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The Towel

why we made this

We designed this super-absorbent microfibre towel to help you get a grip during a hot, sweaty practice. Use as a top layer on The (Big) Mat or The (Pure) Mat, so your Downward Dog doesn't turn into a Nose Dive.

fabric + features

  • microfibre is a soft, lightweight and slip-resistant layer between you and your mat
  • absorbent and quick drying for sweaty classes
  • machine wash with like colours at 30°C (86°F) and tumble dry low
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): microfibre
  • dimensions: 26" x 71" (66cm x 180cm)
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$38.00 - $42.00 USD
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The Towel 3.2 5 100 100
Dissapointing and slippery I am a huge of lululemon fan. Everything from the work out tops, bottoms, accessories and taking part in the seawheeze. I bought the towel yesterday and used it for the first time today for my hot yoga class. I was excited to try it and thought it would benefit my practice. All I found was it to be a distraction as it moved and wrinkled up a lot while doing my poses. I constantly kept trying to fix it during my class and felt I was concentrating on that more than my practice. Many times, I felt like I was going to slip and fall while doing downward dog. This mat is not slip- resistant as it claims to be. Unfortunately, I came away feeling very disappointed with this product. I feel as though I don't even want to use it for my next class. September 12, 2014
A little torn... I went to the store on UES to pick up a towel for my yoga classes..(found the last pink one- horray!) My studio provides mats so I really wanted something I could use to get a better grip and also very lightweight so I didn't have to carry additional items from the office to class. I've used this a handful of times and I find a struggle being in downward dog doing standing splits or lifting my leg and flowing into warrior poses getting stabilization with my foot that's feet are slipping a bit and I don't feel as sturdy. I was really hoping this would be the answer to my prayers as I love everything LULU, but I feel like the material could use some revamping for better grip...perhaps the gel from the the headbands could go on one side to gain better traction between the towel and the mat -- or thicker grippy material on the top for better support and stabilization...until then I will keep looking! August 25, 2014
Utterly disappointed I bought this towel a couple of months ago to accompany the mat, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, in order to strengthen my hot yoga practice. Sadly, this towel has let me down, in downward dog, and has brought me out of my practice constantly with its constant movement and my need to readjust the towel during class, leaving me flustered and trying to get back into my flow. It is so distracting! And I have been following the care instructions religiously in hopes that the situation will fix itself, yet sadly it has not. Overall this towel leaves me so disappointed, since it worked so well in the beginning with bikram, yet does not stand as a durable product with 5+ hot power yoga classes a week :( August 13, 2014
Love the towel but shows stains really badly... First of all I have to say that I ADORE Lululemon clothing. It is all I wear to work out in. I CrossFit, run and do Bikram yoga. I bought this towel to use in my yoga classes. I love everything about it except the fact that it shows dirt and stains very easily. I wash it very carefully after every use. It started showing every mark from the first time I used it. It is getting worse with every class and every wash. Maybe it is the color, I got clear mint which is a lovely light yellow/green. No matter what I do I can't get the stains to come out. Towel is intended to catch sweat! I am very disappointed and almost embarrassed to use. I would think the quality would be better. It also shrank. SAD. :( August 5, 2014
Great yoga mat cover (for certain mats) I really like this towel, but it is best used with certain types of yoga mats. If you have a mat with a somewhat slick, coated surface, I can see how this towel could easily slide around. However, I use this mat towel for regular (not hot) yoga at a gym that supplies yoga mats with a slightly rubbery feeling, and the towel doesn't budge at all. July 31, 2014
Not what I expected I bought this towel to help with slipping during warmer yoga practices, however it seems to only cause me more problems. I am constantly having to readjust the towel throughout class. It is so frustrating and takes away from my yoga practice. July 20, 2014
slippery slope Ok. I am a huge LULU fan first of... I LOVE my yoga mat, my workout shirts and most of my pants... but this towel.. im not sure what the deal is ...but it is always bunching up all over my mat (and when I look around class everyone else's towel seems to be OK). I only do hot yoga and twice now I have almost bit it because my hands don't have the grip they need. I use this towel for hot yoga only and have washed it per the instructions... I bought it about 8 months ago with the intent to start using it right away but finally got a chance to this summer... and I was super disappointed :( July 13, 2014
A hot yoga must This seriously stayed put and absorbed the sweat during my hot yoga class. I really underestimated the need for a microfiber towel! A definite necessity. I bought the small towel too for my face! July 12, 2014
Beats wiping down a mat! I am a bit neurotic when it comes to germs and until I found this towel my high standard for cleanliness kept me from enjoying (and often going to) yoga classes. This mat towel was the perfect solution! It completely covers the mat so after class all I have to do is throw it in my bag, roll up my mat, and go home! I can now go to several classes without wiping down my mat thanks to the towel! I do have to say my hands did slip a few times the first time I used it. Also, WASH BEFORE FIRST USE!! I had lots of little yellow fibers all over my black pants after class - boo! July 6, 2014
I could sleep on this! I have sheets less comfortable then this towel! Its wonderful, wicks away the sweat and helps keep my skin from sticking to my mat. I was so impressed I bought the smaller towel for the cool down to dry off. At the end of my 2 hour workout I'm beat and it can usually take a moment or two to get up this towel felt so good I didn't want my session to end. I just wanted to keep going! On a function note I didn't slip at all, it was wonderful to have my hands (which sweat a lot) able to stay where I put them. It can bunch up on some of the sat down poises but it a light weight towel. Perhaps some tape could fit that if it irritates me eventually. Fits in my yoga bag and doesn't weight it down, while still being long enough for my mat! love the colors as I got a black mat its nice to change it up every once in a while. June 14, 2014
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