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The Mat 3mm

why we made this

Lugging a heavy mat to and from class can mess with our Zen. We designed this lightweight version of The Mat with a thinner piece of moisture-absorbing rubber than the original so we can stay light on our feet pre- and post-practice. Shedding a little weight has never been so easy.

fabric + features

  • reversible - choose the right surface depending on your practice
  • thin polyurethane top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture to help you get a grip
  • antimicrobial additive helps prevent mold, bacteria and fungi from taking over your mat
  • natural rubber has a slight smell, but don't worry, it fades over time (tip: unroll it and air it out before you head to class)
  • wipe your mat down with warm, soapy water or soak it after a super sweaty class
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): polyurethane, rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
  • weight: 3.96lbs (1.8kg)
  • thickness: 3mm
$58.00 USD
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{"ONE SIZE":[["0001","3533426"],["5375","3569787"]]}

The Mat 3mm 3.1 5 14 14
Disappointing & borderline dangerous :( I bike to work, so even though I love The Mat, I needed a lighter option. One of the girls at Lulu warned me that the 3mm can be a little thin for some people who prefer more cushion, but I wasn't concerned about that. After just a month though, the mat is permanently stretched where my hands and feet are in Down Dog, so it doesn't even lie flat anymore. It's sticky enough on top, but underneath there's no stick, and the mat is so light that it slides around on the ground when I move -- earlier this week I almost wiped out in class coming into Warrior II! By the end of class, the mat is not at all where I laid it down. I had high hopes for a lightweight version of The Mat and I'm stuck with it now, but it would be nice if it held up for longer than 3 weeks before losing its shape :( August 21, 2014
I love lululemon, but didn't love this mat. I was really excited to purchase this mat. I have several lululemon products and have always been very happy with my purchases. However, I was disappointed with this mat. After speaking with the sweet salesperson, I chose the 3mm mat because I wanted a lighter mat that I can carry around NYC. It is lighter than other mats, but doesn't provide any cushioning at all. I like mats on the thinner side as I like the stability, but this was too thin. I might as well have not used a mat at all. Moreover, the mat was slippery on both sides and didn't provide any grip. Additionally, the rubber material attracts a lot of debris and hair from the floor....yuck! August 11, 2014
My Practice thanks you! This mat is as close to perfect as any mat I've ever used. I have the most slippery hands, and have never found a mat that always works for me. Even the stickiest mats often can't help me keep my hands in place while in downward dog. But this mat. This mat changed the game for me. I particularly like the 3mm version, because I feel more connected to the ground beneath me, without losing some padding for the sake of my wrists. It's super lightweight, which is lovely, too. I only wish they had it in colors other than black. And you have to let it air out at first, because it does smell funky. But it's soooo worth it. Thank you for making this mat. July 28, 2014
Loved the mat for it's strength but.. When I bought this mat I recommended it to everyone who was seeking an anti slip mat. I've used my mat (in black) for 6 solid months of yoga. The biggest complaint I have of this mat is that it STINKS. The smell of rubber I can't practise without smelling, plus it makes my clothing smell as well. I have tried cleaning the mat with water, at one point I tried vinegar with water and the smell would not go away. The mat is awesome for practising besides the smell. I'm looking into trying a different colour, maybe it's just because it's black? July 22, 2014
Good for wicking sweat but does not keep its shape I have had this mat since May. The first month I loved it. I do hot yoga and it was perfect for wicking away sweat (I do not use a towel on top the mat). It was also very grippy. But over time the rubber has stretched out around the top and bottom of mat (where your hands and feet are in downward dog, plank, runners lung etc.). Not sure if this is because its rubber but it does not hold its shape in these areas well. Because it is stretch out at the bottom and top it is harder to keep the pose. Very disappointed with its long term use (if you can even call three months long). I would not recommend this mat because of the stretched out areas. $58 is way too much to pay for a mat that only lasts for a month or two. My $20 pilates mat (which I have also used for yoga) has lasted over a year. Expected more from Lulu. I got this one instead of the 5mm because it was much lighter. Maybe the 5mm would have less stretching because its thicker? July 12, 2014
LOVE IT I bought this mat the other day and I am already obsessed with it. It is significantly lighter than the 5mm version so it's easy to carry around. For the first time, my mat is not bunching up and moving around during hot yoga. It absorbs sweat so well and I never felt that I was losing my grip. LOVE LOVE LOVE. June 5, 2014
The mat 3mm I bought this mat last Friday May2nd to treat my gf since she is interested in enrolling for a bikram class. When we lay the mat flat on the floor there is a huge mark of like sweat or oil at the back of the mat, I think they shouldnt sell returned mat since its disgusting to lie on sweat or whatever that mark is coming form other people. To the lululemon company,please show some respect to the customers who buy ridiculous overpriced merchandise in your store by giving good quality products since we are paying full price! May 4, 2014
I'd love a refund I spent nearly $80 on this mat, and it's no longer operational after only a couple of months' use. It really was a waste, and I feel like the benefits are falsely advertised. The mat works fine at first, but I do yoga 3-4 times a week, and it is now as slippery as wet rubber. I took care of the mat as directed, and over time the nonstick feature wore away. I would really advise against buying this product. I will never buy another Lululemon product if I don't have to. April 30, 2014
Game Changer This Mat is amazing! Seriously it's a game changer. I owned the Pure Mat (Pure is a different material than Mat & Un-Mat I'd picked it for it's weight) for a while and absolutely hated it - like wanted to throw it away hated it. I'd start slipping as soon as I went into Downward Dog. I also own the "Un-Mat" which is basically the travel version of the Mat. I love it when I travel (it's so light weight but same great material), but it's a bit thin, especially when you're in poses on your knees, for everyday use. The material is great, it's similar to a tennis racket where it becomes sticker and more grippy the more you sweat. I'd wanted The Mat for a while but living in NYC and lugging the 5mm version on the subway was just something I couldn't bring myself to do on a daily basis. When Lulu finally made the 3mm version I was sold! It's perfect - material, weight, and thickness. I even prefer it over Jade as my hands tend to be clammy and they never slip with The Mat. Now we just need more colors please Lulu! April 14, 2014
Practice-Changing! I've just recently started using this mat and I can tell you with pure confidence that it's taken my practice to the next level! Instead of worrying about my mat slipping, wrinkling, sinking in, etc - I can just breathe and focus on my body. I'm so grounded while on this mat and felt 10x stronger since I wasn't messing around with various mat issues. The only two downsides, which are MINOR, would be the initial smell which I'm confident will wear out over time and the yucky oil/sweat marks from my hands or face that disappear within minutes. I plan on taking very good care of my mat and cleaning it regularly so these minor issues shouldn't affect my practice all-around. March 27, 2014
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