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Fly Away Tamer Headband
- Final Sale

why we made this

When we get sweaty, sometimes our hair gets... well, messy. We designed this simple headband with grippy silicone beads on the inside to stay put and tame flyaways when we're pushing through a tough practice.

fabric + features

  • simple and classic design keeps your tresses under control
  • silicone grips on the inside keep it from slipping without pulling your hair
  • moisture-wicking fabric pulls the sweat away from your head
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, run, to-and-from
  • fabric(s): Luon™
  • width: 2"
$12.00 USD
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Fly Away Tamer Headband 3.3 5 278 280
waste of money :( Ordered the neon pink and it looks way different than online, very neon, kind of cheap looking with some orange color in it (reminds me of playdoh). When I wear my hair down it stays on fine, but when I put my hair up it slides back, unless it's like a centimeter from my hairline which isn't the most attractive. So I guess I will only wear it when I'm not working out or constantly fix it at the gym, tennis, or yoga. I really wanted to like this though, I was looking forward to it. July 19, 2014
Love the Headband I love this headband and I own at least 4 now, people say they are falling off their heads, I believe it is all relative to the shaoe fo your head and where you wear it. July 18, 2014
fun and cute!! This is a very fun headband. It adds so much to any outfit. I bought this and was so excited, but the next day the thread in the middle started coming out. I was so bummed but noting I can do now. Really expected more from lululemon. July 17, 2014
Disappointed I heard lots of great things about this headband, so I decided to purchase one in black online. It came on time and I even got free shipping. I put the headband on right away and it fell off within two minutes of use. It continued to fall of my head during the day. It would fall of more frequently during workout as well. I am very disappointed in this product considering that I could have gotten a much cheaper, better working one at Target. I wish I would have spent my money elsewhere. This product did not live up to its standards. July 15, 2014
Not a Good Headband First of all, lululemon stores are amazing the customer service is great! However, specifically with this product, was not great. I recently purchased this headband in black. They have a vast color selection which is nice and they are very comfortable. All good things yes, but the durability and the strength with this headband is very poor. I walk to my internship from my bus stop and it's about a 20 minute walk. A measly 20-minute walk is not arduous exercise, you're JUST walking. I had to readjust the headband about 5 time during the span of my 20 minute walk to my internship--so annoying and bothersome. I have a normal shaped head and my hair is very easy to take care of. However, this headband is just so annoying to constantly readjust. After wearing it for about 15 minutes it will move farther back to your head and it will look as if you have a hat on--not appealing! I used this headband during a field hockey game and and was so irritated throughout my game with having to readjust the headband numerous times. My coach was getting quite annoyed and it came to the point where I just had to take it off and leave it on the bench. I also purchased the "Swiftly" headband in mint, which is a smidge more better than this headband. I would love to exchange this headband for a swiftly, but of course these headbands are all FINAL SALE. Clearly lululemon is quite incompetent in making headbands. The point of a headband is so that it can stay on one's head without having to readjust the headband numerous times. SO irritating! It is quite evident that this headband was certainly not worth twelve dollars. July 15, 2014
Great Buy This headband is by far the best headband I own. I do agility training, competitive soccer, track, and weight training; it is perfect for all. I have tried Nike and Under Armour headbands, but none seem to work. This headband looks great with any hair style: up or down. It keeps ALL of the flyaways "tamed". It is great for absorbing sweat. I wear it either just behind my hairline and behind my ears, or just in front of my hairline and over the tops of my ears. The second way is great to absorb sweat to keep it off my face during a hot workout. It does occasionally slip (which is expected from any headband during a high intensity workout) It looks great as a casual look too. I can wear it anywear. It is so convenient that I can just toss it in the washer if it gets dirty or just needs to be washed from use. I have 5 of these because they are a great product. The patterns and colors are so cute and fashionable too! July 14, 2014
Perfect This Fly Away Tamer Headband is amazing! I always wear the regular thick headbands like this from target, and every minute constantly I had to take it off, and put it back on due to slipping. I wanted a lululemon headband so badly, so I bought a black one in the store. In a two hour period playing tennis, my headband slipped twice. And the cheap headbands refuse to stay on my head for more than two minutes. So, I ordered two more online, white and grey. I love that the headband is a dry-fit material, so it absorbs my sweat, and the grips on the inside work so well. They're expensive, but definitely worth the price. Can't wait to order more!! July 13, 2014
Does its job I typically don't care to wear headbands but I have irritating "baby hair" around my face. This headband does its job. It can be a little tight but eases up after my workout is in full throttle. It does also keep the sweat from getting into my eyes! Which I greatly appreciate!!! July 11, 2014
Best Headband Yet This headband is super supple and grippy, meaning that the grip stays on my hair and isn't pulled away because the fabric is taught. Best headband I've gotten yet! Super cute too. July 8, 2014
ARGGGGHHHHH! As an athlete I need to be able to hold my hair back for sports like lacrosse hockey and volleyball. I own tons of these headbands and they have been very good for all of my physical activities. I recently bought another one which stretched out in one use! I have a very normal sized head so I don't know what happened. I am extremely disappointed. I would like to have a new one or at least a refund July 8, 2014
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