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The (Towel) Mat
- Final Sale

why we made this

We engineered this yoga mat for travel, commuting and our daily practice. The absorbent microfibre top is designed to keep us from slipping around in Sun Salutation and the grippy rubber bottom helps keep this mat durable and stable. We use it in hot classes, Vinyasa classes and even yoga in our hotel room.

key features

  • reversible: use towel side or rubber side up depending on your practice
  • cushion your hands and feet (and motivate your practice) with the printed script
  • the absorbent microfibre is designed to stay grippy even through a really sweaty Vinyasa class
  • the antimicrobial additive helps to prevent mold and mildew
  • throw it in the washing machine (cold cycle, please!) and tumble dry on low

tech specs

  • designed for: yoga
  • material(s):microfibre, acrylic, rubber, latex
  • thickness: 2mm
  • weight: 2.6lbs (1.2kg)
  • dimensions:71" long x 26" wide
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$29.00 USD
( was $58.00 USD )
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The (Towel) Mat 3.4 5 59 59
Heavy for a travel/commuting mat! I purchased this mat because I recently started taking public transit and found it annoying carrying my thicker yoga mat along with all my other gym stuff, lunch, work clothes etc. Well I was really disappointed when this mat arrived in the mail. It is super heavy! Yes, it rolls up smaller then a regular yoga mat, but I don't see how this is going to make my life easier for commuting. It's floppy when rolled up and I will probably end up going back to toting around my old mat because it is not as heavy. I haven't even tried it yet in a yoga class because it is so thin, I can not imagine doing any pose on my knees on this mat. For me, this mat is a definite miss. At least I only spent $30 on it since I bought it from the WMTM section. October 29, 2013
Towel Mat DON'T BUY THIS MAT! It was a dream mat for the first use BUT as soon as it was washed (according to the instructions) it stretched and slipped everywhere. I almost left class early because I couldn't hold any pose without the mat rippling under my feet. I bought the mat for $29 (final sale) so I called the store to see if they had something to improve the adherence to the floor. They let me return it instead because it was defective. GREAT COMPANY LULU! I appreciate you standing behind your products. After reading several of the reviews, I'm not the only one that had this problem. October 25, 2013
No More Slippery! I have a manduka mat it is nice and cost me $160( special edition I have to have that purple color). But after 15 min it gets very slippery when I start to sweat. I have tried gloves socks and nothing works. I was intruduced to the towel mat at the store, not cheap but out of desperation I gave it a try. I put it on top of my manduka mat and it stayed put - not sure why some reviews say it moves. Regardless I was sweating like crazy as teacher added some new moves, I did not slip at all! For the first time I can focus on practice 100%. I don't usually bother to write reviews but I need to share with you as all your reviews have helped me in the past. October 4, 2013
PERFECT bikram mat I absolutely love this mat for Bikram yoga. It's perfect! So much easier than taking a mat and a towel and it works wonderfully--no slipping at all. Lulu - PLEASE make this mat in navy or a few other darker colors for the fall/winter. September 3, 2013
Good but not very durable Love the mat itself. But I only got to enjoy it a couple of times as the 2nd time I washed it it ripped right down the middle. I don't know if it got caught on something or if its the mat :( August 19, 2013
Couldn't Live Without It I actually bought this mat earlier this year and LOST it. (Don't ask.. I'm "that" friend.. lol! I have no idea how you lose a YOGA MAT -__- ) I had to have it so much I purchased another one in fossil. I think it's a wonderful piece for Bikram (or hot yoga), and great for even regular classes. On days that I am just slippery in regular yoga, I will flip it over so my hands have the grippy side to hang onto. The mat is beautiful and I continue to receive compliments every time I use it. I also live in an area where I go for a run, then grab my mat and walk down to the beach for yoga. This is wonderful to have, since I don't have to be worried about dirtying it up. I love that I can just chuck it in the laundry and call it good (especially after Bikram.. ick! :P ) ****I will say that as a WARNING**** Fossil is not what it appears. Online it looks like a very light grey/beige color. In person it's actually a very light lilac color. This came as a pleasant surprise to me, but may not to others. August 14, 2013
Great as a Secondary or Travel Met For those yogis looking to make this their primary mat and/or practice on slick hardwood floors, this isn't the mat for you. I use it out on the deck for sun salutations and take it on the road. It's fine for that. I easily get sweaty hands and feet and because mine is the light grey color and I'm often outdoors with that dirt, I use an extra Yogitoes towel over it. I like a tad more padding and knowing that I won't get the Towel Mat soiled. Yes, you can wash it, but I haven't yet and I know that no matter what it would show foot- and handprints over time. So I avoid discoloration altogether. The Yogitoes towel stays put on top. Yes, that makes it cost more than $100 altogether, but I already had the Yogitoes towel. That said, the brushed sueded surface feels nice under the feet. It's soft and welcoming. But again, this Towel Mat is for PT use, IMHO. Great for on the go too. But I wouldn't make it my primary mat, such as for serious classes. July 9, 2013
Not for Vinyasa or Ashtanga Primary Series First the good...I like the portability of this mat, that you can throw it in the wash, the inspirational sayings and that fact that my hands don't slip on the mat when sweaty. Also, it has minimal smell when it is new. Now the really really bad... The towel mat slides all over the floor during vinyasa and Ashtanga primary series where there is a lot of movement. In Vira A or Vira B or any pose where the legs are wide, the mat literally stretches like a rubber band and thereby moving across the floor. I also try using the towel mat over another mat and again the towel mat actually slid off of the mat it was on top of! So for my purposes, I could not use this mat at all. However, if you do a lot of yoga on the beach, in the park on grass, on carpeting in hotel rooms, then this will work but not on any type of hardwood yoga floor. My local lululemon store took really good care of me and I ended up getting "The Mat" which is absolutely, positively awesome!!! (The smell wasn't strong at all!) July 8, 2013
Don't Waste Your Money! I was SOO excited to purchase this towel mat because it fit over my other Lululemon mat. I sweat a lot and I wanted something that would prevent me from slipping all over the place, especially during hot yoga sessions. I travel for work, so I loved the idea of being able to fold this up and stick it in my suitcase. Per the description, it says that you can use this mat on it's own while you're traveling and stays grippy even through the sweatiest of Vinayasa classes. Don't even bother, in fact, it's pretty dang dangerous. If you're doing Yin restoratives where you're not moving, then it might be okay. But if you're doing any sort of flow or movement, you'll be moving all over the place and the mat will bunch up and slide. I spent more time fixing it on top of my mat and off that I ended up just throwing it to the side. It was more convenient to slip then to have to deal with this. It also ruins your concentration. It's not cheap. It's expensive. It worked great for the first two times and then the grips just became a slippery mess and I found myself falling all over the place. I tried returning it and was refused. So now I am stuck with this mat and I don't want to buy anything else from Lululemon because of it (and I used to buy a lot). I'll just buy cheaper stuff off of Amazon. At least if it doesn't work, I can return it and wont feel ripped off. July 3, 2013
FAVORITE NEW PURCHASE I bought this mat with the intention of using it for travel and it so far has worked SO well no matter where I am beach, grassy areas etc. I love doing yoga outside but I hate getting my actual mat so dirty because it's a little harder to clean. So this was the perfect alternative! And it's easy to pack it folds right up. I also use this in hot yoga classes to layer over my mat I already have. It keeps me from slipping and sliding around when I have sweaty feet and also doesn't slide on top of my other mat. One warning depending on what kind of studio floors you practice on this mat will not grip the floor on it's own. My studio I teach at has virgin rubber floors and this mat alone slid all over the place. Just a heads up! Otherwise I'm completely in love. June 28, 2013