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Groove Short *Full-On Luon (Regular)

tight-knit, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Full-On Luon® is a high-performance fabric that gives great support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel

why we made this

We made these classic, all-sport shorts to be the MVP of our workout closet. The waistband is snug enough that they don't fall down and smooth so they don't dig in (we'll leave muffin tops for breakfast time).

fabric + features

  • our signature Full-On Luon® fabric gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel
  • fabric is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch and breathable
  • stash your cash, cards or key in our signature waistband pocket
  • second-skin fit gives you a fuss-free practice and layers easily under sweatpants when you're leaving the studio
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, run, gym – everything!
  • fabric(s):
    Full-On Luon®
  • fit: tight
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 51/8"
  • liner: no
  • leg opening: 181/4"
  • hemmable: yes
$48.00 USD
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Groove Short *Full-On Luon (Regular) 3.2 5 33 33
Faded right out of the bag, unflattering I ordered these prior to a problem that I had with skinny groove pants which pilled (again) and the store staff was rude, rude, rude. These shorts arrived in the mail and it's sad to say I wasn't surprised that they are FADED right out of the packaging - I ordered the black/fa quilt/name that goes on forever and the black looked like it had been washed a million times. Not in a fashionable way. And the fit is horrible. There are many places we ladies (and gents) can shop that don't involve being talked down to or sent poor quality goods at a premium price and then expected to feel somehow lucky to have had the magical experience. August 27, 2014
Unflattering and uncomforitable I am a lover of all things lululemon but was very disappointed after wearing these shorts. At first fit they seem to be very similar to the Boogie Short (my fave!). However, as soon as you move the seam in the front rides up and, unfortunately, gives you camel toe. Although they are a modest length and come in a great array of patterns I would not recommend these shorts for purchase. August 24, 2014
Not that great. Worst camel toe of my life! You can't see the camel toe unless you pull the shorts down. Please bring back the Groovy Run shorts. Those shorts are thicker than Run Times and longer than Speed shorts. They always had cute colors and would always fit perfectly. August 21, 2014
My New Favorites This was my first Lululemon order, and I'm very pleased: the length is perfect, the shorts don't ride, and there's no CT unless I really try to make it happen (pulling them all they way up and then doing the splits was the only instance of this). Super comfy and practical. I chose my size by the sizing chart and it is perfect. August 13, 2014
CAMEL TOE. I just bought these yesterday and am already unsure about them. The gusset is way too far back (what were they thinking!?) and the front seam just digs way in and creates horrible camel toe unless you have the shorts pulled down. :( July 24, 2014
Perfect for any workout! I love these shorts. They are comfortable and great for any type of workout. They do ride up in the legs a little, but I don't find it too annoying. They are a good length and are flattering. I get too hot working out in capris or pants, so these are perfect for me. July 21, 2014
Looked great on, but not really 'functional' These shorts flatters my thighs and butt very much! I also love the print on the waist band and got compliments from my Yoga buddy. However, I didn't like it that much when class commenced. The shorts started riding up and I had to keep pulling them down. I wasn't doing any crazy inverts, merely stretch-and-hold poses. Am pretty sure I got the right size as my waist band fit great. I wonder if it was the material i.e. it may 'stay' if it were a hot class as the perspiration may help 'stick' it to your skin? Not sure what to do with the shorts now...too pretty to not ever wear it but its just not good for class! I love my Lululemon bras and tanks hence I thought it's time to give the bottoms a go. This is my first pair and I hesitate to purchase a second - especially when Lululemon's bottoms are not exactly the cheapest around! July 19, 2014
terrible I am so very disappointed in these shorts!!! the camel toe that they give a woman is AWEFUL and pathetic especially for shorts that are so expensive. I have LULU groove pants and leggings and they do not give me a camel toe. I am returning these and going back to my diadora brand shorts!!!! Step up the game LULU camel toes and disgusting and should be a thing of the past with the technology out there this day and age!!!! July 18, 2014
A disappointment I happened to find these shorts in store on sale for $24 and was excited to say the least. I got them in the pipe dream blue/white waistband in my usual size 4. I tried them on and was super excited to see that I had found cute lulu yoga shorts, on sale, in my size, with a big pocket, that were actually a modest length. I didn't hesitate to buy them and started wearing them immediately to a new yoga studio that had just opened. Since they had a promo special going on I was able to try these shorts out in a variety of classes including hatha, vinyasa, hatha flow, warm and hot classes. I'm sad to say though that they didn't hold up. My list of complaints are as follows: -the gusset is way too far back, feels like a constant wedgie -because the gusset is so far back, I get a really BAD camel toe and it is seriously uncomfortable -they ride up, not enough to need a bikini wax or anything, but they definitely travel about 2 inches up from where they started -in a warm or hot class, it's hard to pull down the crotch when it rides up Good things: -they're cute when they're not riding up -no sheerness -in warm or hot classes, the sweat helps the legs stay in place -I now have a pair of yoga shorts Overall though, i'm pretty disappointed with my purchase, mainly because I was so excited to finally have an affordable, practical alternative to my yoga pants or running crops that I had been using. In the Houston heat of 90 and sometimes 100+ degrees, I really needed some shorts! Unfortunately I soon found out that these weren't really all that great when after almost every pose I had to readjust the legs or the crotch. Plus I have to keep in mind to wear long flowy shirts with these shorts to avoid visible CT since I do go out in public sometimes after classes. The only bright side is that the studio is usually pretty dimly lit, so CT isn't too obvious. I wish I could return these but I bought them 2 weeks ago and on sale so I definitely don't see that happening so I guess i'm stuck with them. July 16, 2014
full on fail!! tried these on in store and they were AWFUL! groove shorts used to be my favourite, they were so comfy back with the regular luon about 1+ year ago. now they give the worst camel toe and are super tight in the thighs. i tried on my GO TO size and they looked 2 sizes too small and were cutting in all the wrong places--not flattering at all. will never wear these again unless they go back to the old style!! June 29, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM