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The Towel

why we made this

We designed this super-absorbent microfibre towel to help us get a grip during a hot, sweaty practice. We use it as a top layer on The (Big) Mat or The (Pure) Mat, so our Downward Dog doesn't turn into a nose dive.

fabric + features

  • microfibre is a soft, lightweight and slip-resistant layer between you and your mat
  • absorbent and quick drying for sweaty classes
  • machine wash with like colours at 30°C (86°F) and tumble dry low
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): microfibre
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
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$38.00 - $42.00 USD
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The Towel 3.2 5 119 119
Would Not Recommend I practice hot yoga, and was so excited to purchase this towel and enhance my practice. Unfortunately this was not the case. This towel is so slippery that after a few minutes into my practice I had to remove it entirely from my mat. There was no grip, and the towel kept bunching up when I transitioned between postures. I tried the towel again and stuck it out for an entire class, but the slippery-ness did not improve. I also tried folding the towel in half to reduce it's size and stop the bunching, to no avail. I have given up on trying to use the towel because it became very distracting and annoying. Very disappointed about spending $40 on something I cannot use. January 22, 2015
Loved my first towel, second one dissapointing I bought this towel in November after loving my other towel I bought previously from Lululemon. Was very disappointed with this one.... I got a purple patterned one and it does not do the same job that my plain grey towel does. Not sure why this is..... but my hands and feet slip and slide throughout my entire hot yoga class when I use my purple towel, yet using my grey towel everything is fine. I was very disappointed as I expected the quality of the towels to be the same, but the new purple towel seems to be a lot lighter and to be of poorer quality in general. I want to purchase another towel but now I am skeptical that this will happen again. January 20, 2015
Grew on me and I really love it now The first time I used this towel, I even considered returning it. I wasn't crazy about it at all, but after several uses, I am addicted to having the towel on top of my yoga mat. I don't do hot yoga, but I do get sweaty palms and feet. I love this option way more than non-slip yoga gloves etc. The towel hasn't slipped around on my mat. I'm very happy with it, and even purchased a second. January 19, 2015
biggest waste of money I went out and bought this right after christmas.... so excited to be able to keep my mat a little cleaner since its a pool of sweat after my weekly hot vinyassa class. I tried it the first week, hands slipped a little; feet slipped A LOT. So i kicked the bottom of the towel up to get traction with my feet. This works out for the rest of my class but really defeats the purpose when half of my mat is uncovered. Second class was the decider: in downward facing dog, my instructor come to push on my back for a deeper stretch and i slip and crash on my face. Mat go thrown to the side. THIS HAS NO TRACTION! Biggest disappointment since i love my "the mat" and i got the purple towel to match my purple mat. Well the towel is too big to use as a face towel so its useless. I have a useless $40 towel....biggest waste of money. DO NOT PURCHASE! and of course lululemons return policy is only two weeks. I'm at two weeks and 4 days. January 13, 2015
The nosedive was painful... I recently picked up hot yoga and needed a non-slip/grippy material to layer on over my pure mat. Since this was supposedly made for that, this towel was at the top of my Christmas wishlist. I got 2 for Christmas, and have tried both since. Long story short, this towel is not as grippy nor as absorbent as the description claims. I had a rather painful nosedive halfway through one of my Vinyasa Power Flow classes, and couldn't continue through the class. I buy lululemon products almost every Tuesday/Thursday during product "drops"...and now I'm wondering if I can stay loyal to a brand that has given me so much pain :( January 12, 2015
Wish I loved it! The towel is so beautiful! More than once teacher has complimented me during class...but that is the most positive thing I can say. I do hot yoga about 3x/week and this towel simply doesn't work for me. Maybe my mat has a residue from cleaning? I dunno. I sweat A LOT. This towel moves and bunches during class, making me me feel insecure in my footing. It's very distracting and disappointing. I am rarely disappointed in a purchase from Lulu, but here it is. Total bummer! January 10, 2015
Perfect size This towel is the perfect size to fully cover my standard yoga mat (bought at target) and has about 2 inches to spare. Was a little concerned after reading all the previous reviews sounding off about how slippery the towel is. I didn't find that the towel was slippery but I did find it to be silky... I have smooth feet and the towel wasn't quite wet enough so I slid slightly when entering triangle pose etc once in the pose I had no slippage and was very happy with the performance of the material. I also got a patterned towel which I found nice so I could focus on one outlined spot during toe stand. January 9, 2015
Would NOT Recommend this I practice hot yoga 3 to 4 times a week and wanted something to absorb my sweat and stop me from slipping. I purchased this towel with the recommendations from the store and doesn't help me one bit. It is way to slippery and wouldn't recommend it. January 7, 2015
The Perfect Gym Towel Took me awhile to warm up, but I absolutely love this towel. When I first got it I only used it in yoga on top of my mat (I hate gym germs). But then one day I needed a towel and so I used this to dry off after my shower at the gym. What a pleasant surprise! It is very soft and absorbent and being less bulky than a normal towel, I like that it does not take up much space in a gym bag. It dries very quickly (we're talking like dry within an hour, and that's being generous) which makes it my go-to companion on my double workout days! It is longer than a normal bath towel and more narrow, but it covers what I need it to cover, though I am only 5' 3.5'' "tall." Overall, super pleased with this towel and I highly recommend it! December 29, 2014
Amazing! I've just started practicing hot yoga for a few month and had been using just a regular towel or a beach towel until I bit the bullet and bought this towel. I bought it because of the pattern and because it took up less space in my bag. I did NOT slip on this towel at all. I usually do when I'm on a regular towel. This towel is so absorbent. November 28, 2014