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Fly Away Tamer Headband
- Final Sale

why we made this

Sometimes, when we get sweaty, our hair gets messy. We designed this simple headband with silicone beads on the inside to stay put and tame flyaways when we're pushing through a tough practice.

fabric + features

  • simple and classic design keeps your tresses tamed
  • silicone grip on the inside keeps it from slipping without pulling your hair
  • moisture-wicking Luon® fabric pulls the sweat away from your head
  • four-way stretch helps keep your headband where it belongs
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, run, to-and-from
  • fabric(s): Luon®
  • width: 2"
$12.00 USD
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{"ONE SIZE":[["0001","3477247"],["0002","3508044"],["0023","3564982"],["15587","3569424"],["15304","3564817"],["15593","3565580"]]}

Fly Away Tamer Headband 3.3 5 287 289
Super cute, a little pricey It all started when my lacrosse teammates started wearing these headbands, and I was curious about what they were. I asked one of my friends and she told me about lulu and (hehe) how overpriced it was, but she didn't care since she loved this brand so much. When I got home, I looked lululemon up on the internet and found these headbands. I bought a swiftly and a fly away tamer. They both serve different purposes. The fly away tamer is super comfortable and not so tight that it gives me headaches, and perfect for casual days of errands or school. Not so much for sports, though since it can slip to the back of my head sometimes, but never to a point where the whole headband falls off, which is good. The swiftly, however, is perfect for sports practices and running/gyms because it's tighter and stays on the front of my head. Sometimes under armour and nike headbands can cause minor headaches, so lulu remains the best. I love these headbands so much, I wear them under my ski helmet, during sports team practices, as well as to school. I get many compliments from them and from the adorable tote bag that comes with it. The only complaint I have is that lulu should offer more colors at a time, instead of maybe two or three patterned colors and black/white every month or so, and to lower the price to maybe $10.00 and then all will be well and perfect. Thanks, lululemon! August 18, 2014
Bad headband I love lulu lemon. I haven't had any issues with their products before this. I bought a headband about three days ago and went on a run with it. It completely fell off halfway through the run ! I have an average size head and thick hair, which I would have expected to help hold it on. I love the patterns and color but if the headband quality is like this, I will have to stop buying lulu August 17, 2014
Can't run in this I was extremely excited to receive this headband once I ordered it. One of my friends recommended it to me so on decided to try it out. I've never ordered something from Lululemon before that So I was super excited and it came in a nice cute little package with an adorable reusable bag. When I tried on the headband it stay but when I went on a run with the headband it slipped right back. It wasn't a very good running headband but it makes a decent to and from headband if that's what your looking for. If your a runner DO NOT buy it's a complete waste of money and I defidentaly prefer Under Armour for running headbands. I hope this helps you decide if you won u 's like to buy this headband or not. August 14, 2014
Amazing... for a certain type of hair This product is my go to headband! The swiftly headband just doesn't stay with all my thick, tons of flyways, and (depending on the weather) frizzy hair! It does slip off after my run, or my dance class but it holds back the fly aways perfect to make my ponytail even prettier... I suggest thin hair people get the swiftly, thicker hair should get this one! August 14, 2014
Curious jungle Got it today and can't take it off. The rubber grips on inside are amazing and it is less constricting than other wider headbands I have from lulu. Excellent job! Wish there was one in green camo, I would buy even without sale. Thank you ! August 11, 2014
straight up addicted i'm pretty confused by the negative reviews. i love these overpriced little things. i have unruly, naturally curly hair that loves to form sweaty ringlets around my hairline when i workout. problem solved. the fly away tamer headbands soak up the sweat during my soulcycle classes and on my runs. not once have they ever fallen down onto my face or slipped back on top of my head. for people who have issues with them staying in place, i would say to wear them more like a "sweatband" and less like a "headband", with part of the material covering the top of your forehead. i hand wash mine after use and line dry flat. after dozens of washes i am pleased that they have held their shape and elasticity. my only complaint is that i wish they were made with the silver thread. they dry slowly and can start to smell. August 8, 2014
Great for keeping sweat off my face I have three of these. I wear them to my weight training, running, and functional group training sessions. I sweat quite a bit from my head so I have to have a band to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I love theses bands. I put it right over my hair line and just over the tops of my ears. I never have to adjust. Even while jumping on a trackter tire! August 6, 2014
i can finally wear headbands So I've always wanted to wear headbands but they have never stayed on my head. I recently discovered the answer for me is to have part of the band on my forehead and the band covering the tops of my ears. I love that the colors coordinate with my other lulu gear, and that's probably why I won't bother trying other brands. These work for me, they're cute and coordinated, so it's a done deal. July 31, 2014
Be prepared to use bobby pins!!! If you are looking for a headband that doesn't stay put...look no further...this one takes the cake. Slides off in a matter of minutes just running errands and would definitely not wear this to the gym. in my opinion this headband welcomes fly aways...disappointed :( July 25, 2014
waste of money :( Ordered the neon pink and it looks way different than online, very neon, kind of cheap looking with some orange color in it (reminds me of playdoh). When I wear my hair down it stays on fine, but when I put my hair up it slides back, unless it's like a centimeter from my hairline which isn't the most attractive. So I guess I will only wear it when I'm not working out or constantly fix it at the gym, tennis, or yoga. I really wanted to like this though, I was looking forward to it. July 19, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM