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Bang Buster Headband *Reversible
- Final Sale

a lightweight version of our moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Luon® fabric - perfect for wearing on its own or for layering

why we made this

When we tackle an intense practice or workout, we don't want to worry about our hair. We made this extra wide, reversible headband to help keep our mane - and our sweat - out of the way. Bang on.

fabric + features

  • fully reversible design helps you tame your tresses
  • soft, breathable and stretchy, it's comfortable to wear
  • moisture-wicking fabric keeps beads of sweat at bay
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, run, gym
  • fabric(s):
    Light Luon™
  • width: front 5", back 1"
  • p.s.: it's reversible!
$18.00 USD
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Bang Buster Headband *Reversible 4.5 5 156 157
Awesome headband Used this for an 18km run today and it stayed on my head the whole time. It also kept sweat from my face which was a wonderful surprise. For reference, I have fine chin length layered hair. I'll definitely be purchasing a few more. April 13, 2014
bangs busted! I am always skeptical of headbands because they NEVER stay on my head. Even other lulu headbands that seem like they are going to work, always end up sliding back! Well, this headband is perfect! Stays put and is so cute! I really like the reversible ones because it's basically two headbands for the price of one! I even wore one under my bicycle helmet last weekend and it didn't move at all! Lulu, please make more colors/patterns! April 8, 2014
Finally!!!! I'm a habitual haircutter. Bangs. No banges. Long fringe. No fringe. I've never really felt like the regular elastic headbands had staying power. God forbid I got up early and went for a run without freshly washed hair - the darn thing would just slip out. THIS IS WONDERFUL! Made for me. Finally! Personally like the reversible ones (bang for your buck). Really happy with this. Now mind you, I'm worried about actual "summer" and some wicked tan lines when the sun is stronger but I really dig this. Awesome. :) April 1, 2014
Perfect! I bought one on a whim for a trip that would need to cover my hair while I roughed it for days on end. This headband covers, stays put and flatters. I have very fine/thin hair, so I was concerned it was going to keep crawling doesn't! My only issue is the lack of colour.....please lulu, more colour options!! March 29, 2014
stays put!!!! best head band available. I've spent countless money on all brand headbands including other lulu headbands none of them compare to the bang buster headband. they all fall off!! not the bang buster... its a must have!!! more reversible colors please lulu March 28, 2014
New Options please!!! LOVE this headband! I have the green camo and have gotten several compliments, mostly from guys. (Lulu, you might want to make a manlier one for dudes...just a thought). I would love to buy more, but the selection right now isn't exactly stunning. Let's go, we need more options for spring!! March 23, 2014
Bangs Busted! I got this headband a couple of weeks ago in the grey and Bali breeze color combo. Unlike the Full on Luon Wonder Under Crops, this item was a hit with me. I've always had a hard time with headbands due to them sliding off or being too tight, or basically not keeping my hair out of my face. What made these really special for me was the stretchy band at the back that was really comfortable, and since the headband wasn't all one size, it didn't that that bunching feeling on the back. This is the first headband I've had that doesn't slip off my head! I've worn this headband with hair down and up, and it stays in place. It also covers my ears if I stretch it just right, which on cold morning runs is definitely a must; my ears keep pretty cozy, without being overly hot. One thing that is not a huge deal breaker for me, but it's been kind of, well adaptable, is the fact that when the headband is fully stretched, there is like a half inch of material sticking up at the back. like I said, not a huge deal breaker, but it's kind of strange to me so I have to rouche the band a bit, which looks really cute actually. The single thing that has been a bummer for this item is that it attracts stains like no body's business. I stuck it in the wash a couple of days ago (cold wash, air dry) with light colored athletic wear, and yesterday I noticed that there were quite of few streaky stains smack middle of the headband on the Bali breeze side. They don't look like baked in or anything, so I'm sure that they'll wash of with some gentle hand scrubbing. I'm probably going to hand wash this thing from now on, but since I love it so much, no biggie... Overall the bang buster is pretty impressive. This is basically a 2-in-1 with the color combo. I really like this item, and hopefully will be getting more in the future. Great job with this headband Lululemon. High Five! March 22, 2014
Stays in place I have 4 of these and I love them! They not only keep my bangs out of the way but they help wick sweat off of my forehead. During high-impact workouts they never move, which is typically my biggest gripe about other head bands. Cannot wait for more solid colors. March 20, 2014
disappointed with colour i received in the mail I own this headband in almost every colour. It i s the only head band i have ever ordered that fits and stays on my head during anything i do. I wear it mainly to hot yoga classes because it keeps the sweat from dripping onto my face. I just ordered the brisk bloom black white/black colour headband and it arrived today. After opening it, i was disappointed to find that my headband looked nothing like it did in the picture. The flower is completely different and only half my head band has flowers on it the other half is completely white so it looks kind of off. I understand that its not going to look exactly like the picture but when you order something online your basing it off what the picture looks like. Over all i love the headbands but to spend 18 dollars before tax on something that wasn't what you were expecting is kind of a tick off. It would be a completely different story if it was 5 dollars. March 17, 2014
Awesome!! Absorbs all my sweat! I was hesitant on buying this as I thought it was quite wide in the front and was convinced by my sister. So glad that I did. Absorbs all the sweat, and stays in place as should. Also keeps your earphones in and never need to wipe my forehead when working out- this does the job perfectly! Would like to see it in grey or the heathered black colour. March 15, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : REL3-4.20140228.03:10 PM