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Vinyasa Scarf *Rulu

why we made this

The possibilities are (nearly) endless with this cozy, customizable circle scarf. We made it with snaps so it could be a little bit of everything: a scarf, a wrap, a shrug, a hood – you name it! Designed with soft, sweat-wicking and stretchy fabric, it's perfect for warming up, cooling down and extra-long walks home.

fabric + features

  • cozy Rulu™ fabric is sweat-wicking and helps keep you warm
  • snaps at either end put the fit in your hands and a locker loop helps prevent stretching
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, to-and-from
  • fabric(s): Rulu™
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$48.00 USD
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Vinyasa Scarf *Rulu 4.6 5 210 211
Great, just a detail.. So I was obsessed with getting the Vinyasa scarf, they didn't have the color I wanted in any of the stores nearby, so I ordered one online. I looked at the video and really liked the one on the video because it went really well with the denim vest, so I thought it might go well with my denim vest as well. I ordered the mini check pique caspian blue heathered inkwell and thought it might look pretty with my vest. Well it didn't. I was reluctant to return it as I loved the material and everything, but I just wanted something that would match more things form my closet for the price... I exchanged it for the black one, but I am kind of disappointed, because the materials are not the same.. I wish they would make more go-with-anything kind of colors. And more of the soft ones with stripes :) May 20, 2015
soft and comfortable I got this in the mint green. I own probably 10 of these scarves. They are great for everything. The mint green is a wonderful spring color and the material is very soft. I would love to see these at a slightly lower price point though. May 20, 2015
vinyasa scarf I think the video is misleading as it is demonstrated by someone who is very tiny and no hips, shoulders, chest or height and the scarf is able to wrap around her easily. However, I would like to see an average size person demonstrate as I can guarantee you that you cannot snap it into a jacket or shrug. I am 5'6' and 130 so I am not that big, and it was a no go. Also, on the pale gray with blue stripes the contrast band was on the wrong side. May 12, 2015
Functional and stylish I have the Vinyasa Rulu scarf in grey and Black. I love them both. I use it as a wrap to keep warm at the office, as a scarf in the winter, a cover up for savasana and I have even used it to wrap up my baby in the emergency room. I honestly can't think of another piece of clothing that has come in this handy on so many occasions. The fabric is sturdy, but super soft too. I hope they come out in fleece next winter again. I am kicking myself for not getting one when I had the chance. May 7, 2015
Worth going gaga over! After randomly looking through the Lululemon site one day, the video on how to wear the vinyasa scarf caught my eye. At first I thought it was some kind of marketing gimmick but then when I actually bought one and tried it out, I was amazed at how functional the scarf was! This is such a lightweight scarf, yet it's so soft and keeps me warm. I would consider these scarves as investment pieces. I have used this in the office as a shawl to keep me warm from the blasting AC, used it after my yoga practice at night as a warm layer, used it to style my neck...it's just an overall great scarf for it's functionality and it's style! May 7, 2015
Amazing scarf After watching the "10 ways to wear your Vinyasa Scarf" video on the Lulu website, I became interested in it. A friend of mine purchased it a couple years ago and she always said that it was such a functional scarf, so I wanted to try this new style. I consider myself a scarf collector. I have all kinds of scarves in different sizes from everywhere. Out of all of my scarves, this one is the most practical one and I now can't live without it. Great quality and soft fabric. I would like to get one for my friend living overseas. Two thumbs up for this scarf! May 6, 2015
My favorite item I bought the original vinyasa scarf back in like 2010 or 2011 and I've been obsessed with it ever since! It's been all over the world with me as my scarf, hoodie, and plane pillow. I love this thing! I will be buying another one soon! May 1, 2015
Amazed I watched the video of all the different ways to wear the scarf, and I thought it was pretty cool. Then I remembered how many scarves I have and never wear, so I put this scarf out of my mind. About a week later, I went to my local store and saw a pile of these folded near the register. I saw the blue one (I think it's called inkwell or something like that) and decided to get it. Once I got home I immediately regretted my impulse purchase, so I decided I would return the scarf. Long story short, I ended up not returning it, and I can't believe how often I wear this. I find myself picking my outfits just so I have an excuse to wear it. It's soft and warm. Plus, I love all the different ways it can be worn. I always find myself undoing the snaps and redoing them, experimenting with different looks. $48 is a lot to spend on a scarf, but for me it actually has been worth it. April 30, 2015
Love Love Love! I was worried this scarf would be itchy, but it's not! It's so soft and the perfect size. Versatile. Will definitely be using this on plane rides and long car rides! It's a must have to your Lululemon collection! April 30, 2015
Amazing Scarf!!!! I wore this scarf all winter and it has been amazing and I will be using this type of scarf always going forward. It gives excellent coverage and can be adjusted to cover more/less or your face and also can wrap up around your head too for extra warmth. I really appreciate that once I'm done wearing the scarf outside I can change it up with the different wrap styles inside and even turn it into a cardigan. This is also my go to travel scarf because its light weight but so warm and cozy. It goes from a scarf to blanket and back in no time and looks cute too. Purchased a 2nd one in heathered herringbone heathered black grape nightfall and its also another favourite when my other black one is in the wash. Easy to wash is another bonus as I throw it in with other Lulu items and comes out great. April 15, 2015