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Vinyasa Scarf *Rulu

why we made this

The possibilities are (nearly) endless with this cozy, customizable circle scarf. We made it with snaps so it could be a little bit of everything: a scarf, a wrap, a shrug, a hood – you name it! Designed with soft, sweat-wicking and stretchy fabric, it's perfect for warming up, cooling down and extra-long walks home.

fabric + features

  • cozy Rulu™ fabric is sweat-wicking and helps to keep you warm
  • snaps at either end give you lots of options
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, to-and-from
  • fabric(s): Rulu™
$48.00 USD
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{"ONE SIZE":[["15783","3565951"]]}

Vinyasa Scarf *Rulu 4.5 5 115 115
Love this soft, breathable scarf! This is my third Vinyasa; I have the antidote, pigment blue and now the black herringbone. These are really versatile and durable. I have not found my others to roll or become misshapen after washing or wearing. I wear them all spring, winter and fall! They breathe, go with anything, and have so many ways to wear besides wrapping around the neck. My only complaint is that they sell out so fast and are so expensive for a scarf, but that doesn't stop me from buying them when a new print comes out. I love bright colors, so please make more in addition to the neutral basics and textures. August 22, 2014
I agree - misleading.... Lulu! How can you have that response and yet nobody has updated the description? I too was surprised when I bought the coral stripe and it was way thinner and smaller. I don't mind this for summer in the least but if these are summer versions made of Rulu light, then put that in the description. How are we to know when the 'winter scarves' are back? June 2, 2014
Beware of the summertime version! I saw both of these new online colors (wee stripe white silver spoon and steep stripe black heathered dune horizontal) in my local store the other day and just like the previous reviewer, I noticed they are thinner and not reversible. The description (and price) should be updated ASAP to distinguish this lighter, summer version from the previous, thicker, reversible scarf we have all come to know and love. It's just as soft and a good option for summer, if you know what to expect, that is. In my opinion, the price should be lower since it's half the fabric. May 26, 2014
Not the same ... disappointed I ordered this online and was excited to receive it! I actually purchased two in the same colour as a gift for my sister. I have a few other of these scarfs and she had always wanted one so I thought I would surprise her with one just as lovely. When I opened it today I was very disappointed to say the least. It is much thinner then my other vinyasa scarf's and no where in the product description did it say it was different. The description even says that it is reversible but it is the same on both sides because it is one piece of fabric!?! I also don't love that the price was the same as my others. Overall I like the pattern but really disappointed that it is not the same. I would have thought twice about it if I knew any different at the time. If you are looking for a thinner, light weight summer scarf this might be for you! May 20, 2014
Perfect for summer!!! I LOVE THIS NEW wee stripe silver spoon vinyasa scarf. It is light and has the same pattern on both sides so the seems aren't nearly as obvious. It is absolutely perfect for summer. I'll use in the airplane, in a cold car or movie theatre, a cover up for the beach, a wrap anywhere b/c its so light and airy (not so bulky) yet super soft and cozy. The color is perfect. LOVE IT! May 20, 2014
Quality WAY lower previous vinyasa scarves! I'm very disappointed with this purchase. I purchased a vinyasa scarf about 18 months ago and it's wonderful! However, it is dark grey and I wanted a lighter color for summer. This scarf is nothing like my old scarf. It's extremely thin and very baggy--so it doesn't keep it's shape in the way that makes the vinyasa scarf unique. Additionally, I incorrectly assumed that, like my old scarf, one side of the scarf would have the light grey stripe print and that the other side would have solid white/light grey coloring. However, this scarf has the stripe print on both sides because the material is so thin! If this scarf had been priced lower, perhaps I would consider keeping it; regretfully, it's not worth the money. May 20, 2014
meh...not what was expected I feel neither completely unhappy with my purchase, nor am I jumping with the joy I thought I would feel when my scarf arrived. I was initially surprised upon opening the package to discover the scarf was much lighter than expected, and only one pattern on both sides (single layer of fabric). Further reading of the tag describes my scarf as "Rulu light", which is not in the description online (I checked). I agree with other reviewers that stated a lighter weight should be less expensive (and the full details should have been disclosed prior to purchase). I thought the colour would work for me (silver stripe) but I'm not sure that it does with my skin tone (though that's no fault of LLL). I'm debating sending it back, or just trying to resell it locally to recover most of my money back. I think I'm just disappointed since I tried so many times over the winter to get a colour I liked but was never fast enough. Perhaps I will try again in the fall, and hope that they continue to make these? May 20, 2014
Nice for sumer, but not the normal VS This is the 5th vinyasa scarf that I purchased; I was looking for a white colour combo for the summer months so this colour is great for that, and the only reason I would recommend it. However I agree with another reviewer that its really thin and not as large as the "normal" ones; its simply not the same by any means. Honestly, I know LL changes the exact name on times (so they can technically justify its not the same) and they re-issue colours etc but this one is totally not the same thickness and rulu as one I bought approx 6 or so weeks ago or all my others. Also, why can't you just come clean and tell me its slightly smaller or thinner AND charge me a few bucks less, then I know what to expect. The way you price your scarves is crazy, a sumer scarf should be at least $5 or more less than others if your going to take the less approach. I am really disappointed and sort of undecided about keeping based on the thinner feel and the "more for less price. I probably will keep it though because I normally purchase online through my paypal and I think returning items purchased via paypal might be a huge hassle. Overall the colour combo is nice and the thinner feeling material is good for a summer only scarf so if that's what your looking for you will likely be happy with this. May 17, 2014
I LOVE them, but not the light weight/summer kind I've so far gotten 3 'regular' weight ones at the local store - these (at least the ones I have) have different patterns on the sides, like pin stripe in the front and solid color on the back. I love having the flexibility of showing one of or both colors when I wear - it not to mention the 10 different ways to wear it. As the light-weight version got released, I visited the local store to try it on. I was disappointed to find out that the 'double-sided' feature is not there, and that the thinner fabric will not serve as well to keep me warm in cold. I can't recall if the descriptions online indicated these differences, but I would really want these things to be spelled out. Solid 5 stars for the 'regular' kind, but a few less stars for the light weight version of the scarf at least to me. May 14, 2014
One of my Favorite Lulu Pieces. This scarf is so versatile and that is why everyone raves about it. I mean who doesn't love a scarf, vest, shawl, shirt, hoodie, and blanket all in one. Seriously, you can do anything with this scarf. The educator at my local store finally sold me on one of these beauties, when she told me it works wonders as a blanket on an airplane. I love multi-use travel accessories, so I picked up the bleached coral one that came out last week instantly. I also like that the fabric is lighter in weight than previous vinyasa's I have looked at. On that note, the ONLY reason this isn't getting 5 stars, is that I think the lighter weight fabric may be to delicate. I've worn it once & the loop that is sewn on the middle section for creating different looks seems to pull really bad where the fabric and the loop material are sewn together, but only when you are utilizing the loop. It almost seems that if it pulls more and more through use that it is going to rip, which will not be a happy day. I really hope that doesn't happen. May 12, 2014
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