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Boogie Short *Full-On Luxtreme

Sweat-wicking with four-way stretch, this fabric's interlock construction gives great support and coverage with a cool, smooth feel

why we made this

When our yoga teacher cranks the studio's temperature way up, sweat stops evaporating. These shorts leave a lot of leg exposed so our sweat isn't trapped against our skin. Made of wicking and breathable fabric, they give us just enough coverage and we still have a spot for our heel to grip in Tree Pose.

fabric + features

  • Full-On Luxtreme® fabric's interlock construction offers great support and coverage with a cool, smooth feel
  • this technical fabric is sweat-wicking and four-way stretch
  • added LYCRA® fibre for great shape retention
  • the smooth, wide waistband is comfortable and won't dig in
  • pack a key or card in the hidden waistband pocket
  • the short length is a little longer at the back for more coverage
  • second-skin fit gives you a fuss-free practice and layers easily under sweatpants when you're leaving the studio
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s):
    Full-On Luxtreme®
  • fit: tight
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 17/8"
  • liner: no
  • leg opening: 201/4"
  • hemmable: yes
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$48.00 USD
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Boogie Short *Full-On Luxtreme 3.2 5 12 12
these shorts are my favorite! These shorts are my favorite workout shorts, ever! I did deduct one star because they ride up, and i realize that most people do not like that! So i deducted the star for those people. They don't seem to ride up when walking or hiking, or doing a casual activity, but if running or stretching alot, they will start to move. I personally don't mind it... but I live on the beach in Southern California, and i blend right in when i go for a run around the neighborhood or out on the sand! These shorts are perfect for me. When running on a treadmill or in the gym, i do find myself tugging them down from time to time, but no biggie. -- They are called Boogie Shorts; and as buyers we should realize that a little bit of a booty will probably show. I personally bought them because i generally like to wear short shorts when I work out. It is just more comfortable for me, and i can get a great leg tan, too! I also don't have much of a booty, so whatever is "coming out" isn't that much of a show haha. For those girls with a bigger backside, these shorts will probably show some of your stuff, so be aware when ordering online. I also LOVE using these shorts in Hot Yoga. They are perfect!!! They allow me to be very mobile and go into any position comfortably, all while staying cool. Whatever technology this material uses, it doesn't get heavy like most shorts do when you sweat a ton, and for some reason or another, they almost still feel dry when i am done with 90 min of Bikram Yoga. Its a strange phenomenon, but makes me LOVE Lulu's Luxtreme fabric for my workouts!! I usually hang them after working out, and i often wear them another time or two before having to wash them because they do not retain the sweat or a smell. They are quick-drying, too...which is perfect for me because i like to wear them constantly! This black color goes well with everything, and I also recently bought them in the chevron shuffle fatigue green black (which they made too much of, and i was able to get them for $29 before they sold out!) THEY ARE NOW TIED WITH THE BLACK PAIR AS MY FAVORITE SHORTS! I went hiking in them the other day, because it was a nice little switch up from the basic black, and were a great attribute to my stylish LA hiking attire. I got lots of compliments on them. Again, I don't mind the ride up...its not like they ride ALL the way up. They are extremely comfortable, and don't stretch out after working out in them a few times. I have both pairs in a size 4, and they fit perfectly. Even on the waist..they aren't too tight around it. (I am a size 2 in the Studio Pant if that gives you any idea on my sizing.) I have the matching black luxtreme flow Y bra, which matches both pairs of luxtreme boogie shorts that i own, which makes it fun to pair with. Side note: the material on the chevron pair seems a little thinner than the black pair, i feel, but who knows..maybe thats why they went on sale. They are just as comfortable, and actually feel a little lighter and slightly less tight around the legs. The thicker fabric on the black pair probably "hides" more. I highly recommend these shorts for any girls who don't mind showing off the legs and booty they have been working out for! The shorts are cute, sexy, comfortable, athletic and stylish all at the same time. I also love the key hole. Its handy for my house key when running on the beach, or even the key for my gym lock. Sometimes when I'm having a casual day in the shorts, i will slide my phone (iPhone 6) into that key pocket. It fits in perfectly width-wise, and goes down about half way length-wise. I have also used the key pocket to hold cash, ID, or even a credit card. They fit perfect in there. These shorts are 5 stars in my heart :) The reviews about them looking worn out quickly, or coming apart, make me nervous because i love them. I wear them very often though, and have washed them more than i would have like to, and they seem to be just fine! Hopefully they stay that way, and if they don't, then i hope Lulu keeps making them, so that i can get a new pair if something does occur. April 14, 2015
Didn't like the material! I love Boogie shorts but I did not like the material on these. I guess I don't like the Luxtreme versus full Luon. The Luxtreme is very shiny and thin and not as flattering. I will pay attention to the material option next time. I returned them but I am sure they might work for others, just not me! :-( Bummer as I rarely return items to Lululemon. Oh well! March 18, 2015
They're Cute But Ride Up I finally decided to buy them and was excited to wear them to my first dance class. Within a short time period I realized that they were riding up. I think that they are extremely cute and comfy, and they fit me well, but I was having to pull out my wedgie from time to time. Honestly I own so many smiler shorts and I am yet to find a pair that does not ride up, so I kind of expected them too. I'm really close with my team and all of us are constantly pulling our wedgies (not just me) so it really isn't a big deal for me, but it might be for you. Oh, and I would probably not recommend them to anyone with a big butt, considering my butt is pretty much flat. But that being said these are so so so cute and such good quality. January 12, 2015
They worked great, till I washed them These shorts worked great for me (no butt showing or rolling down), just perfect. I liked everything about them (especially the fact of being reservable) as they totally covered my needs for ashtanga class. I was happy till I washed them in cold water, gentle cycle (just as I do with all other LLL items (I didn't even put them in the dryer) and they shrunk. Or not shrunk, but now the bottom edges roll up constantly and I need to adjust them. I don't think my thighs all of a sudden became an inch wider as (as I bought them on Monday, wore on Tue, washed and on Wed they started rolling up). The waist hasn't change at all though. So I don't know, they are cool, but I sure don't like this rolling up part as it just distracts from practice. October 1, 2014
love these shorts These are so comfortable. I could wear them for days. My only complaint is they do not leave much to the imagination. They ride up and expose the back checks! Perfect for beach, home use. Not mall wear LOL September 24, 2014
I bought these shorts at my local yoga store that sells lululemon, and I've never experienced a problem with lulu clothes until these. I have only washed them a handful of times, in cold water on the delicate cycle either alone or with other lululemon items. I LOVE lulu, these shorts are super comfortable and fit really nice for stretching/yoga, but they look like they've been owned for years and washed many times. The bottom seam on one leg is already coming apart which is disappointing for how much they cost. July 23, 2014
runs small but I still love them W Lulu sizing, it's always depending on what you use it for and how. And Lulu clothing, I range from a size 4-10, depending on how I want it to fit. I got these in size 8 and they feel just right. I wear a size 6 in the Wunder Under yoga pants. June 8, 2014
Volleyball girl opinion... I love lulu and was really excited when i scored these shorts as a present before my club volleyball season started. "the short length is a little longer at the back for a bit more bum coverage" even when running sprints at practice, or simply jumping up and down, i'm constantly pulling these shorts down. "Full-On Luxtreme fabric is sweat-wicking," I have never had a sweating problem but, i feel like i sweat more wearing these than any other spandex. I still love the quality of the fabric, but if you have a big booty as i do, i wouldn't get them! April 10, 2014
Riding up is a problem. I don't understand why people are rating this pair of shorts so high even though they ride up. They definitely ride up, exposing your cheeks when they shouldn't for the price we paid for them. I haven't tried the regular boogie shorts or the full on luon version, but I made the mistake of buying these in luxtreme fabric. These shorts are not appropriate for being in public or for doing CrossFIt. They fit very well when you first put them on, but unless you're doing something like bikram so that the sweat basically plasters those shorts in place, they easily ride up. I bought these shorts because i felt the groove shorts were a little too long. April 8, 2014
wish they'd stay in place these shorts are really cute, and they fit really well, but they ride up really easily. i'm a track and field runner, and i do regular short-distance sprints to train...after doing a simple 100m run, i have to pick my wedgie, because the shorts ride up so much to the point where half of my butt is showing... i really do love the color, i purchased the blue pair. the quality is awesome, and they fit really well. the only problem is the riding up. if they stayed in place, i'd definitely give the shorts five stars! January 18, 2014