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Tracker Short II *2-way Stretch

Strong and light, this fabric is woven to stand up to watever we throw at it - we love it for its no-bulk, no-nonsense performance

why we made this

We're proud of our athletic quads – we worked hard for them! We made these shorts out of stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric with plenty of room for our muscles. With details like a secure leg pocket and lightweight liner, they help us reach our runner's high, time and time again.

fabric + features

  • lightweight, sweat-wicking Swift fabric has two-way stretch to move with you
  • secure, zippered leg pocket to stash your essentials
  • wide elastic waistband won't dig in and has a continuous drawcord that's easy to cinch mid-stride
  • built-in liner keeps you covered and helps your shorts stay put
  • shaped hem and athletic cut has plenty of room for muscular legs to move freely
  • flat seams help prevent chafing
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: athletic
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 4" (10cm)
  • liner: yes
  • leg opening: 263/8"
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$54.00 USD
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Tracker Short II *2-way Stretch 3.2 5 181 181
i LOVE these shorts get a bad rep. these are hands down my favorite running shorts. I have 4 pair btw the 2-way and 4-way and have never dealt with the waistband issue. the shorts hold up and look cute post run too. my only wish is they would make better/more colors. not a fan of the prints November 28, 2014
Excellent shorts I love these shorts. I'm 5'11" and they are a great fit!! I trail and do boot camp in them. Totally great fit and style. Love how the waistband hugs & hides my muffin top :). PLEASE MAKE MORE IN HOUNDSTOOTH!! November 21, 2014
love Thankfully I bought these before I read the reviews (came here to buy a second pair! bought the first pair in-store) or I wouldn't have bought them. I became paranoid of the plastic-pokey things that everyone keeps talking about but haven't had a problem yet. After washing I've been hanging dry and so far so good! I LOVE these shorts. I've always had a problem with built in underwear riding up and these have been amazing. They look great too. I had to wear them to pick my son up at school once (as a rule, I don't wear work out gear except to work out in) and every single person I knew told me how fabulous I looked (maybe I should change my stance on workout gear!). Not that I feel the need to lose weight, but if a product is going to make me look great and have people gawk at my butt- these are worth every penny! November 11, 2014
another vote against on the waistband Count me among the many lulu loyalists that wants to buy more of these but can't because of the waistband issue. Like a previous reviewer, I'm tired of the generic customer service responses to complaints that lulu has obviously heard over and over again and being treated like I'm the only one every time I have a problem. I agree that there's no substitute for providing quality control the first time - not even a more flexible return policy. I don't get why this hasn't been fixed which in my book is another mark against lulu beyond the initial waistband problem. Just how long does it take to stop the current assembly line and start a new process? How can you continue to sell products you know are faulty? I think they're cruising for another lawsuit. Though I really wish I could get another pair thanks to the great colors these shorts are coming out in, I keep remembering how mindless this company must think we are. You're not just losing buyers for this item, you're losing customers altogether. Not buying another pair of these until there's some kind of statement made - either in the description of the item or elsewhere - that the company is willing to admit the problem and has come up with a revised, fixed, version. November 4, 2014
Great shorts, I love them for Crossfit - they are a lot less revealing than Speeds, especially during squats. I did have an issue with a pokey waistband in one of the pairs that I own. After I found and pulled out a plastic thread the problem disappeared. The other pair has been through a few washes without a problem. I would say the plastic thread is annoying and lulu should fix it, but for me it wasn't a deal breaker. I would like these shorts to be available in size 2 in a color other than black. I know they exist because I've seen them at the store, but why not online? October 14, 2014
What has happened to lulu's quality control?!?! I can only assume that *any* positive reviews for these shorts were written before they were washed. Initially, I loved these shorts! The first day I wore them I came home and almost ordered another pair...they were that good! I read the negative reviews about plastic pokey things and thought to myself that I must have gotten a good pair. Unfortunately I was wrong! I washed my shorts and wore them to the gym today and they drove me crazy!!!! I found myself trying to tuck my shirt into my shorts from time to time just to keep those tiny plastic things from poking my waist. How can this be happening to so many people and yet you haven't pulled them from the sales floor? If I am going to be spending so much of my hard-earned money on gym clothes, I shouldn't have to worry about the quality of them. October 13, 2014
Truly mind-boggling I want to first start by saying I love these shorts. The fit and design of the leg and tush are very flattering and show off my muscular thighs nicely. Being a woman in my *ahem* early 40s, I don't want my cheeks hanging out, so the length for me is perfect. I purchased 2 pairs about 3 months or so back and I wish I could wear mine more!! However, within a wear or 2, I was feeling the same unbearable (not just annoying) discomfort with the waistband and recalled reading of this in another item in the past. Using tweezers, I as well pulled several threads of 2-3" plastic from the waistband of my awesome shorts in disbelief. I cannot understand why these are there to begin with. Thinking I had fixed things, I wore them again to the gum for a workout, but had to literally put on a bandaid at my hip to get through (should've packed my tweezers I guess!) Whomever on the Lulu team that might be reading, please know that you are lucky to have gotten one star on these shorts from me SIMPLY because I, as a loyal and faithful junkie who has spent far too much money on Lulu products of all kinds, am SICK and tired of reading mindless replies from "guest education" people instructing us to "give a call so we can chat about this" where we then are asked to hop in our cars and spend EVEN MORE MONEY driving miles on end to return clothing that you are selling knowing these problems exist. OR we can always mail the items back to you for return and wait the better part of a month to receive a refund or replacement item. This is growing tiring quite honestly. Furthermore, this behavior is mind-boggling!! Why not save face and just FIX THE PROBLEMS already and PLEASE stop insulting us by acting as if you knew nothing about it. We all know your items can be returned if we're not happy. But I think what we all want is to just be happy, and having to hassle with return after return does not accomplish this! To just be confident that the products we are paying top-dollar for are going to be of top-dollar value and nothing less. That they're not going to arrive "transparent" (how many pairs of pants I have returned for this reason....I've lost count), without persistent waistband issues of all varieties, and that our seams are going to hold up like Lulu products of years past. This would make us happy! Seeing that Lulu truly cares and has fixed it's multitude of quality problems, now that would be satisfying and we could all get back to loving our Lulu products again!! Rant over..... :) October 2, 2014
Adore these shorts, but.... I did my legwork before buying these shorts. I was almost skeptical and then when Katie at the Summit store in Birmingham told me of your try them out and love or return, I bought them. I have loved them from the moment I wore them running and now they are my favorites. I dare say I'm ready to rid myself of my former beloved Tempos and buy these, the only trouble I'm running into is size 10's and 12's seem to be like elusive White Whales to find. Apparently I was lucky to get the 12's that I did. Please please make more! September 27, 2014
Love the Fit, HATE HATE HATE the waistband I have purchased two pairs of these shorts this summer. I love the fit. The legs aren't too slim for more muscular thighs, but the waistband is so annoying. The clear plastic pieces that poke you are pretty much unbearable. I've been trying to tuck my shirt in to remedy the situation. I was introduced to Lulu by my sister-in-law because she loves it so much, but I can't say that I agree with the her about the quality of the product. September 21, 2014
Scratchy waistband Between the 2-way and the 4-way, I own 5 pairs of these shorts. Obviously, I love the fit. But all of that is negated by the fact that in two of these, I, too, have plastic pokey things coming out of the waistband. You can hardly see or feel them with a finger-- but they definitely cause intolerable irritation on the waist. I grabbed some tweezers and pulled at one of them, and it looks a lot like fish-line. People have been complaining about this since early summer-- back when I splurged and bought a few. I see that people are still complaining. Why hasn't Lululemon fixed this?? It's unbelievable that such expensive shorts would be made with scratchy plastic threads in the waistband, and more so, that they won't do anything about it in light of the complaints. I own tons of Lululemon clothing and I am really getting sick of the quality decline. But more so, the blatant disregard for their captive customers. I'm also sick of being told to go back to a store and talk with a salesperson. A) that is not convenient for many of us, and B) the salespeople are definitely not always eager to help. Oh man, I have stories about that too. I am just sucking this up as my loss. But I'm really hesitant to buy from Lulu anymore. None of my Athleta clothing scratched up my skin . . . just saying. September 20, 2014