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The Mat

why we made this

We're dedicated to a regular practice, so we designed this ultra-absorbent mat to help us kick some serious asana day after day. It's designed to soak up sweat and wick away moisture – so no matter how sweaty we get, we can always get a grip. We even used an antimicrobial additive to help prevent bacteria and mold from taking hold of our mat.

fabric + features

  • thin polyurethane top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture to help you get a grip
  • thick base layer cushions your hands and feet
  • antimicrobial additive helps prevent mold, bacteria and fungi from taking over your mat
  • natural rubber has a slight smell, but don't worry, it fades over time (we suggest you roll it out to air it out between practices)
  • wipe your mat down with warm, soapy water or soak it after a super sweaty class
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): polyurethane, rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
  • weight: 5.8lbs (2.65kg)
  • thickness: 0.19" (5mm)
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$68.00 USD
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The Mat 3.8 5 813 817
I love the Mat I've been using this mat 4 times per week (for 90 minute vinyasa classes) for about 7-8 months, and it's great because there is VERY LITTLE slippage. Sometimes my feet will slip a tiny bit in warrior 2, but it's minimal and anyhow it causes me to use my leg muscles more! I don't slip in downward dog at all. I have previously used a cheapie mat (it shed), and a Manduka prolite (it slipped soooo much, although I hear they need to be "broken in".) The Mat is by far my favourite. I have BLACK, since I heard that the lighter colours stain. It has some scratches on it, but I don't care about aesthetics as long as I don't slip!! I also never noticed the rubber smell after the first 3 or 4 classes. November 23, 2014
Loved it... for a while My husband went in to a local Lulu store as I told him I wanted a new mat for my birthday at the end of May. He spoke with an associate about the best mat for really sweaty hands and feet and The Mat was recommended. I had tried many mats in the past and always had problems with slipping. I was having to use towels and interrupt my practice. My husband bought The Mat. I loved it. Until a few weeks ago. I started to notice that the mat was losing its grip. I was having to use a towel and even the towel slipped. It is now affecting my practice and I can't hold positions due to slipping. I'm really disappointed as I thought I had found a solution. Was good for about five months. Had I written my review when I fist got it, I would have given it five stars. Wish it had maintained its grip. I don't know if I still have my receipt or what can be done but I'm now on the hunt for a new mat and would be reluctant to try The Mat again. I don't want to have to get a new mat every few months... November 22, 2014
Beautiful in Paris Perfection but terrible Mat :-( I ordered this in Paris Perfection color because I absolutely loved the color but I only used it once and it is going back :-( It stunk...bad, so like I read on a lulu blog, I pre-soaked it and dried it. At practice this morning my mat moved, it bunched, it stunk, it was a complete distraction to my poses, and my concentration. Did I mention, it is REALLY pretty?? So I wiped it down after practice vowing to give it another try even though it ruined my class. When I got home to air it out, the black rubber backing had transferred in spots onto the pink mat...like tire tracks. So not only is it not functional but it is not beautiful anymore either (after one class). Yoga is my release and the last thing I need during practice is to worry about my mat moving and sliding. The Jade yoga mat is FAR superior to this item, there is absolutely no comparison. On the plus side when I phoned to return, I received flawless customer service, and was told they would eventually waive the $5 return fee, so I hope that is the case. November 22, 2014
Please add more colors!!! Love this mat but please add more colours so I can buy a new one! November 21, 2014
Hurt Using This Mat! I have been a big purchaser of Lulu clothing in the past and always loved it, but this was my first Lulu mat. To my disappointment, the 5 mm thick mat would slip forward and backwards during my first workouts. I thought maybe it needed to be broken in a bit. About a month later, the mat continues to slip and has gotten progressively work. Today I had my first yoga wipeout in 10 years of practice, the mat simply slid out completely from underneath my body leaving me inverted in the air to land on my face. The embarassament was not half as bad as the pain in my neck and shoulder. I plan to visit a doctor in the upcoming days if the pain does not subside. I do not usually write a company to complain about a product, but this seemed to be an exceptional case as I would like to prevent someone else from seriously hurting themselves. I have used a Manduka mat in the past, and am sorry to say I will have to go back to that, and at this point I don?t know if I will ever purchase another Lulu product again. November 21, 2014
BEST MAT EVER! I purchased this mat last april and I live in Ecuador, which is a very hot humid country and I do power yoga, ashtanga, air yoga with doors and windows closed at the studio I go to and trust me I sweat like a waterfall and I have never slipped once and it has helped me soo much with my yoga poses it has a great grip which gives me stability. I always receive compliments from my yogi friends they all want to know where I got it. Oh and by the way if you are planning on getting this mat get the black one, I know the colors are cute and all but it will get stained after regular use mine has a few stains but they are not visible because of the black color. Get it now! November 21, 2014
Best Mat Ever! I have spent a ridiculous amount of money trying to find the right mat. I seem to have sweaty hands and feet and have always struggled through my practice because of slipping. Until now! I do not slip on this mat! It is very grippy and wicks away moisture instantly. I am able to practice now with more confidence because of this mat. The only down side to this mat is the initial smell (it really does fade over time!) and it is a little heavy. November 20, 2014
So so slippery So I'm a dedicated Ashtangi and I have my own Mysore practice which means this type of yoga relies on a serious no-slip mat. I LOVE LOVE my lulu Mat and as an instructor, when someone asks me what I suggest for a mat, I always always say 'The Mat'. Well, lately, my lulu Mat has been so incredibly slippery that I can't believe I've been so in love with it and in exactly two years, it's lost its most important feature - the no slip grip. I want to love it. I've taken such good care of it - I washed it natural/organic Whole Foods soap and water every two months and let it air dry. My Mat has been always welcoming me through sweat and tears and has been my most reliable friend but I am at a loss now because I just can't use it anymore and I find myself practicing at home on my carpet. I want to be able to come back to it and not fall out of a pose or stop halfway through my Mysore practice when I need it the most. Today all I needed was to practice and I simply couldn't! I need my old mat back and the 5 year warranty is not realistic. November 18, 2014
Great mat Would I recommend this mat? Absolutely. I've used these mats for about four years now and for the most part, this mat is great. Soaks up sweat, sticky for the feet and hands.... Except for those super sweaty, hot vinyasa classes. I always have a yoga towel handy for about halfway in, not even a great mat like this one can absorb that much sweat. November 17, 2014
The Mat I purchased this mat a few weeks ago and I was convinced that it would be the perfect mat. The first week I was so glad of my purchase but then I noticed the mat started to be slippery and I could not find a grip. While trying to hold downward dog My hands could not find a grip and would slip. I am very disapointed in this mat and I would not buy it again. November 16, 2014