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Run: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew

why we made this

We made this run shirt to go the distance. The body is seamless to minimize chafing during long runs, and the fabric is anti-stink so the only output we're worrying about is our wattage.

fabric + features

  • we updated the fit – we opened the neckline for optimum airflow
  • Silverescent® technology, powered by X-STATIC®, inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria on the top
  • fabric is breathable, lightweight and sweat-wicking
  • chafe-resistant seamless construction lets you move freely
  • Mesh venting is strategically placed in high-sweat areas to encourage airflow
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run
  • fit: tight
  • length: hip
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$58.00 USD
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Run: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew 3.5 5 20 20
Great everywhere top Love this top. I just purchased my second one of these as I was wearing the other one a lot. This fabric does seem thinner but so far so good with no snags. Love the anti stink fabric would like to see better color choices. February 15, 2015
Love The Look These shirts are great! I just bought my 2nd one and want more. Very thin and are very flattering. I wear them casually and to work out. They can snag you just have to be careful. I wash mine in a small garment bag so that it doesn't ruin in the wash and have had no problems . Have had one almost a year. 5 '5 , 125lbs and I purchase the size 4. Wish they were not so expensive but I do really Love them January 28, 2015
Great T - some colors snag way too easy! Love love love this T! I want it in every color! I currently have three, but the black and white striped one snagged the first time I washed it- on gentile and hung dry! The other two didn't snag. So sad. For the price it's a big fail to look all snagged up after one wash. January 25, 2015
I now own 3 of these... What a great shirt! It is perfect for the gym, and I look forward to wearing it running once the weather warms up. Cute, flattering, and comfortable. I have it in three colors now. Thanks, Lulu! January 18, 2015
sad Bought my very first swiftly tech crew. On my first wash, the top bleed like nobody business. After hanging out to dry i notice discolouration all over. Patches of uneven colour. What did i do wrong. .i wash with cold water n some soap... really like the design. But am afraid to buy them again... January 17, 2015
the ONLY shirt I wear! I do a mix of cross fit and martial arts, so I need a shirt that won't ride up or expose me when I drop for push ups. This shirt is long enough to cover my tummy and the material clings, so it doesn't show all the guys in the gym what I have underneath. ;) I work up a major sweat, but it does not show like a regular tee does. I also feel like I sweat less in this than other materials - for instance, dry fit means I sweat like a hot mess. I have tried other brands and materials, but none has worked as well. I only buy this tee in all the colors and that's that! January 15, 2015
Old ones were better.... Have several of the swiftly tech shirts in a variety of styles. The newer versions purchased recently are lighter weight & stink... as in smell. The older models, 3 years ago, where much nicer & never smelled, nor did you have to worry about snagging them. After talking to someone who used to work retail for lulu, the smelliness (musty) was confirmed. January 15, 2015
"That's just how this fabric is" I had owned 3 of these tops, and now I'm down to 1. I have had two of them spontaneously rip and snag during the delicate, hand wash cycle of my washing machine. I follow all of the lulu instructions and treated these items way too carefully for what the price is. I took them tomy local store and explained to the cashier that this should not be happening to an almost new shirt. Her response was, "well you need to wash all of your lulu stuff together." I kindly told her that I do, in fact, only wash lulu with lulu, and even separate the cotton from the rule, etc. her response was, "Well, the fabric snags easily and that's how the fabric is. It's going to snag. I'll return it this time, but we won't take this back if it happens again." For as expensive as this top is, I shouldn't have to treat it like it's made of gold. These shirts are made for RUNNING- wouldn't you think they need to be durable? Won't be back to my store, and I'm trying to cut myself off from this brand. January 5, 2015
Stretched out I live in Dubai and whenever I am in the US, I go to LL to buy workout wear. I have purchased this same shirt over 3 years ago and it is still in good condition. In November, I purchased the same shirt in coral at your King of Prussia store and after only a few washings (in cold water and by hand), it is totally stretched out. I would like to be able to return it but it is now outside of the return period. Please advise. December 5, 2014
disappointing I bought this shirt 2 weeks ago and was so happy to wear it for the first time. I was very disappointed when I noticed a hole in the front after only three wears. I love lululemon and think they have great stuff, but was disappointed by this item. November 21, 2014