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Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Scoop

why we made this

Be cool. Seriously, be cool. We designed this soft, lightweight top to keep you comfortable during big workouts and long runs. Lightweight fabric, anti-stink technology and a low neckline combine forces to wick sweat and prevent chafe.

fabric + features

  • the low scoop neck gives you extra breathing room when you're seriously sweaty
  • body-mapped mesh venting helps you blow off steam
  • wear this on its own or as a lightweight base layer in cool weather workouts
  • Silverescent™ powered by X-STATIC® inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria on the top
  • the shirt's core construction is seamless for comfort
  • thumbholes help keep sleeves down and hands warm
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: body-skimming
  • length: hip
$68.00 USD
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Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Scoop 4.2 5 62 63
best shirt ever! This is the best shirt ever. Flattering and comfortable and the SCOOP neck makes all the difference. PLEASE make them in more colors!!! March 29, 2014
flattering neckline I love this top! I really like the regular run swiftly long sleeve top, but this one is even better. The scoop neckline is flattering and makes the top easier to put on and take off even after an extra sweaty run. Please make it in more colors! March 20, 2014
Feels like wearing air, keeps you covered! I love how wearing this shirt I almost feel naked but also so well covered and modest! The scoop neck is my favorite, but please make more colors! I seems like delicate fabric and I watch my nails lest I start a snag, and wash as a delicate, but it performs so well i don't mind taking extra care. This was my first swiftly shirt and I have sinced purchased a short sleeve, but I love the long sleeves so I'll be purchasing this in a regular neck to get the color options I want. I wear this in yoga and it will roll up a bit, but it's not an issue for me, it keeps me so cool and comfy I don't mind fixing it a few times. March 11, 2014
seperating fabric Of anything that I have ever bought here so far this is the only product I have not been completely happy with. Purchased this for running but unfortunately isn't holding up. I have only worn it a handful of times and there is an area on the front where the material it starting to separate where its thinner. Since I bought it I've been very careful to put this shirt in a delicates bag when washing and keep it away from anything that could pick it in any way(the fabric seemed thin to begin with). For the money this shirt has not lasted anywhere near as long as it should have. February 25, 2014
PLEASE - give us more colours to choose from!!! I have many of the swiftly tech shirts - long and short sleeves - however, the scoop is my fave! It sits perfectly below your collarbone, giving you just enough exposure so that you dont suffocate and is less restrictive than the regular swiftly tech long sleeve. I have been waiting patiently to stock up on more and still, no new colours... PLEASE LLL, dont forget about the "scoops" in your next batch! February 21, 2014
perfect workout top Overall I love this top. It's super cute and I can wear it for an indoor workout without getting too hot, plus it doesn't show pit stains! Only downside is that it has snagged a few times so you just have to be careful when wearing it. February 21, 2014
More colors :) I really like this tank, especially for running. I don't wear this tank for dance however, because it will sometimes snag if I do. I own one swiftly tech long sleeve with regular neckline and one swiftly tech scoop neck. The scoop neck is so much more flattering, but they don't make it in enough colors! I love the vibrant pinks and blues they have in the swiftly long sleeve tops and only wish they made them in the scoop neck style. February 4, 2014
Don't let it touch anything I love the fit and comfort of this fabric. You just have to be so careful wearing it making sure not to touch anything. I'm afraid to wear a jacket over it or hug anyone with it on because it snags on everything. It is so flattering on though. I have two children and I only wear it when they are in school. Their little fingernails will snag it. The straps on my festival bag snag it. Bummer. It spends more time in the drawer than it does on because I'm afraid to ruin it. November 30, 2013
26.2 and still smiling! After a last minute realization that the weather for the NYC Marathon was going to be cooler than I had expected, I went out and bought this top to wear under my t-shirt. I did this despite the age-old rule "do not do anything different on race day." But, since I had done many of my training runs in my Run Swiftly short sleeve t (which I also love), I went against the advice, and bought the last long sleeve in my size at the Union Square location. The shirt was perfect -- no chafing, no pulling, and kept me warm enough throughout the race. I do not know how or why I waited this long to buy a long sleeve. Thanks Lulu for another great product! November 5, 2013
Ridiculous snags I'll be honest: I have an older version of this shirt (the non-scoop version) in black. It still looks perfect. I thought that most of the reviews complaining about snags were probably from people who didn't take proper care of the shirt. But then it happened to me. I bought this shirt in purple in the summer. It only recently got cool enough to wear it, so I've only worn it three times. And it's already snagged in multiple places. To be clear, I wear this shirt to run. I don't wear it to lounge in, I don't wear a fuel belt, I don't have long nails, and I don't wear rings. When I wash it, I place it in a delicates lingerie bag either on its own or with the other Swiftly shirt - never with anything else, and certainly never with anything that has zippers. So HOW exactly this shirt snagged to this degree is beyond me. It clearly must have touched something that disagreed with it at some point in time, but I've gone well above and beyond what one should do to care for *workout wear* - the only other option seems to be not to wear it at all (unless it snagged inside my drawer? Then I guess even that option doesn't help). I took the shirt back to Lulu tonight and was told that they couldn't do anything because right now, the damage is just cosmetic. If the shirt gets holes in it (and let's face it, with snags like this, that's the inevitable end result), then they'll take it back - but not before. That seems a bit silly to me - I didn't pay $75 for a shirt to have it degrade before my eyes, even despite my best efforts to care for it. This is a quality control issue. PS - please excuse the weird coloration in the photos. I'm using my cell phone camera and it's behaving strangely. October 15, 2013
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : REL3-4.20140228.03:10 PM