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The Mat

why we made this

We're dedicated to a regular practice, so we designed this ultra-absorbent mat to help us kick some serious asana day after day. It's designed to soak up sweat and wick away moisture – so no matter how sweaty we get, we can always get a grip. We even used an antimicrobial additive to help prevent bacteria and mold from taking hold of our mat.

fabric + features

  • thin polyurethane top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture to help you get a grip
  • thick base layer cushions your hands and feet
  • antimicrobial additive helps prevent mold, bacteria and fungi from taking over your mat
  • natural rubber has a slight smell, but don't worry, it fades over time (we suggest you roll it out to air it out between practices)
  • wipe your mat down with warm, soapy water or soak it after a super sweaty class
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): polyurethane, rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
  • weight: 5.8lbs (2.65kg)
  • thickness: 0.19" (5mm)
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$68.00 USD
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The Mat 3.8 5 878 882
Love The Mat, but.... I cleaned The Mat in warm soapy water according to the Lululemon instructions, and the top and bottom were covered in splotches when it dried. That wasn't that big of a deal, but I'm also now slipping all over the place on it. I love The Mat, but fair warning- be careful cleaning it! February 25, 2015
Love Yoga? You need The Mat! I recently bought The Mat after reading many reviews and wanting to ensure I had a high quality mat as I practice hot yoga 3 x a week in addition to other fitness activities. This Mat delivers on its promise of no slipping and of high quality rubber material. The reviews that state that it smells - get over it. All rubber mats will smell like (wait for it!) - rubber at first. It's a non issue. Roll it out and let it air out. Practice on it a few times and the smell is gone. I feel like my practice has been elevated as a result of having the Mat to practice on. You feel more grounded and solid into the floor, and the grip is outstanding. You do not need an extra towel to lay over your mat. Actually, a bit a sweat seems to help the grip. I bought the regular length Mat in black as many other reviews stated that the lighter colours stain. Again - a non issue. You will see some marks. My yoga teacher said this is to be expected in a quality rubber mat. In headstands and balance poses, I do feel the difference of the generic mat that I had since high school and the Lululemon Mat. It is like night and day. I am new to hot yoga, but I can tell the difference in quality and the way that the Lululemon mat allows you to really grip into the mat/floor and concentrate on the poses and not slipping on a hot yoga towel every ten seconds. I am so happy with the Mat! It is a great investment. February 24, 2015
The Mat I bought 'The Mat' exactly one mouth ago. After reading the reviews I was pretty confident that it was worth the money to splurge on a nice Yoga Matt. I am very disappointed in the product. The smell that everyone talks about is horrible! I have aired it out and the smell is still very strong. I would have thought that after a mouth this would have been gone. It is not very pleasant be lying in childspose in a relaxing yoga class and having to breath this horrific small from your OWN matt. I am also very unhappy with the wearability of the material, even just after a couple of uses you start to see scratch marks and declaration in the mat. I would not recommend splurging on this matt. I love Lululemon products but very disappointed in the performance of 'The Mat'. February 23, 2015
Worth every penny I was reluctant at first to buy this mat because it seemed a little pricey, but let me tell you it is worth every penny! The first night I tried it I was actually comfortable in most of my poses because I wasn't wasting energy on slipping and then correcting my poses. Changed my practice and would recommend this to anyone! February 21, 2015
Excellent! I was reluctant at first to buy this mat since it's pretty pricey and I never believed that the type of mat would make a difference when practicing yoga. But this mat has changed my mind!!! Boy was I wrong! the grip is amazing, the size is perfect and thickness makes everything comfortable. I am glad I decided to get this mat February 21, 2015
Love this mat...BUT I bought this mat and had been using it regularly since the beginning of Jan. It was love at first sight (I purchased the Purple Fog), but after a couple weeks of regular Bikram (4-5days/week), I noticed that the mat started to stain. I had been cleaning it with warm water after each practice as recommended, so when I first noticed the staining I decided to go back to my local Lulu store to see if they could offer a solution. The sales associate recommended I try the water + lemon juice combination. I did, however this did not seem to solve the problem, the staining got a bit worse. I went back to another store and talked with another associate and he told me to give it another 2 weeks or so of cleaning with the water + lemon solution (he said sometimes there's an extra coating on the top layer of the mat), and he also said that if that didn't work to bring the mat back to the store and they would exchange it. After another 2 weeks of cleaning, I am sad to say the mat was still very stained. In a last ditched effort (I really didn't want to bring my mat back), I called GEC and they gave me some additional tips to try. After trying all of the suggestions, GEC told me to bring it back, which I did. When I went back to the store there were no darker colours, but the sales associate gave me a gift card and said I could either check another location or wait a little bit until new colours come out. Although my mat was stained, this BY FAR was the best mat I have EVER had. I recommend it to people all the time. The customer service at Lulu is INCREDIBLE and I love that they stand behind their products. The sales associates truly cared about the trouble that I was having and each one took the time to help me troubleshoot. Don't let the staining or discolouration of the mat deter you from making the purchase, just go with a darker colour, you won't be disappointed....speaking of which, LULU please bring back some dark purple mat colours. Thanks!! February 19, 2015
Best yoga mat ever I started doing yoga about a year and a half ago, and at first bought a cheap $20 mat. That finally died and so I was in the market for a new mat, and a lulu educator told me to try the mat. IT IS THE BEST MAT EVER. The smell does go away after a while, and then it's all great. I do mostly hot yoga, and slipping around on my mat was my biggest concern with choosing a yoga mat. I don't even have to use a towel on my mat anymore, this mat is amazing. I can do an entire hour and a half class with just the mat. If you are looking for a new yoga mat, I 100% recommend this mat. February 19, 2015
amazing mat, like, beyond amazing This mat changed my entire yoga practice. No longer am I slipping and sliding around during downward dog, warrior II or anything else for that matter. You stick like glue, and the sweatier you get, the more you stick. I even practiced in the grass - the little winter blades of grass shook right off the back and front. This mat was an amazing investment. I'd highly recommend!! February 19, 2015
Game changer This mat is exactly what I hoped for. I have been practicing yoga on and off for several years now but have recently become rather serious about it. I started in hot yoga with a cheap mat and a towel, so I didn't realize that I generally have sweaty hands and feet when practicing yoga. Now that I am taking vinyasa classes, I needed a mat that would hold me in place, especially since those classes require more fluid movement and steady balance. I ordered the Manduka ProLite and was extremely disappointed. That mat was more slippery than my old one from Target and 6x more expensive! I also had to use a towel which only got in the way. I almost did a late exchange for their EkoLite, and while they did have great customer service, I'm glad I went looking here. This mat has changed my practice. I can now see how far I've come instead of distracting myself and others by constantly adjusting a towel or slipping out of balance. This mat makes me want to go to my next practice! I ordered mine in teal and the color is beautiful. I am very happy with this purchase. February 17, 2015
absolutely no slip I am giving this mat 5 stars because it is the ONLY mat I've ever found to actually live up to its "non-slip" claims. Seriously, I can not sing my praises for this non-slip mat enough--lululemon has saved me from years of embarrassing slips and falls. And a huge plus is this mat is super cushiony and long enough for my 5'7'' frame. Because of these things, I can live with the mat's (minor) downfalls: (1) I bought a lighter periwinkle/blue color a few years ago and yes--the light colors not only stain super easily but also show sweat and oil. This is the biggest downfall for me, and I'm still kicking myself for not getting the darker purple when it was available (2) The mat is a bit heavy... but lulu seems to have solved that with a lighter option (3) The smell. This definitely goes away after about a week or two of letting the mat air out, but for those with sensitive noses the smell will probably bug you for quite some time. I've been waiting for the perfect color to replace my now two year old (and slightly stained) mat. I recently order the ultra violet hoping it really looked like a true bright violet as pictured online--but nope. Wayy too pink. Please lululemon, bring back the deep purples, blues and reds! February 14, 2015