bra does what it claims to do. yes, it does lift and yes it does separate, and by George the darn thing keeps the girls supported. i don't worry about a boob slippage flashing everyone with a nipple head light in their face. what is the most disappointing is quality. i bought a white one and this thing is sheer and quite flimsy. not what i expect from lulu. when i usually pick up a lulu product right off the bat i say wow.... this is quality and will last me a lifetime. super strong seams, thick fabric, and built to last. investment pieces. this is so thin that you can see the pads underneath. looks tacky. not that i am comfortable enough to walk around a gym or class with just this on when my guy saw this he said he can see "boob patches" i understand that those removable pad are necessary to eliminate "head lights" but that doesn't mean that the actual fabric of the clothing item should be so thin that all you see is pad. so sad. i thought i found my perfect bra but i guess the search is on. oh and one more thing. this does seem to run on the small side. the 36 was semi tight but its supportive so i don't mind and B cup girls don't be afraid to give this a try. i would probably just wait till its on sale. i bought a 36 C by the way. August 13, 2014
Broken clasps make this hard to love I bought this bra in two colours about 4 months ago, and despite the fact that I've hand-washed and hang dried them, the clasp has broken on both of them--the first went after about a month of light use, the second just this week. It seems like the clasp is made of plastic rather than metal and therefore are easy to snap, even though I'm not being any rougher on them than what I assume to be normal. Also, the lining as a tendency to poke out the top, with or without out those dreaded foam shoulderpad thingies lulu puts in all its bras (because god forbid a woman have a visible nipple outline while she's exercising.) Too bad, I quite liked these both for the support for the quick release feature, and but beware the quality! August 12, 2014
Best moderate support for DD+ sizes First sizing- I am normally a 32-34 DDD/F in normal bras. I ordered a 34E and the band is a great fit. The cup is a smudge on the small side, but after removing the cups its like half a smidge. I am sure that with one use it will be great. Most bras for ladies that are more well endowed feel like a steel cage. This may be great for running or cross training where you want that "not gonna budge" support, but for yoga, it is just uncomfortable. I constantly got poked by wires while bending and moving. This bra is more supportive than I expected, extremely comfortable, and not in one bit matronly. It is very flattering. I'm buying a few more in case they discontinue it. I haven't tried the other bras because they are sold out in 34 E. I would like to try them however. Note to Lulu- please make the 34E sizes of bras available in store. I live in NYC and can't try one on in person before purchasing? I called every store in NYC just for sizing purposes and they didn't have a single bra of any type in the size. I know there is free shipping on returns, but its not very convenient and you would sell more. August 9, 2014
Great bra, but quality issues I love this bra and I have 8 of them. I'm a 32DD and the fit and coverage is perfect for no uni-boob, which makes for an even hotter bikram yoga class. This bra is great for keeping the girls separated and cooler, as well as making breathing easier. I just ordered 3 more last week and have worn each of the bras once... when taking 2 of the three off (separate days), I found one end of the pins on the clasps broken off. The clasps of 2 of my $50+ bras no longer secure close, so I cannot wear them. Such a waste... the clasps of these bras used to be a different type of closure, which I think was stronger... this bra is sized for bigger busted ladies, so one would think the bra would hold up for longer then a one time 90 minute use... August 3, 2014
anti-uni boob If the Uni-boob is your problem, this bra is the answer, I love love love it. in a regular bra I wear a 36D, got the 36DD in this bra and it is perfect, it does as it says , LIFTS and separates. I have had it for a week so no issues with the clasp yet. August 2, 2014
Clasp breaks I had the same issue as other people. I've only worn this bra a couple of times and I went to put it on today and the clasp was broken. For something that costs as much as it did, it's definitely not worth the couple times I got to wear it. July 29, 2014
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