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The Hot (Towel) Mat

why we made this

This light, flexible and absorbent mat is our ultimate Hot yoga companion. It folds up small enough to fit in our bag and the microfibre top keeps us from slipping around no matter how slick our practice gets. It's also washing machine-friendly, which makes cleaning it the easiest part of our practice.

fabric + features

  • absorbent microfibre top and a rubber base give you the power of a towel and the cushion of a yoga mat
  • machine wash with like colours at 30°C (86°F) and tumble dry low
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): microfibre, rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
  • weight: 3.2lbs (1.45kg)
$58.00 USD
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{"ONE SIZE":[["7001","3530566"],["15631","3566401"],["15633","3566420"]]}

The Hot (Towel) Mat 3 5 48 48
Slip and slide bikram! I practice bikram at least four days a week, and because of my happiness in the quality of clothes I have purchased from lulu, I decided to spring for the hot towel. Sorry I did, to be honest. I am a sweater. A lot. And as soon as we move past balancing series, the mat turns into a slip and slide. No foot hold during warrior or standing head to knee. There is also the very embarrassing sounds that issue when the sweaty mat and the sweaty back release during floor series. I promise I didn't remove wind in wind removing pose!! I love all my clothes, but this mat is a bust. August 29, 2014
Great travel mat I wanted a mat I could fold up for yoga on the go, namely for hotel rooms. It is thin but when placed on a carpet (as most hotel rooms tend to have) it works great. It's much nicer than using a scratchy bath towel! I love that I can toss it into the washing machine as needed. August 24, 2014
Love this mat... Great mat for Hot Classes. I sweat like a monster and this mat was definitely wet when done, but MUCH less wet than we I used a hot yoga towel and regular mat. At first I thought it could use more padding, but the more I use it the more I realize that it is better to allow your body to adapt to this. Overall, I love it. August 19, 2014
I had such high hopes for this mat. After reading the description and going to my local Lululemon store, I decided this would be the perfect mat for me. I recently started practicing hot yoga and wanted the mat to help with my poses. This unfortunately was worse than the mat I bought at Target. I was slipping and sliding everywhere! I couldn't get a firm grip anywhere (hands and feet) and it really interfered with my practice. I even turned it over on the rubbery side and although it made a difference, it wasn't enough for me to focus on just the practice. I hate to do this but I would caution anyone against buying this particular product. I've used it only twice and I think that's enough. I'd love to try another mat but ugh.... this one really makes think twice about another Lululemon mat. August 19, 2014
Terrible I was so excited this went to WMTM...I am addicted to lulu but just recently started PIYO so I needed a good mat...I made the wrong choice with this. I was slipping all over and it ruined my workout out because I was scared I was going to hurt myself (I even tried flipping it around). I ended up throwing it aside and just using my area rug. I am headed for vacation and this was going to be perfect to pack...guess I will have to stop somewhere and grab a different mat...very disappointed August 14, 2014
Hot Yoga Mat Hello to all the Men out there that want to enjoy yoga, but like me sweat no matter how cool or how warm the room is. I bought this mat with the hopes that I would be able to do several of the positions that in the past have made me stop to wipe my hands. I LOVE this mat... Thank you LULULemon for a versatile mat and the cleaning is EASY, just drop it in the washer and no more germs. August 4, 2014
Maybe the worst yoga mat ever.... This was my first purchase with Luluemon. I was excited because I heard about the high quality of this brand, but after buying this mat I don't think I will ever make a purchase from Lulu again. The mat is EXTREMELY slick and does not have much versatility in terms of what kind of yoga you can use it for. The thickness is great but the texture of the mat on top is very slippery in class. The sales lady in the store told me there would be no slipping AT ALL. Even in Bikram (which I primarily do), I end up rolling up the mat and not even using it because I end up falling all over the place. Due to the unforgiving return policy, I am afraid I just wasted money on a mat I literally cant even use. I am extremely upset because I expected more out of a $58 mat and a respectable brand. August 3, 2014
Awesome For Hot Yoga This towel mat is amazing! Since it is thin, I used it over my existing mat for hot yoga. My feet and hands did not slip at all. If they made the mat a 5mm like the others, it would be perfect. Then you wouldn't have to use it over another mat. Unlike a regular towel you put over your mat, this one does not bunch up because of the grip on the bottom. It has a little bit of a smell, but it will probably go away after I use it and wash it more. July 26, 2014
Has a place in my practice! I have several different mats that I use for different types of classes. I bought this mat knowing I was doing a bit of travelling this summer and didn't want to be lugging a heavy mat around with me. I LOVE that this mat folds up and can fit in my carry on. I used it this morning in a hot Moksha class and had a great class. The underside (the mat side) is grippy enough that it didn't slide around too much (it bunched a little bit during a warrior sequence, but nothing major). I found the top (the towel side) sticky enough that my hands weren't sliding in down dog. The hot towel mat is really thin, so it wouldn't do the trick for me as an everyday mat. I find I have to roll the end up for sleeping hero, camel, etc. as it doesn't offer any cushion for the knees. That said, I'm looking forward to being able to take this mat with me when I travel so I can practice even when I'm away from my home studio. Also great to keep in the car for a yoga emergency! Washes up well. Others have commented that their mat stains, but I have not had that experience with this mat. July 14, 2014
Pretty good mat I bought this mat/towel a few months back as I decided I needed something that replaced both my mat and my towel. A little about my practice: -I just started practicing yoga, so I am quite early in my practice, therefore, i do not have much knowledge about anything. -I practice about 5-6 times a week- and its HOT! I normally don't write reviews, but for some reason I feel like writing one for this product. The good: -It is very soft- i love it -It is easy to wipe down -It absorbs all my sweat, and it can be quite cooling as well!!! -it fits in my bag, and it doesn't even take up any room when i pair it with my mat!!!- which i love because if i decide to use my mat i dont have to dread having to take two mats in - i just roll them up together The bad: -it slips!!!!! - sometimes I have to fix my mat halfway through my practice- which can be quite distracting for me- nothing horrible though..but can be slightly annoying - it has a very weird odor, I cant even explain it- it used to bother me but now i think its almost gone as I have been washing it so much - IT STAINSSSS!!!!!- i CANT even take the stains out! I wash it almost everyday, yet i have a horrible stain from my make up on it which I cant even remove. I am not exactly too sure how to take it off either as I don't want to ruin the mat. I also have this weird black stain on it which i cant get out.. I suppose i just have to be a bit careful. - no more complaints :) overall, I really really do love this mat, and i Actually got my friend to purchase it as well (which means i recommend it). The only down fall is that it stains easily, and it can move around...but other than that it is a VERY wonderful mat/towel duo. July 3, 2014
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