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Purist Cycling Water Bottle II
- Final Sale

why we made this

We partnered with Specialized™ to create a squeezable water bottle we knew could get us from the start of our climb to the finish line. The Purist™ technology helps to fight against odours, stains and mold so our water stays tasting like water.

fabric + features

  • the sport top and anti-spill valve was designed to prevent spills at any speed
  • the Purist™ technology helps to keep your water clean and fresh
  • 26oz water bottle to keep you hydrated for a short-to-medium length ride
  • dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning
  • not intended for hot beverages
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: cycling
  • fabric(s): polyethylene (bottle), polypropylene (lid)
  • p.s.: 26 oz.
$18.00 USD
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Purist Cycling Water Bottle II 2.8 5 13 13
leaky I love this water bottle - my water doesn't taste taste like plastic and it is easy to squeeze and rehydrate mid-spin class - but it's a pain in the butt that I can't throw it in my bag without it leaking! I often have books or papers in my bag, and don't trust them to not get wet or ruined :( too bad. But I love the graphic and the general water bottle design. April 16, 2014
It ruined me for other bottles I bought one of the smaller bottles well over a year ago, and found myself only using that one continually and no other ones. So I bought some more. I now have five of these bottles (in different designs) because they simply are the best. As a triathlete I'm constantly running from the track, to the pool and spin / bike and it's my go to bottle(s) every time. I especially love it on the bike as you can get a lot of fluid very quickly. All of my bottles still have their designs fully intact and I wash them multiple times a week in the dish washer (normal cycle). Only one of them has a small problem leaking if the cap isn't screwed on just right. All in all, super happy with them (and they're cute!). March 4, 2014
cute, but not lululemon quality I wanted to like this water bottle so much! I bought the polka dot print and purchased the bottle because of how cute it was. Within days of using the water bottle, the print began to come off. As if the print coming off wasn't disappointing enough, the bottle (mine, at least) actually seems to leak quite a bit. I cannot make it through a class without being covered in water! Even when I have ensured that the bottle is tightly sealed I still seem to get water on me. A true disappointment! December 3, 2013
good but not dishwasher safe! I like everything about this waterbottle except that the logo of the fish (run like a cheetah) is almost all off and doesn't look like a product Lululemon would be proud of - September 25, 2013
Life Changing!!! As a lifeguard, I can be on deck for 1-2 hours at a time and hydration is VERY important to keep sharp eyes and stay attentive. I originally bought this water bottle because I loved the saying and now, I can't stop!! I love them because they are a nice plastic so if (more like when) I drop my bottle, it doesn't break or send all of it's contents flying everywhere. It is also nice because the nozzle is a 'squeeze the bottle and water comes shooting out of it' so on those days when I'm really hot I can spray my feet or shoot the water in my mouth. Something I did notice, is if you don't have ice in the bottle then the water does warm up fairly quickly. September 8, 2013
Cool saying and bottle. But not worth the $$ I purchased this water bottle with the "i work out... because i like muffins (not muffin tops)" saying. I did buy this strictly because of the cleverness. I love all things lulu, but this water bottle is not good for small mouths. I feel like I'm drinking out of a giant spout. Please bring back the glass water bottle. I love everything about that one. August 14, 2013
Disappointing I was so excited when I purchased this water bottle. I bought the run like a cheetah drink like a fish print. It was just so darn cute I had to have it. Within the first day of using it the image began to chip off. At first I dismissed it, but now the chipping has become very severe and even rubs off all over my hands whenever I use it. I wanted so badly to love this product, as I do all my other lulu purchases, but it was just not worth the money I payed for it. I bought it because I liked the image on the bottle in the first place. I continue to use it because the bottle itself is very easy to drink out of (especially between quick breaks in my cardio dance class). I hope you take this issue into consideration when manufacturing new prints in the future. Always a loyal customer, despite the disappointment in this product. August 12, 2013
favorite water bottle This is my favorite water bottle for cycling... and bar classes, carrying around town, etc. There are similar bottles out there, but I like how you can lock and unlock hands-free with this style. I have the 'run like a cheetah drink like a fish' bottle and the graphic has not peeled (yet?). I have only washed by hand with soap and hot water, though, so that may help. Price is steep for a water bottle, but I'm a sucker for good design! July 7, 2013
Felt a little scammed I felt ripped off for buying this, i thought the print that i loved would have been pad printed directly onto the bottle itself. But after opening it i saw that its actually just a piece of plastic that was shrink wrapped onto the bottle. It makes the bottle look extremely cheap and I am way to scarred to put this into the dish washer afraid that it will eventually start to peel. The bottle itself is great, but if you are buying it for the cute print like i did i would have just held onto my money. June 25, 2013
Great for a while but... I've had this water bottle for 3 weeks. Worked great, then put in dishwasher (says dishwasher safe) and now it leaks all the time and not just a little bit. June 9, 2013
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