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The Towel

why we made this

We designed this lightweight, grippy microfibre towel so that our mats don't turn into slip-and-slides. It's super absorbent and machine washable - the perfect partner for The Mat or The Pure Mat when things heat up.

fabric + features

  • absorbent and quick-drying microfibre helps you get a grip when your hands and feet get slick
  • slip-resistant so that the splits are a choice, not an accident
  • clean up's a breeze - machine wash and tumble dry low
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): microfibre
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
$38.00 USD
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{"ONE SIZE":[["4466","3478997"],["4297","3492140"],["12172","3533374"]]}

The Towel 3.3 5 87 87
Better than a Towel from the Gym I use this towel for Bikram on top of the un mat. I tend to be on the sweatier side and this towel is a bit less absorbent then a standard towel from the gym however it bunches much much less. I find, less towel bunching really helps with maintaining balance in standing poses. In store they are selling this towel in a great floral print, which in addition to being pretty, also can add some focus points for certain poses. I am giving this a five because there is less bunching than a standard towel, and I didn't have any issues slipping even when the towel was quite wet. April 15, 2014
Worked great for bikram yoga I was advised in the store to purchase this to lay on top of "the mat" for bikram yoga. I'm so glad I purchased, it was absolutely necessary. It stayed put the entire time, never shifting. It absorbed all of my sweat and was completely drenched at the end of class but wasn't heavy or disgusting to handle. I didn't wash it before I used it and there were small particles shedding but not enough to wish I had. April 14, 2014
Very soft and absorbent but moves too much!! I have this towel mat and at first I loved the feel of it. Its very soft and absorbent during hot yoga. I have trouble making it stay put on my mat though. I've tried both spraying it and not spraying it at the beginning of class and both ways end up with me just throwing the towel to the side and using it as a giant towel to wipe my arms and hands off with during class. I am not sure if I am not using this correctly, but it seems too much of a hassle for me to be useful. I really want it to work as I love the bright orange color I have it in and it is kind of a necessity in hot yoga if you want to stay on your mat but I haven't quite figured it out yet. I know some other hot yoga towel mats have grippy fabric on the backside and I think I might try one of those instead. March 20, 2014
YES! Don't waste time and money looking for the perfect mat. This towel does the trick. I have an align mat (not made any more) which is nice and cushy, but turns into a slip and slide during hot yoga. I finally got the towel, and I wish I had got it sooner! It's amazing! My feet aren't sliding out from under me and my warrior poses don't turn into the splits anymore! Happy yogi :) I do have to fix my towel a couple of times during class as it gets crinkled and whatnot, but that's a really small annoyance compared with what I used to deal with. March 13, 2014
Perfect with Pure Mat! I use this with the Pure Mat for hot yoga, and it works great. I give it a light spray with water where my hands and feet would be during down dog before class starts, and that provides a nice bit of traction for the beginning of class. The microfiber material and mat grip each other pretty well, and the combination offers the perfect amount of squishiness without being too thick. Compared to other mat towels like yogitoes (which can run about $70), the price for this towel is great! March 12, 2014
Not what I hoped for I've been pretty disappointed with this towel so far. I don't use it with a lulu mat so this may be part of the issue, but I find this towel slips A LOT. It's a distraction during class and is pretty frustrating! I would definitely not recommend this towel. February 25, 2014
Mixed Feelings My first impression of this towel was that I really liked it. I own several mat towels. I do Bikram yoga and so I have had to learn over the years how to wash them to get the funk out. I would say I can get them so clean you don't know they have been in the hot room! Not this towel. I don't know if it's the material but I can't get the funk out!! I can only get it less funky! I don't know I struggle with this one... I am torn because it does perform well in the hot room but I am also a clean freak and this might have to go in the trash it is that bad! What a waste of money :-(. February 25, 2014
the towel is awesome! i highly recommend. i purchased the towel for hot yoga. having never taken a class before, i didn't really know what to expect. i laid it down on top of my mat, and didn't need to adjust it once during class. i read a lot of negative reviews on products, and have learned not to trust most of them. i would highly recommend the towel for anyone! February 18, 2014
Love! This is a great towel for the mat for hot yoga. I use it on top of my mat. It helps with not sliding and helps absorbs the sweat. Best purchase for a towel. They are great in the washing machine and dry really quickly. This is a must for any one who is looking for a good towel for yoga regardless if its hot or not! February 11, 2014
LOVED The Towel I took my first hot yoga class last week and I had NO idea I would sweat so much! I was dripping sweat everywhere (ewww!) I drove straight over to lulu after and bought The Towel. I used it today in a hot yoga class and it was GREAT! I LOVED it! I have a different brand mat and I put The Towel on top. I didn't slip the whole class and The Towel didn't move. It was awesome! Thanks Lulu!! February 4, 2014
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