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The Un Mat

why we made this

The (Un) Mat is our go-to for yoga-on-the-fly. Thin and lightweight, it's easy to stash in our bags so we're free to pop into the studio for a class whenever we feel like it.

fabric + features

  • made with polyurethane and natural rubber
  • use on its own to feel the floor under your feet or put it on top of a studio mat as an absorbent layer
  • roll it or fold it to fit in your bag or suitcase
  • anti-microbial finish helps to prevent the growth of wee beasties on your mat
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): polyurethane, natural rubber
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
  • weight: 1.1kg (2.4lbs)
  • thickness: 0.06" (1.5mm)
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$48.00 USD
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The Un Mat 4.1 5 96 96
Excellent mat for sweaty commuters This mat is great. I've had it for a few years and was so bummed when it got stolen only to find that Lululemon no longer carried it. I'm glad that it's been in stock again and I ordered one right away! This is only mat that I can use for my power classes without getting slippery hands and feet. (I've got the 3 mm mat which is grippy, but it gets too heavy for me to lug around.) I also like that I can really feel grounded because it's so thin. The only downside is the I need to use a chipfoam block for my knees. Because it's so lightweight, I can commute with the mat without straining to carry it around. The un mat also folds up nicely in a suitecase as well for travel. January 13, 2015
PLEASE WANT MORE! This has been the absolute best Lulu mat I've ever own. It's great for easy-carry-around and perfect for travel. Unfortunately mine was stolen when I was abroad. I really really really want to buy it again. When will it be in stock again? January 9, 2015
Great Travel Mat Excellent mat for travel. Can fold and fit in a suitcase. Plenty sticky for me (although I do not practive bikram/hot yoga). Just got it for a business trip but plan on using it over my manduka mat to add a little stickiness for my regular practice. It is very thin, so I wouldn't use on its own on a hard wood floor. Carpet in a hotel room is perfect though. May 21, 2014
best met ever! Hello yoga-lovers, i had all kind of different mats so far, as i was kind of unhappy with every one of them. The problem was that I was slipping and the best solution I could find so far was to use liquid-chalk to prevent my hands and feet from sliding. Until.... At a yogaconference in Munich Germany there was a Lululemon-Seller and I was allowed to test the Unmat. The mat is incredible. It is very thin, weights almost nothing and fits in every bag, looks beautiful and I have never slipped again. Actually it seems to get more grip, if I start sweating. The only downside was a little rubber smell but I don't mind as the benefits of the mat are so much bigger. It also tends to react sensitive to scratches but it gives it a used look, which I have come to like. Immediately I have sold my old mats on EBAY and I seriously doubt that I ever by something else. Sometimes, if the ground is to hard or I feel I need a little extra padding for comfort, I use a mat from a studio underneath, which works just fine. I do the same, when I travel. I am VERY VERY VERY satisfied with this product and recommend it to anyone. May 20, 2014
awesome mat I had this mat with me in Costa Rica: yoga on the beach. It simply performed perfectly- good grip, and easy to clean the sand off. And light and portable. What a great piece of gear. May 16, 2014
Good for Bikram if you Commute My Bikram studio is between work and home so I commute with a mat some days. This is a great mat for that purpose. I had been commuting with the mat and while it worked like a charm in the hot studio, it also weighed a million trillion pounds to carry long distances. I have used this mat for Bikram class and found that it performed well. I use a towel over it and with this set up it works like a charm. I would not recommend this mat for other yoga practices where there are a lot of poses that have you on your knees. April 15, 2014
This mat is the worst This mat is the absolute worst. I bought it at the Bethesda store where the associate assured me it was a fabulous mat for hot yoga. I've used it in hot yoga several times and it slides all over the place as I move between postures. I practice at Down Dog hot studio right down the street from the store and the associate knew the environment of where I was practicing. I was initially attracted to this mat because it is thin and light and I like to be able to easily carry my mat on metro or on a bike. That said, those benefits do not outweigh how terribly this mat performs when things get slick in a hot yoga class. I'd love to return it since it doesnt come close to providing what I thought it would when I purchased it (i.e. a mat that would stay put when I did hot yoga on it) but no longer have the receipt. March 20, 2014
My First Mat I didn't think much of this mat in the first place due to the fact that it was handed out for free at the end of a Lululemon sponsored 13k I ran last fall. However, I soon realized that they sold this product in store too, it wasn't just an overflow product simply being disposed of. As I began to branch from running into yoga, I put my new "unmat" to use. I now practice yoga sculpt and power vinyasa regularly. This mat worked for me at first, but then I realized that if I move my feet or hands quickly, or deepen a stance, the mat slips. It stretches and loses its grip on the floor. This problem sometimes inhibits me from successfully holding a posture. Wish I knew how to fix this because I doubt Lululemon would release this product with a problem such as this! March 16, 2014
amazing! this mat is so amazing! i haven't slipped once or even come close to slipping! this was my first lululemon mat so i wasnt sure what to expect but i was blown away! this mat is super lightweight and very portable, and its still easy to carry around without a mat strap! there is a funny smell but it goes away after a while. (the smell is from the natural rubber in the mat) keep up the good work lululemon! March 15, 2014
Slips I have had this mat for a little over 4 months. At first it held up great, but now when I do yoga my feet slip. I am very annoyed with my mat. It is also embarrassing when my feet slip out from under me. My mat also has sweat stains on it. I will not be buying another mat. March 15, 2014