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The Pure Mat 3mm

why we made this

Holding a pose with just one foot grounded can be tough, especially when we're sweating up a storm. We designed this natural rubber mat to help us get a grip when we're feeling shaky in Eagle pose. At 3mm thick, it provides us with just enough cushioning but still keeps us connected to the studio floor.

key features

  • cushion your hands and feet with two layers of natural rubber
  • practice on the textured side for a grippier feel
  • antimicrobial additive helps to prevent mold and mildew from growing on the mat
  • closed-cell nature of this mat makes it easy to clean - just spray down with soapy water or tea tree oil
  • first impressions aren't everything - the rubbery smell of this mat will fade over time

tech specs

  • designed for: yoga
  • material(s):natural rubber, latex
  • thickness: 3mm
  • dimensions:71" long x 26" wide
  • weight: 4.9lbs; 2.2kg
$48.00 USD
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The Pure Mat 3mm 2.3 5 39 39
Slippery and "Pilling" I bought this mat about 2 months ago for use in both hot and regular yoga. This is NOT adequate for hot yoga, even with the use of The Towel -my hands are constantly sliding forwards in downward dog, and my back leg constantly sliding back in lunge positions. Also in lunging positions, I find that the mat gets loose around my feet and does not lay flat on the floor, which is frustrating. I use this with the grid side up, and have noticed that the little squares having started pilling and falling off - who knew this was even possible with rubber! Overall, not super impressed and would not recommend for hot yoga. In a regular temp. room I still find that I slip and slide, but not as much. April 11, 2014
It's a mat It's a 3mm thick rubber mat. April 5, 2014
you really really disappointed me this time I'm really really really disappointed this time, I've been a loyal customer with lulu for about 5years now, I personally owned 3 yoga mats from lulu and all my yoga clothings from head to toe are all from lulu, I purchased this mat coz it was on clearance and is the only mat that is in pink in the store. I wish I did some research on this mat before I purchased it. 1) first thing when I get home, I was so excited and roll out the new mat ,but once I roll out my mat the bottom corner is already pilling , thread shedding , and color faded too, since its a CLEARANCE product I was told that its a final sales. SO TOO BAD I got to stuck with this mat or use my old mats. 2) I washed my mat for 5 times now it's still VERY VERY STINKY. The smell made me felt dizzy in class. 3) I feel like this mat is WAY TOO THIN it has NO SUPPORT AT ALL, it just feels like I have no mat during practice. BTW Its pretty heavy for a 3mm mat. So I guess now, I will not use this mat again. what a waste of $. Next time when I purchase from lulu, I have to think twice!! =( April 1, 2014
The reviews are true I too experienced the pilling/odor mentioned in other reviews. However, I was able to bring my Pure Mat to the store and exchange it for The Mat (which costs more), so I think I won in the end here. March 22, 2014
Disappointing I don't mind spending a little more for quality but I've used this mat about 8 times and it's "pilling" . After class I' have pink specks all over. I will be bringing this back to my local lulu. March 14, 2014
Super, super disappointed I "discovered" lulu about a year ago and became addicted. In the past year, my husband and I have probably spent about 2k there on workout clothes for both of us. We've been thrilled with every single purchase. So recently, when it was time to upgrade my yoga mat, there was no question I'd be getting one from lulu. I'd read the stellar reviews of the Mat, so went to my local store with purchasing one in mind. When I got there, though, I discovered the Pure Mat. The salesgirl hyped it up - I wasn't picky about thickness, and I loved the colors in this mat. So instead of getting the Mat, I got a 3mm Pure Mat and the smaller (hand sized) Towel. This is officially my first lulu purchase I'm just really, really unhappy with. This mat seems to be sticky in all the wrong ways. My hands still slide in down dog (and using the towel doesn't seem to help), yet it sticks enough to my feet that it bunches during my practice. And, after here weeks, it still stinks to high heaven. The stupid thing is, because I've become such a believer, I didn't even bother saving the receipt. I have never had a purchase I was even remotely unsatisfied with, and they told me no returns - so why would I? I have no idea if saving it would've made any difference (if they could have made an exception with a receipt), but I sooooo wish I'd gone with the Mat, instead of Pure Mat + Towel. Honestly, this might be the purchase that sends me to Athleta. The few things I've gotten there, I haven't liked as much as lulu. BUT, their return policy is literally infinitely more forgiving (you can return anything, anytime, for any reason)...this purchase makes me super nervous about sticking with lulu, as someone who tries to be prudent about money. If you're going to have virtually no return policy, then you need to hit it out of the park every single time, and this is a super sub-quality product. Very bummed :( March 8, 2014
My new $16 mat is much better This mat is the complete opposite of what the description says. It is slippery and super thin. The lack of cushion makes doing many poses uncomfortable. I know they said the smell would fade, but I used this mat for 2 months, 3 times a week and it still smells and makes me smell like rubber. I'm not going to waste my time washing it many times to try and get the smell out. After reading other reviews on here and finding they were similar to mine, I took the mat back to a Lululemon store and explained my problems with it. Since they charge so much for this mat, and other mats, I was expecting better customer service than I received. The sales person was rude and unhelpful. After a very round about conversation, she finally said that they could "damage" the mat and give me store credit, but this would be a special exception for me. If you are going to charge a lot of money for your products, they should be great. If a product is not great (such as this mat), you better have a good return policy. Many other stores have great return policies if you're not happy with their product, so should this one. Especially if the item doesn't do what it is suppose to do. This type of customer service makes me question shopping here, especially with the prices the way they are. In the end, I bought a new mat from a nearby sports store for $16 and it's 10X better than this one. Don't waste your money. March 4, 2014
not for hot yoga bought this mat for bikram practice... have used it twice. it is now completely stained and will not dry. It just will not dry.... going to wash it today with warm water and baking soda - hope that will allow the sweat to leave the mat - but, as of right now, if i could return it, i would February 27, 2014
Stinks! I wanted to love this mat so much but it smells so bad! When I wash my hands (and when I say wash I mean scrub them raw with antibacterial dish soap and an abrasive sponge), they still stink! When I get in the shower after working out, I swear the water makes the smell stronger! I have been scrubbing myself raw just to smell normal and not like chemicals. I wish I hadn't spent so much on it :( Though I read the reviews, I saw that Lulu specifically said that the smell would fade. This just isn't true. I saw someone else complaining about the smell and a rep said to submerge it in warm water with baking soda. Seriously?! And what happens if the warm water damages it? None of my cheap $12.99 yoga mats from TJ Maxx smell like this. I'm not quite sure why it's called "Pure." I'm totally bummed out. February 24, 2014
Disappointment I dislike this mat, realllllly dislike it. What a waist, I wish I could return it. So HEAVY So HARD TO ROLL SO SO SO STINKY! I have this mat for 7 months now, leave it outside as much as I can, washed it several times....the smell is irritable and stays on my hands for hours. I could not bring it to class for the first 6 months because it smell to strong. Yes, the grip at the store was nice, but still slip on down dogs, and slippery with sweaty hands. If you have a dark mat (I have the purple) it always looks dirty because it scrape the dead skin of your feet and then stay stuck on it....and get even more slippery. I have to clean it every time. I want to burn this mat! February 24, 2014
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