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Vinyasa Scarf *French Terry

why we made this

The possibilities are (nearly) endless with this cozy, customizable circle scarf. We made it with snaps so it could be a little bit of everything: a scarf, a wrap, a shrug, a hood – you name it! Designed with super soft and naturally breathable fabric, it's perfect for warming up, cooling down and extra-long walks home.

fabric + features

  • Stretch French Terry fabric is naturally breathable and oh-so-soft
  • snaps at either end give you lots of options
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, to-and-from
  • fabric(s): Stretch French Terry
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$58.00 USD
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Vinyasa Scarf *French Terry 3.1 5 32 32
Inky Floral Ghost Bumble Berry I ordered this scarf online taking a risk because of the reviews commenting on smell and quality, but I guess I was a lucky customer, as my scarf does not have a strong odor, and I feel the quality is as good as the other vinyasa scarfs I have purchased in the past. The reviewer previous to my review, said it all. Exactly how I feel. I don't think you can go wrong with this scarf. September 24, 2014
Love hate relationship I really loved this scarf online and was really excited to get it, I am happy with it and love the pattern but I hate the white side. I suggest more scarfs like this with patterns but make the pattern on both sides. it is really hard to get in it and in a good place without seeing both sides. September 23, 2014
Inky floral French terry vinyasa First I'd like to say that the inky floral print is beautiful!! I have worn it twice and have had 3 people each day compliment it. The French terry is very soft...yes different than the rulu but equally as wonderful! No, it isn't "reversible" but if the white is peeking through it still looks great. I don't think it looks or feels cheap at all. If I had gone by the reviews, I probably wouldn't have bought it....this is why I am writing a good review for it. I LOVE that it's different, it really pops ....did I mention sooo pretty?!?i wear it with my cadet blue nice asana and it's perfect!! I have 4 vinyasa scarves....and this one is by far my favourite!! September 21, 2014
Love the pattern..... I bought this scarf because the inky flower pattern is looked amazing on the scarf. I was disappointed that the other side is like a towel, as others have said. It did smell out of the bag but I washed it in cold water and there is no more smell. For the price that this scarf is it wasn't worth the extra $10 to wear a towel. September 21, 2014
Plz make this again in Inky Floral in a diff. way I didn't mind paying $10 more than my regular Rulu Vinyasa for this scarf, because I really like the pattern. Only found out the ugly unfinished towel like side is hard to hide, plus less cozy than the other Rulu Vinyasa Scarfs. Please make this scarf in this pattern again with classic Rulu material. I will definitely give it another try. Or if it's almost impossible to make this floral pattern with Rulu, please make it reversible or the other side more finished look. September 20, 2014
Lulu, you didn't finish the scarf... Love, love, love the Inky floral pattern. Very much dislike the plain white other side. As other reviewers have said it looks like a towel or like it's unfinished. What happened lulu? I also don't find that the material is cozy at all. I ordered it on upload and it finally arrived today nearly 2 weeks later... and after all that wait it's going back. September 19, 2014
Not up to standard I normally don't post reviews but I wanted to say how disappointed I am in the Inky Floral version of this scarf. I own around 15 vinyasa scarves and am a huge fan of these. When the scarf came I was so upset it was only printed on one side. The fabric was towel material as some of the other reviewers were saying. I am excited you are using prints on these scarves Lulu, so don't give up. Please try more prints but keep the quality there! I made special trips just to buy vinyasa scarves in New York and Vancouver this year on my vacations. September 18, 2014
Functional and versatile I purchased this French terry scarf along with a Rulu because the mommy boards recommended them for nursing covers. I returned the other and kept this one because it's 92% cotton and 8% spandex, whereas the other is made with non-breathable polyester. This is much cooler than anything the baby stores sell and I can definitely use it this fall before baby arrives! Hope they make more colors soon! September 18, 2014
I Wanted To Love It For The Print I love the Inky Floral, and really wanted to love this scarf, but multiple things ruined it. First, It's one sided, which makes it extremely hard to style, as the back side is white, not smooth, and not attractive. I wouldn't go as far as saying it feels like a full on towel, as it isn't scratchy. It just looks unfinished. Second, It doesn't hang the way that the Rulu does. The rulu scarves just fall nicely naturally, and this one takes a lot of work. It just doesn't quite sit the same way. Third, the functionality goes away with the french terry version in my opinion. It is really hard to wear as a shirt, vest, ect. since it doesn't have the stretch of the rulu. I also typically use my rulu ones as blankets during air travel because of the softness, and the french terry version just wouldn't make a good blanket. I've sat on this scarf for almost the full two weeks now trying to make myself like it, since I love the print so much, but I just can't for $60 when the Rulu are only $50. It will be going back to the store tonight or tomorrow. September 17, 2014
Loving the French Terry Vinyasa I had been waiting for the inky floral ghost inkwell bumble berry scarf (wow, that's a mouthful) ever since I spied it on some of the blogs. I ordered it as soon as it came on line.While waiting for it to arrive(usually takes a week or more)I started reading these reviews and was getting a little nervous as I had never ordered a vinyasa or anything for that matter in the French Terry. Well it arrived yesterday and I am in love. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I had no problems with the white showing and fussing with it. I hadn't even really adjusted it yet and both my daughter and husband both complimented me and told me how nice it looked on me. I loved that it wasn't as thick as some of my other vinyasa's and found that it didn't feel as bulky as them. Honestly I was expecting the reverse side to be like a towel or face cloth from the other review but it is not thick and loopy enough to compare it to a towel. The print is absolutely gorgeous and will compliment many different colours and outfits. I'm Happy, Happy, Happy!! September 17, 2014
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