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Wunder Under Crop *Bonded Stripe
- Final Sale

Our signature four-way stretch fabric is sweat-wicking and cottony soft - we love this high-performance fabric for its serious stretch and recovery
*You may experience sheerness with some of our bright-coloured bottoms because of the lightweight nature of the fabric. We recommend you do a couple of Down Dogs in your bright-coloured bottoms to ensure you’re happy with the fit and coverage.

why we made this

We originally created these crops for our yoga practice and we just couldn't stop wearing them. We made this version with stitch-free bonded seams to lie flat against our skin so we can go with the flow. The second-skin fit of the Wunder Under™ makes it easy to check our alignment and the calf-length leg allows us to keep cool when we sweat.

fabric + features

  • bonded seams are designed to lie flat against your skin
  • the four-way stretch makes them so comfortable you'll want to wear them every day
  • stash your keys and gym card in the hidden waistband pocket
  • the wide, soft waistband keeps you covered - the only muffin you should have is for breakfast!
  • the gusset is designed so you can reach for your toes without worrying about the camel's
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, gym, to-and-from
  • fabric(s):
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 201/2"
  • leg opening: 11"
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$39.00 USD
( was $88.00 USD )
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Wunder Under Crop *Bonded Stripe 2 5 14 14
SEE THROUGH!!! I ordered these on the website and when I received them I tried them on only to see that they are completely see through! I took them to my local Lululemon store to ask for a refund and the sales clerk told me I had to try them on and "bend over" so she could determine if they are in fact too sheer. I refused to do this as I feel this is humiliating and unfair to the customer. You can clearly see int he photo that the crops are too sheer and they should be able to see this without making me "bend over". November 9, 2013
camel toe! I wasn't crazy about the colours of these pants especially since other reviewers were saying that the pattern was unflattering to the backside. I thought since they were such a great price I would get them anyway and maybe they would be alright. If not it's no big deal since I am not trying to pick up when I work out. It turns out that the colour isn't what bothers me. Sure my bottom doesn't look as good as it usually would in WU but it wasn't a big deal. What was a big deal was the camel toe! Apparently I have never had camel toe before. These pants made me discover what camel toe looks like! I don't know if it is the bonded seems or because these pants are made of a different material than other WU but it's terrible. I am so upset because I love WU but I think these are going to have to be pants for cleaning the house in and nothing else. As a side note: these pants do not have as much stretch as other WU either. The only reason I gave these pants 2 stars was out of loyalty to the regular wunderunder. October 11, 2013
Too tight, bad colour, bad design Bought these pants on the we made too much page. I was very very disappointed in the fit. They are strange to put on, they do not have much give. Very very stiff. You can see my underwear line right through on the side stripe. Usually a 4 or 6 in lulu. Ordered these in a 6 and they are painfully tight. I teach fitness classes, so I cannot show my underwear to the group, and these show the underwear line! If I want to get any wear out of these, I always wear them inside out (since it is double material and all black on the inside). They work okay like this....but there are not intended to be worn like this, and you can tell. The leg seam is very tight as well and cuts into my calf. The thickness of the stripe on the side is very unflattering and makes me look huge! The bonded seam is strange to say the least. My sister was going to order them, but I made sure she stayed away - not worth it! I love the Groove Pants and the regular Wunder Unders - they are flattering and comfy. October 7, 2013
Green is the Color! They looked good online so I ordered them through WMTM. At first I put them on and they were a snug fit, but generally I think all lulu clothes loosen up when you start working out in them. Loved the color when I received them! They are perfect, equally light and bright, with a soft touch. Wish the colors were reversed though. Not see through because of the black underlining on the inside of the pants, not only in the crotch area but all over. Wore it to the gym and received many compliments along with my new top (practice freely tank)! October 5, 2013
I actually like these I think these feel amazing. I love the fabric and don't think it is thin at all. The light color is a little weird on the butt. I wish the colors were reversed but overall I am pleased with these. September 23, 2013
Still Wearing Them! I read the reviews and bought both the coral and the green crops anyway. I decided to try them on today for yoga sculpt this morning, and I bent over - you couldn't see my bright pink panties at all! On the inside the colored part is lined in black. I ordered a size 2 (I'm 5'5.5", 120ish pounds.) They fit perfect, they feel great! The bonded seams are invisible, sure, but they're raised above the pants so you can feel them millimeters above the actual pant. I didn't notice them bunch up at all, but maybe I was too focused on my poses. I'm still wearing them right now, they feel incredibly comfortable and my backside looks fabulous. Maybe after the horrible reviews lululemon made better ones? I don't know, but I can't wait to wear the coral ones! August 30, 2013
Not My Fav....... Ordered these in the WMTM section. Usually wear a 4 or 6. Ordered a 6. The coloured panel appears sheer, even though there is a black lining underneath. Camel toe..ughhhh. The material feels odd. not as much stretch. Overall, disappointing:( August 26, 2013
Not good for the bootylicious I'm curvy and these WU are just not for my body type. It literally cuts my buttox into two pieces. So I have a lump on top and a lump on bottom. I get fat right above my hips and for some reason these don't hug and squeeze me in the right places, I just look really lumpy. I'm an athletic size 6 and got these in a 10 and they were still unflattering. I got them on WMTM so they aren't returnable. They might work for skinny girls but not for my body type. August 16, 2013
Comfortable, & Unflattering As comfortable as they were, I have a big bum and the light colour just did not bode well with my skin. I have a birth control patch that you can see thru these particular pants, but they are beyond comfortable. They look good minus the bum, cellulite part! August 13, 2013
Why Does it Look Like I had an "Accident"?? First of all, I want to say that I love Lululemon. I've been a loyal customer for years, and I'd like to continue to sport their stuff for a long time. I hate to write a negative review, but I feel it important to share a design flaw with these. I just purchased a size 4 in these coral bonded WU's (I'm 5'4", 112lbs.). When I first tried them on they certainly felt like they fit differently - they were a little tighter on the top, and don't "cup" your backside (for lack of a better term) like my other Wunder Unders. No problem though, because overall I was happy with the fit despite the difference. I went to the gym for a MODERATELY difficult workout - I'd say I was getting a nice "glow" by the time I finished my 10 minutes on the rotating stairs. I went into the locker-room and did a quick mirror check only to see that it looked like I'd wet myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was absolutely mortified because my shirt wasn't quite long enough to cover my backside and I had to walk out though the whole place looking like I'd had an accident. And I honestly didn't. I think that because of the different fit, any sweating that you do shows almost immediately. And the fact that the color is layered on top of the black makes it look like you have a dark spot in the back. I've NEVER had any issues like this at all with any of my pants, Lululemon or not. I decided to give these another try just today, hoping it wouldn't happen again. I went on a short walk/jog and before I knew it, I had to quit my workout and go home to change. Maybe the layered fabric isn't breathable? Since I purchased these through the WMTM section, I can't return them. Basically, these are a cute pair of workout pants that you can't workout in (unless you DON'T sweat at ALL). August 5, 2013