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Bang Buster Headband *Reversible
- Final Sale

why we made this

When we tackle an intense practice or workout, we don't want to worry about our hair. We made this extra wide, reversible headband to help keep our mane (and our sweat) out of the way. Bang on.

fabric + features

  • Light Luon® fabric is soft, sweat-wicking and four-way stretch
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, run, gym
  • fabric(s): Light Luon®
  • width: front 4", back 1"
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$18.00 USD
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Bang Buster Headband *Reversible 4.5 5 207 208
Awesome! But with one small flaw This is by far my favorite headband. I have it in 7 colors, and totally plan to get more as they wear out. Pros: Stays completely in place, no matter how much I sweat or move. I've used this headband for spin class, personal training sessions, running, hot flow yoga, and for everyday. The colors are so much fun, assuming you can snag your favorites before they sell out. Love the price, not too much. Cons: The only criticism about this headband is due to the small metal Lululemon symbol that has been stitched into the side of the headband. On the original version of this headband, before the narrower silhouette and reversible options, the little metal Lulu symbol was stitched inconspicuously up above the elastic line on the side of the headband. That was fine. On this new version, it's stitched onto the end of the elastic, near where the bottom would be when it's on your head. There are two problems with this. First, the positioning means that when I'm running or moving a lot, the flyaway hairs that escape my ponytail get wound around it, and tug a little. Second, the coating that makes it metallic and shiny is wearing off. This never happened on my older styles, but it's happening on 3 out of 4 of my new ones. Maybe the coating is different? But the point is it flakes off, possibly from exposure to sweat. I wash them consistently, and it continues to flake, and therefore appears tarnished and dirty. Please fix this!! This is a 5-star headband with a 1-star branding option. November 22, 2014
Great for running! I had been on the search for the perfect wide headband for my thick and heavy hair. This one actually stays on and doesn't give me a headache. I can wear it while running to keep hair and sweat out of my eyes and it is comfortable enough to wear all day around the house. The only thing I don't like so much is the price. I am new to Lululemon so I have sticker shock when looking at all the goodies they have to offer. But the price for this headband is worth it to me because it works and it feels good on. I've also thrown it in the wash (but hung it to air dry) and it has retained its shape and fit. I have 3 and will probably buy more. Looking forward to more varieties of colors and designs. November 19, 2014
Love this headband! If finding a headband that keeps your hair out of your face and the sweat out of your eyes while staying put, this is the headband for you! I have alot of hair that is fine, and headbands never stay put on me ever during any type of activity. This headband does in fact stay in place even during yoga inversions etc. It has totally exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this if you have the same problems as I listed above. You won't be disappointed! November 14, 2014
FINALLY! I have very fine hair and a million flyaways. Every time I get sweaty it ends up in my face and eyes. No headbands or bobypins ever stayed in place. DROVE ME NUTS. This headband stays where you put it and is so comfortable I even sleep in it sometimes. It absorbs sweat quite a lot. I loved it so much I bought a second one. November 13, 2014
Please make herringbone/pique/space dye bb's! I wear a bang buster for every workout (spin, yoga, barre). I sweat heavily so it's necessary. I love the adjustable width, it doesn't slip or give me a headache and is highly absorbent. My only gripe are the patterns/colors. Why are none of the herringbone, pique or space dye fabrics available as bang busters?? I would buy every single one. I prefer the neutral colors for my headbands, because who really has time to match their headband to their outfit. My workout clothes generally have color and I really don't need a striped hot pink headband on my head. Please make herringbone, pique and space dye bang busters! November 13, 2014
YAY! Burpee Approved! I've been hesitating on this one as every headband I try never works but I'm so glad I finally bought this! I have a small head with lots of fine hair and long bangs a.k.a. a hot mess when i WOD. This headband survived burpees and running! Buy this all you girls with bangs - it stays put! November 8, 2014
Stellar headband Wonderful headband! I love wider headbands but find that they all slide back on my hair almost immediately. I have pretty thick hair, and usually have to use clips on the sides to hold my headbands down. I was a little doubtful but red the reviews and gave it a whirl. I'm really impressed -- I wore this today through a yoga class and my Crossfit class (a real sweaty on, too!), and I didn't have to adjust it once. The colors are great, it stays put and looks cute on. I'm definitely buying more. October 28, 2014
Works this is the only headband that does not give my head a "compressed" feeling and is comfortable to wear. I love the colors and it works great for any activity i've tried it with. October 18, 2014
Greatest headband I've ever used Being a dancer it's next to impossible to find a headband that will ACTUALLY stay in one spot. This one however has beat the odds. I only have one but considering its reversible, it's all that I need. I also like to have the thin part of the headband towards the right or left sides of your head to change up the style. I always love possibilities! September 23, 2014
Best ever ever ever headband Finally a headband which stays on! It's soft too and doesn't feel like you're wearing an elastic band round your head. Really comfortable! Love it!! Also great that it's reversible so you can change your look. Would be fabulous if there were more colours. September 19, 2014