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Groove Short *Full-On Luon (Regular)

Tight-knit and sweat-wicking with four-way stretch, this high-performance fabric gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel

why we made this

We made these classic, all-sport shorts to be the MVP of our workout closet. The waistband is snug enough that they don't fall down and smooth so they don't dig in (we'll leave muffin tops for breakfast time).

fabric + features

  • our signature Full-On Luon® fabric gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel
  • fabric is sweat-wicking and four-way stretch
  • added LYCRA® fibre moves with you and stays in great shape
  • stash your cash, cards or key in our signature waistband pocket
  • second-skin fit gives you a fuss-free practice and layers easily under sweatpants when you're leaving the studio
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, run, gym – everything!
  • fabric(s):
    Full-On Luon®
    , LYCRA®
  • fit: tight
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 51/8"
  • liner: no
  • leg opening: 181/4"
  • hemmable: yes
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$48.00 USD
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Groove Short *Full-On Luon (Regular) 3.2 5 39 39
holy camel toe batman I have never worn a pair of more painful shorts. I do not understand how lulu can keep getting the same feedback and not make a change. Is it because people keep buying them? I love the colors and general fit but the camel toe issue is unacceptable. I even went up a size and it did no good. I have a looser waist, looser legs then boom there it is! paaaaaainful camel toe. I can't imagine trying to run in these. Please fix this! December 9, 2014
I'm super sad about the newer design of these shorts. I had a pair of these that I bought back around 2010/2011, and unfortunately, I lost that pair of shorts. (Super mad about that, since they're not cheap.) I loved them, so I purchased a new pair to replace them. This second pair seems to be a newer design, and it's not wonderful. The gusset is set further back, so camel toe happens when I'm just walking around (and yes, I'm wearing the right size shorts), and honestly, that's the only drawback to these shorts. They're comfortable otherwise - the waistband is perfect, the length is just right - but as a dancer, I can't have my shorts riding up into my crotch every 3 steps. LLL, you don't need to revamp the design on certain products (like the Flow Y bra & the Scuba hoodie). Please take feedback like this into account - I've seen countless complaints about the new Flow Y bra design (and I have also complained), and nothing has been done. October 25, 2014
Make more colors, please!! So, I love these shorts! They're a good alternate for girls like me who have a booty that falls out of the boogie shorts. Yes, they ride up, but I don't mind that because I'd like them to be a little shorter. There is one thing that I HATE about these shorts.... MAKE THEM IN MORE COLORS!! Geez, all you do is change the waistband on the black shorts. I don't care that much about the waistband. I want colors... like the boogies. Why can't you just make these in all the colors in prints that you make for the boogies?!!! These shorts are perfect for Crossfit, but more colors, please!!! October 21, 2014
One pitfall I purchased these shorts for the primary purpose of running, but also to use on my rest days when I do yoga. Under the description for these shorts it states they are ?designed for: yoga, run, gym ? everything!? Just what I had in mind. I wanted a pair of stretch shorts that weren't too short and felt the length on these were ideal, as I'm a bit of a modest person. I liked how these didn't have a zippered pocket in the back as that becomes very uncomfortable when on my back during yoga. The one pocket in the waist is larger than most other waist pockets and I can easily put two gels in there; three if I don't mind a bulge, but I think three would giggle when running. For running purposes I would prefer more than one pocket; another waist pocket on the other side would be ideal, or one on the back (without a zipper). I like most everything about these shorts. They fit and feel wonderful. Love the cottony-soft feel. No muffin top. No digging at the seams. No excess material. I tried other sizes to be sure and watched lulu's online video ?Find Your Great Fit? which I've attached the link. Love the 4 way stretch, the fabric stretches and moves with my body without being at all restrictive. These shorts feel just like the 'Grove Pant' which I love. The only pitfall for me, is the legs ride up. I took them for a run yesterday for the first time. At less than half a kilometer the shorts had ridden up as far up my legs as physically possible. I was left feeling like I was wearing underwear, and feeling rather self conscious. It was impossible to keep them down. I have used them in yoga. They ride up but not nearly as quickly and I'm able to pull them down. Frankly, I love these shorts but I wish they didn't ride up. I don't recommend them for running. But I think they're acceptable for yoga. I'm a little disappointed because running was my primary purpose for making this purchase. I'll continue using these for yoga and keep looking for a suitable stretch running short. I'm looking at trying the ?What the Sport Short'. Can anyone tell me if these perform differently or should I expect these to ride up on me since the 'Grove Short' rode up? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks. September 5, 2014
Great for teaching yoga I wanted some shorts that were more modest than my boogie shorts for teaching. These fit the bill. I have been using the "denim print" from a year or two ago. It was a bit thicker, and a great fabric. September 1, 2014
Great for running/yoga! I loved these shorts!! They were able to keep me cool while running on a 90 degree day or in a 100 degree studio! I took a gamble considering the reviews on here, but I found that the complaints were not warranted. I bought the proper size (size 8) and they fit me perfectly! They even made my butt look good. They stay perfectly in place while I run (they have a larger hem so they don't need a silicone band at the bottom). I can see how there is the complaint of camel toe, but only if you pull them up really high, if you get the proper size then they should be fine! But my absolute favorite aspect of these shorts is the giant pocket in front!! This pocket perfectly holds my iPhone 4, complete with otterbox and all! So no more stuffing my phone into my bra to listen to music, these shorts hold them perfectly! My one qualm with these shorts: the pictures online made them look blue (the berry color), but they are purple. They are still cute and look good, I just thought that they would be blue. August 30, 2014
Faded right out of the bag, unflattering I ordered these prior to a problem that I had with skinny groove pants which pilled (again) and the store staff was rude, rude, rude. These shorts arrived in the mail and it's sad to say I wasn't surprised that they are FADED right out of the packaging - I ordered the black/fa quilt/name that goes on forever and the black looked like it had been washed a million times. Not in a fashionable way. And the fit is horrible. There are many places we ladies (and gents) can shop that don't involve being talked down to or sent poor quality goods at a premium price and then expected to feel somehow lucky to have had the magical experience. August 27, 2014
Unflattering and uncomforitable I am a lover of all things lululemon but was very disappointed after wearing these shorts. At first fit they seem to be very similar to the Boogie Short (my fave!). However, as soon as you move the seam in the front rides up and, unfortunately, gives you camel toe. Although they are a modest length and come in a great array of patterns I would not recommend these shorts for purchase. August 24, 2014
Not that great. Worst camel toe of my life! You can't see the camel toe unless you pull the shorts down. Please bring back the Groovy Run shorts. Those shorts are thicker than Run Times and longer than Speed shorts. They always had cute colors and would always fit perfectly. August 21, 2014
My New Favorites This was my first Lululemon order, and I'm very pleased: the length is perfect, the shorts don't ride, and there's no CT unless I really try to make it happen (pulling them all they way up and then doing the splits was the only instance of this). Super comfy and practical. I chose my size by the sizing chart and it is perfect. August 13, 2014