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Run From Work Backpack

why we made this

Two legs are better than four wheels! We designed this lightweight backpack with 360° reflective detailing for our run commute. We added quick-access zipper pockets for our phone and keys, moulded the back for comfort and included a hidden front bungee system so we can easily grab our stuff on the go.

fabric + features

  • durable and water-resistant polyester fabric is great in any weather
  • 360° reflective detailing helps keep you visible in low light
  • breathable Mesh shoulder straps help keep you cool
  • quick-access zipper pocket for your essentials
  • ergonomically moulded back panel for your comfort
  • Luxtreme™ fabric pockets are perfect for gels and other types of fuel (gummy bears)
  • adjustable waist and sternum straps for a secure fit
  • inner water bladder pocket with low-profile elastic drinking tube straps
  • padded pocket for your tablet
  • 11.5L capacity is tested to hold 50lbs (22kg)
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run, to-and-from
  • fabric(s): polyester, Luxtreme™, Mesh
  • dimensions: 17" x 10" x 4" (43cm x 25cm x 10cm)
  • p.s.: this bag weighs 1.23lbs (0.56kg)
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$98.00 USD
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Run From Work Backpack 4.5 5 15 15
I would like to start by saying that I love ALMOST everything about this backpack. It is super comfortable for running home from work (11 kms) and everything stays snug and in place. Well that is until the little straps fell off and I lost first one and then the other. The bag is still useful as a small back pack but I can no longer use it for running. This is a serious design flaw! The straps should be made with locking clips. It is such a great idea that the straps are adjustable, heightwise but that great purpose is lost when you keep having the straps fall off. This was not a cheap knapsac and I didn't mind the price until I lost the straps. So close to being the ultimate backpack.... January 30, 2015
love the bag, but the strap fell off I love this bag - I use it for running to and from work and own it in the reflective color (perfect for dark mornings and evenings). However, one of the adjustable straps fell off and got lost - and Lulu will not replace it. They have offered to replace the entire bag, but one of the reasons I bought it is for the reflective color, which is no longer available. For the price I paid for the bag, I would fully expect replacement parts to be available, particularly for items that can easily fall off and get lost. I would give this bag a "5" if not for this disappointing experience. September 27, 2014
If you're on the fence - buy it! After hemming and hawing for what felt like an eternity, I bought this backpack in black at my local store. I thought I'd hang onto it and mull it over some more, but I immediately knew that it was a fabulous purchase - much more functional for me than any other bag I own and has had a really positive impact on my daily life! I mean, a girl needs a good bag ;) It's so light and comfortable on my back, even if I have it loaded up with my laptop, water bottle, scarf, etc. and of course I love all the pockets, especially the easy grab pockets on the side. The fabric is silky, even the girl at the local coffeeshop asked me if she could touch my bag! I'm pleased with the option to add a water bladder but I haven't used it yet. I also like that you can remove the straps that go across your body in the front if you like. All in all, this is unexpectedly one of my absolute favorite lulu purchases! I've given a lot of 4 stars in my reviews for my favorite products, but this might be my first 5 star review. July 18, 2014
Great Pack! I bought this after mulling it over for WAY too long. I just used it for a week-long vacation where we were on-the-go every day. It was perfect as a day pack! I could fit food/snacks, SPF, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, and a thinner sweatshirt and still have extra room. My wallet and phone fit perfectly in the little pocket as well. I'm planning to get a camelbak bladder as well for future hiking trips. I would say the one flaw is that the chest and hip straps fell off a couple times and luckily I noticed. I am going to use pliers to close the S hook a little so they don't fall off again! I'm pretty sure someone else commented about this as well. All in all, if you are looking for a light and easy day pack, this is perfect! July 3, 2014
I was so happy when I dropped into my local LLL to find that the floral one was one sale! While it's marketed toward those who want to run with it, I bought it to use for cycling. I try to ride my bike as much as possible, mainly to ballet class, so the waist and sternum straps were a huge plus for me - the backpack stays in place the whole ride! It's pretty roomy for such a small backpack, and I love all of the pockets. I throw my Kindle in the tablet pocket, some tissues and oil blotting sheets in the phone/tunes pocket, and everything else just gets tossed in the interior. I really love the small zip pocket on the front - perfect for stashing my lip balm & headphones when I'm not using them, and the bungee pocket thing on the front is good for stashing a granola bar and my phone for easy access! I did take out the molded back plate though, as I found it to be uncomfortable. This backpack is a definite must have, but the price, even on sale, was far too steep for this product. June 22, 2014
A great small gym bag I've had this bag for about two years and I still use it everyday. The zipper gets stuck all the time which is annoying but hopefully that was fixed in the newer versions. This is a great bag for those who don't need to bring a lot of stuff with them to the gym. If I had to shower at the gym before work this bag would not be practical because of its size. I've actually ran home with this from work a few times and is great for that too! The sternum strap fell off but Lulu replaced it. June 18, 2014
Awesome but a B to clean I got this backpack because I wanted to start running to work. It is a great lightweight backpack that I can fit a change of clothes, my wallet and my lunch into as I go to work. The adjustable straps really help it sit nicely on my back and not bounce all over the place and the floral print is just plain cute. I would have given this 5 stars if it wasn't for a very unfortunate incident I had two weeks ago. Some how, an uneaten yogurt from lunch managed to explode in my backpack right at the bottom (and I wasn't even running that day!!!). Because I didn't notice it until the next morning because well I was lazy that night and didn't unpack it like I was supposed to so the smell was slightly rancid and it had really soaked into the bag. This bag's inside is so hard to clean, especially right in those nooks and crannies right at the bottom. I couldn't turn it inside out with out removing the back plate and since it is in there so tightly and I had difficulty just getting an inch of it out, I didn't want to take it out all together and not be able to put it back in. I've topical cleaned it (as per the instructions) 3 times with all sorts of fabric friendly washing liquids, baking sodas to try and take out the smell, and febreeze. I still have a slightly rancid, stained backpack. I'm pretty gutted. :( And of course it happened two weeks outside of the return time and to be honest, I wouldn't want to return a stinky bag anyhow. So ladies (and gents if you prefer this bag), take it from me; Either don't take anything in your pack that can explode or put it in two ziplock bags so if it does, you won't ruin your fancy pack. It's really tough to clean. June 14, 2014
Best backpack ever!! I have been looking for a compact backpack for years that holds weight and is durable. This backpack took me to Hawaii and back travelling through the roughest Sandy Shores, North Shores, the finest beaches, waterfalls and amazing hikes throughout the Island. I was able to pack my camera, beachwear and change of clothes. Dirty clothes can go in extra bag that comes inside the backpack to avoid getting the inside of the bag dirty. Extra pockets on each side holding snacks and had purchased a 2L water bladder. Phone and keys can go on mid outside pocket or inside the bag. I was literally able to throw around my backpack on tours and hikes on Diamond Head and Koko Head trails and still holding up on the top of the volcanoes. The mesh on the back of the bag was full of sand and was able to shake them off without hassle. Back of backpack very comfortable moulded back. Mesh shoulder panels dries easily when on sweaty hikes. Can't wait to take on my next trip to Maui!!! Going to buy another backpack for the city to and from work where this one will be used to go for travels. Very impressed with this product. June 12, 2014
Haven't stopped using yet! Hi all! I bought this for a music conference (so I could bolt between seminars.) I knew I'd like it----- but I didn't know how much I'd love it. I have used it everyday since. You can fit a large deal inside, yet it still looks relatively compact. June 5, 2014
Great backpack! I've been looking for a good backpack for almost two years, and I fell in love with this when I saw it. It is the perfect size to pack all the essentials for an outing with my daughter. Two waterbottles, tissues, wipes, small snacks. I love it! I know we are going to get tons of use out of this! It wasn't too heavy, and it allowed my back to breathe- no gross, sweaty back! My only issue was the cost. I have a huge bag that I paid the same for. For a bag this size, they could have made it a little more reasonable. May 20, 2014