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Loop It Up Mat Strap

why we made this

Some days we just want to get rolling after class. We designed this yoga mat strap with a buckle-free closure on each end to make post-Savasana roll-ups a breeze.

fabric + features

  • buckle-free closure on both ends adjusts to fit any mat and accommodates less-than-perfect rolling
  • made of durable nylon-blend webbing
  • doubles as a strap to help you stretch in class
  • perfect for The (Un) Mat, The (Big) Mat and everything in between
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): nylon
  • dimensions: 1.5" wide, 1.5mm thick
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$18.00 USD
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Loop It Up Mat Strap 4.2 5 40 40
Slips Slips and slides off my mat, my mother has an older version with Velcro that is way better, it stays on, easy to do up and no slip/slide. Wish lululemon would bring those back December 16, 2014
Great strap, learned my lesson I, admittedly, think a lot of Lulu merchandise is overpriced. Initially, this strap was one of those items. I bought this strap, and thought it was heavy-duty, had a nice smooth feel, and carried my thick mat well. But, being a cheapskate, I saw a similar strap at half the price of "The Loop it Up" on a different website and purchased it with the intention of returning the Lulu strap. When the other strap arrived......... I was sorely disappointed. It was of a laughable low quality. And the worst part, it would cost almost the price of the item to ship it back for a refund. So, in closing, this strap is definitely worth the price, and functional to boot. I learned my lesson Lulu, I won't stray again :) December 15, 2014
Its okay... I use this with the 'pure mat' and it always comes loose and slides off the end of my mat. Very frustrating! December 9, 2014
The Anti-Zen Strap This strap is maddening, and frustration with it undoes all the good calming effects of a yoga session. I have a pea green "The Mat," and mine is quite stiff after a year (my husband's black one, six months or so older, is much floppier). This strap will not keep the mat rolled up. Whether standing vertically or lying horizontally, when not being carried, the mat comes undone from the strap. The loops simply don't cinch and stay in place. November 11, 2014
Very functional, although expensive. Helps me carry 'the mat' with ease. Expensive for what it is though! I like that it can be used as a stretching strap also. August 31, 2014
a 'go to' strap Best one i've seen/used. The former velcro strap was just bad news to clothing (oh, the inadvertent snags). This new one doesn't keep quite a tight a hold on the rolled up mat, but nonetheless it's easy and convenient. I sometimes use mine as a prop instead of an actual purpose-made yoga strap, even tho it's not as long as a yoga strap (the kind with buckles) August 3, 2014
Mat Strap I purcahsed my mat strap after I struggled transporting my yoga Mat 'the mat' was bigger and heavier than I anticipated. This strap works so well holds the mat, does not slip AND doubles as a stretching tool! very happy with my purchase and it will last me a life time. July 2, 2014
Great product! The Loop It Up Mat Strap was given to me as a birthday gift, and I am so thankful for it! This is a product I didn't think I necessarily "needed," but it has made my trips to my studio so much easier. I didn't have a mat bag or carrier before this, and now I love being able to go hands-free. The strap does not slip or move around on me (I use it with my Jade mat), and it can even serve a double-duty purpose as a strap in class. I would highly recommend investing in this product, especially if you don't want to spend the extra money on a mat bag, but desire something to make your studio commute a bit easier. Thanks, lulu! June 17, 2014
Convenient, simple strap I have always wanted a way to carry my yoga mat without it taking up a hand or unrolling. This strap helps! I have only used it a handful of times so far, but it is easy to get on and off my mat, and easy to carry. The first couple times using it, I was worried my mat would slip out, but it hasn't. The strap is simple and easy to use. It also helps free up my hands and arms. May 31, 2014
Not feeling strappy After purchasing several dozen (at least) lulu items, I have my first bad review. This strap constantly slides off my mat making it very inconvenient. My daughters recently started practicing yoga. I needed new mats and straps for them, so I got this. I used to get annoyed with the Velcro on my original lulu strap but I prefer that one to this now. May 21, 2014