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Vinyasa Scarf *French Terry

why we made this

The possibilities are (nearly) endless with this cozy, customizable circle scarf. We made it with snaps so it could be a little bit of everything: a scarf, a wrap, a shrug, a hood – you name it! Designed with super soft and naturally breathable fabric, it's perfect for warming up, cooling down and extra-long walks home.

fabric + features

  • Stretch French Terry fabric is naturally breathable and oh-so-soft
  • snaps at either end give you lots of options
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, to-and-from
  • fabric(s): Stretch French Terry
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$58.00 USD
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Vinyasa Scarf *French Terry 3.1 5 26 26
Not up to standard I normally don't post reviews but I wanted to say how disappointed I am in the Inky Floral version of this scarf. I own around 15 vinyasa scarves and am a huge fan of these. When the scarf came I was so upset it was only printed on one side. The fabric was towel material as some of the other reviewers were saying. I am excited you are using prints on these scarves Lulu, so don't give up. Please try more prints but keep the quality there! I made special trips just to buy vinyasa scarves in New York and Vancouver this year on my vacations. September 18, 2014
Functional and versatile I purchased this French terry scarf along with a Rulu because the mommy boards recommended them for nursing covers. I returned the other and kept this one because it's 92% cotton and 8% spandex, whereas the other is made with non-breathable polyester. This is much cooler than anything the baby stores sell and I can definitely use it this fall before baby arrives! Hope they make more colors soon! September 18, 2014
I Wanted To Love It For The Print I love the Inky Floral, and really wanted to love this scarf, but multiple things ruined it. First, It's one sided, which makes it extremely hard to style, as the back side is white, not smooth, and not attractive. I wouldn't go as far as saying it feels like a full on towel, as it isn't scratchy. It just looks unfinished. Second, It doesn't hang the way that the Rulu does. The rulu scarves just fall nicely naturally, and this one takes a lot of work. It just doesn't quite sit the same way. Third, the functionality goes away with the french terry version in my opinion. It is really hard to wear as a shirt, vest, ect. since it doesn't have the stretch of the rulu. I also typically use my rulu ones as blankets during air travel because of the softness, and the french terry version just wouldn't make a good blanket. I've sat on this scarf for almost the full two weeks now trying to make myself like it, since I love the print so much, but I just can't for $60 when the Rulu are only $50. It will be going back to the store tonight or tomorrow. September 17, 2014
Loving the French Terry Vinyasa I had been waiting for the inky floral ghost inkwell bumble berry scarf (wow, that's a mouthful) ever since I spied it on some of the blogs. I ordered it as soon as it came on line.While waiting for it to arrive(usually takes a week or more)I started reading these reviews and was getting a little nervous as I had never ordered a vinyasa or anything for that matter in the French Terry. Well it arrived yesterday and I am in love. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I had no problems with the white showing and fussing with it. I hadn't even really adjusted it yet and both my daughter and husband both complimented me and told me how nice it looked on me. I loved that it wasn't as thick as some of my other vinyasa's and found that it didn't feel as bulky as them. Honestly I was expecting the reverse side to be like a towel or face cloth from the other review but it is not thick and loopy enough to compare it to a towel. The print is absolutely gorgeous and will compliment many different colours and outfits. I'm Happy, Happy, Happy!! September 17, 2014
NOT for busy moms Love the inky floral print, smell is weird. I packed up the kids and drove all the way to the lulu store to get this scarf. When I brought it home I realized it was not double sided. It really looks like a towel on the back side. You can see the the inky floral on the reverse showing through which makes it look like a walmart scarf :-( I have tried to wear it and get the inky floral side only showing but its not possible for a busy mom like me to spend 10 minutes perfecting a scarf before I can go out. If you have loads of time to spend on perfectly placing this one sided scarf then this is for you! September 15, 2014
Inky Floral Fail I love the inky floral print so, so much. I did find the french terry wasn't as soft as the rulu vinyasas, but I didn't notice a smell. I was intent on owning something in this print, but with questionable yellow in the print it had to be something I'd wear from the waist up. I thought a vinyasa was perfect - but why oh why, Lulu, did you forget to design the reverse side of this scarf? My bathroom hand towels look more luxurious and put together than the reverse side of this scarf. There are limited ways to wear this one, since you need to hide the reverse side, and it just isn't worth it. September 13, 2014
Floral print Smell didn't bother me, softness was not too bad, yellow pattern that looks like pee stains can be overlooked, but how could you leave the other side to look as a towel? How could you, lulu ? September 12, 2014
Inky floral print rocks. Everything else sucks. I tried on the "inky floral ghost inkwell bumble berry" print in store the other day. This print is ridiculously gorgeous. I just haven't want to buy anything in it, until I saw the Vinyasa scarf. Disappointment followed. Unfortunately, the scarf needs work. It's not reversible. The other side is white, and the fabric is very textural and raw-looking, due to the knit. When you try to wear the scarf in various configurations, where the white edges show it makes the scarf look sloppy and unfinished. I tried to fold them in to hide them, but seriously, these are supposed to be effortless to wear, right? Notice how the model photos, and most of the photos online work hard to hide the white side. In person, this takes a lot of fuss. You shouldn't need to fiddle to get it to look right. The fabric is not quite as soft as other scarves. Then there is the ribbon seam, where the snaps are installed. This new feature is not a favourite. It contributes nothing overall to the comfort and functionality of the Vinyasa. The ribbon bunches up and is quite bulky, and it detracts from the print and design overall. I bought the newer rulu bordeaux/bumbleberry and hyper stripe black soot/black versions and wish I could remove the ribbon. I prefer my older Vinyasas, with no ribbon tape. I will acknowledge that the ribbon tape has the potential to strengthen the snap enclosures, but I've never broken a snap on my scarves so... why? I wish LLL would remove this design "feature," along with the wrap around ribbon logo on the opposite side. I want my scarves to drape as softly into my body as possible, and the ribbons get in the way. If I try to hide it behind my neck, the extra bulk makes me look like I have a hunch-lump in my neck. It also stands out like a sore thumb. Shiny ribbon on a matte fabric. What?! Seriously, Lulu. September 10, 2014
I love French Terry Scarf! I have almost every fabric of scarf lulu makes. The French Terry are my favorite everyday scarf. I use these as a wrap outside and at the office. Sooo many people ask where I got it! It is not as soft as rulu but I personally prefer it. The size is longer and thinner than rulu ones so it makes wearing as a wrap look better. I have the dark grey from last year and just rec'd the light grey today. The one from last year I have washed litterally every week and it is still perfect condition. If I counted how many times Ive worn it the price does not bother me!!!! Lulu please make more of these in more colors!!!! Also I purchased 4 last year as gifts and everyone loves them! September 9, 2014
Not soft, Super stinky, but love the print...sigh I had been wishing and hoping that Lulu would come out with more accessories in the floral pattern, as I love the deep blue and bumbleberry pattern so so much but just not in clothing. Then this appeared. Of course, I immediately purchased and began counting the minutes until it arrived. Then... tragedy. I understand it's French Terry and not Rulu, but I still expected it to be soft. WRONG. It was super stiff, and the french terry was much thinner than my french terry lulu pullovers. Additionally, the thing had a horrendous chemical smell. (note: I returned this to a store, and did a smell test of the ones for sale on site... they smelled too!! UGH) I have three rulu vinyasas, and will only get rulu ones going forward. Make a rulu version of this pattern? Please? September 9, 2014
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