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Boogie Short *Full-On Luon

tight-knit, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Full-On Luon® is a high-performance fabric that gives great support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel

why we made this

When our yoga teacher cranks the studio's temperature way up, sweat stops evaporating. These shorts leave a lot of leg exposed so our sweat isn't trapped against our skin. Made of wicking and breathable fabric, they give us just enough coverage and we still have a place for our heel to grip in Tree Pose.

fabric + features

  • a tight-knit version of our Luon™ fabric - Full-On Luon™ fabric gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel
  • Full-On Luon fabric is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch and breathable
  • the smooth, wide waistband is comfortable and won't dig in
  • pack a key or card in the hidden waistband pocket
  • the short length is a little longer at the back for a bit more bum coverage
  • flat seams help prevent sticky skin from uncomfortable rubbing
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s):
    Full-On Luon™
  • fit: tight
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 17/8"
  • liner: no
  • leg opening: 201/4"
  • hemmable: yes
$42.00 USD
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Boogie Short *Full-On Luon 3.8 5 11 11
Need leg grips like on pace setter!! I love these short but I can help but give them 4 stars instead of 5. They would be 5 star if they had grips along the inside of the leg openings like the pace setter skirt has. That way there would be no riding up at all! April 18, 2014
Tops for run, cardio, squats, dead lifts, yoga... I've been wearing boogie shorts for ~6 years and they're still my favorites, slightly beating out the speed shorts. These are extremely well made and the fit is perfect for my body type. They are short, but not so short that your cheeks hang out, even when bending over or doing aggressive yoga poses. I'm about 5-8 1/2 with a perky butt and they aren't too short on me. Have a bit of confidence in your womanhood and go for it. Once you get past your mental block of "are these shorts too short", you'll realize that they're the most comfortable shorts you've worn. Boogie shorts resist riding up, even when running miles or doing lots of cardio work. They stay in place even when doing squats or dead lifts. Of course they are also great for yoga and especially hot yoga. I wear boogie shorts (and all my lulu) without underwear and never have a problem with them pinching or pulling the wrong areas. Check out the photos below - even when bent over, on all fours, in a back bend, or in a headstand, there is no riding up or CT. These do a great job of wicking sweat, even when doing lots of cardio. Even the brighter colors do a great job of avoiding sweat patches, although I'm not sure why that bothers folks so much - you're at a gym, people sweat. Did I mention that they look out-&^%$*#-standing? Seriously, these are going to flatter your legs, and in the great lululemon tradition, they make your butt look fantastic. The only problem with boogie shorts is that the fun colors sell out quickly, so if you see 'em and you like 'em, you'd better order quick! April 15, 2014
good shorts these shorts ride up just a little bit, but other than that, they're great for yoga and are even ok for running. the only problem is that when i bought them at the store, the clerk told me that they were reversible, but i don't think that they are. eh, whatever. April 6, 2014
Very Short The crotch area of these shorts dont leave much to the imagination. I'm not sure whether theres not enough material or if the material is to loose at that area. I wish there was a style of shorts that you had that was maybe just a inch longer that these but not as long as your "regular" length (something in the middle of these two lengths)Also, I would LOVE to see a high waisted or roll down version of these shorts. I'm a dancer and the high waisted style is very in right now. Otherwise the material of these shorts are high quality no complaints about that. February 25, 2014
Almost perfect! I really like these shorts! At first I was worried if I'd use them enough for them to be worth the money I spent on them, but I use them all the time going to the gym and doing yoga, running, and even wearing them underneath my skirts and PE shorts! The only problem I have is that they pill and it does not come off with a lint roller so I have to use this little machine to get it off. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend these shorts! February 23, 2014
my favorite shorts THESE SHORTS ARE THE BEST SHORTS EVERRRR! When I first brought them home from my local lulu-store my mom was hesitant due to the price. However, I started wearing them SO often that it was a bit embarrassing and probably strange because I wore the same shorts to class everyday! I'll definitely be adding many more pairs of these shorts to my lulu collection in the future. I wear a size 2 -> I am 5"0.5 and I weight less than 100 pounds. They fit perfectly and I can do all my turns and jumps in them without having to worry about it because I definitely feel that if the clothing isn't perfect, your performance will suffer because your worrying about it so much. It's sort of like wearing a shirt to school with an itchy tag and you can't focus all day because the tag keeps bothering you! It's great that these shorts go un-noticed by me, but everyone in my class definitely noticed them as I get compliments on them every time! And on top of that I would probably sleep in them or go to the store wearing them!~keep it up lulu! February 18, 2014
impulse purchase not so bad Purchased these on a whim because I liked the colors (black with blue/pink/green details) and since I was heading to Bali I needed a tight fitting short to fit under skirts to prevent accidental flashing. I bought these in a size 6 which fits my currently 5'6" athletic body at about 142 lbs. While I have not worn these for yoga or other purposes that they are meant for, I have used these as mentioned above for wearing underneath skirts and for a day of surfing. These held up very nicely to a day in the sun and being thrashed around by waves. I did not worry have to worry about them coming off or interfering with the surf. It was my first time surfing so I do not know if you are a more experienced surfer if these would work for you. They do not dry that quickly though, after a day in the surf they took almost 24 hours to fully dry out. As others have mentioned the new Luon fabric is rather stiff and a bit scratchy compared to the previous Luon. I have not noticed if these are see through or not as I have not used them for their intended purpose and I was wearing a bathing suit under them while surfing. February 9, 2014
horrible STILL SEE THRU. I expected these to not be see thru, not sure why they needed to be changed. I have 3 pairs of the original ones, and they are perfect. Not even a little see thru. and are so soft and perfect. So the new "full on luon" ones are completely transparent, yet my 2 year old ones are not. Weird. ALSO, this new fabric is hard, less stretchy and way less comfortable. Scratchy almost. and no longer reversible. Not sure why you ruined these shorts but you did, just like most of the other things now. So sad. February 6, 2014
perfect for hot yoga I found these totally awesome for hot yoga class--they cover the bare minimum, and don't ride up or pinch or bind anywhere. I did have to go up a size bigger than what I normally wear in pants at Lulu, because otherwise the hem cut into part of my butt and gave something similar to muffin top. Going up meant that they're a bit loose in the back of the waist, but I never notice it during class; they don't sag or anything. Also, my boyfriend really loves me in these and has requested that I wear them around the house. They really are flattering to my, uh, assets. February 2, 2014
rides up these shorts are very tiny, and they ride up. i usually wear a 4 in lulu but it seems like i should of gotten a size 6. im 5'1, and have an athletic body type. I do crossfit, so there is squats involved of course and every time i would put the bar down i would also have to pull my shorts down so my butt cheek wouldnt hang out! cute shorts, just size up! January 18, 2014
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