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Tracker Short II *2-way Stretch

strong and light, Swift fabric is woven to stand up to whatever we throw at it - we love this technical fabric for its no-bulk, no-nonsense performance

why we made this

We're proud of our athletic quads – we worked hard for them! We made these shorts out of stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric with plenty of room for our muscles. With details like a secure leg pocket and lightweight liner, they help us reach our runner's high time and time again.

fabric + features

  • lightweight, sweat-wicking Swift fabric has two-way stretch to move with you
  • secure, zippered leg pocket to stash your essentials
  • wide elastic waistband won't dig in and has a continuous drawcord that's easy to cinch mid-stride
  • built-in liner keeps you covered and helps your shorts stay put
  • shaped hem and athletic cut has plenty of room for muscular legs to move freely
  • flat seams help prevent chafing
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: athletic
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 4" (10cm)
  • liner: yes
  • leg opening: 263/8"
$54.00 USD
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Tracker Short II *2-way Stretch 3.3 5 156 156
Best shorts ever for thick/muscular thighs! I bought the Speed Short for running and gym a while back and they did not work for me at all. The waistband too low, legs to snug on me, leg length to short and rode up during walking/running. I haven't bought shorts from lululemon for the main problem that I like a higher waistband, especially for my workout gear and I didn't believe any of them were going to be what I wanted. After reading the description for the tracker short I decided I would give it a try. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them. The waistband it perfect and sits just 2ish inces from my belly button eliminating that stupid muffin top I get with other shorts, they make my thicker thighs and legs look slim and muscular. In the looks department they are perfect. I was surprised to find out that they don'r ride up on me at all while running. Which is a huge thing for me considering all shorts I have ever tried do! I am 5'5" 130lbs measurements - waist 27", midwaist/bellybutton 32, hips 37 and thighs at thickest are 22" I bought a size six and they fit perfect. I have yet to experience the problem others have mentioned with the waistband. I've only had them for about a week though and have worn them around the house cleaning, running errands, a couple of weight training sessions at the gym and just one short run. Crossing my fingers I won't experience a problem! Waiting to buy more colors! August 28, 2014
Love them! I've been a speed short fan for awhile. I still love them for running and around the house, but I've been finding them a bit short for kickboxing. The tracker seems to have it just right! Great length but still flattering on the bum! Love the pattern and it's super light weight. The side pocket is nice - as we often lie on our backs and it's nice to not have the zipper on the speed short digging into my back. I've worn mine probably about half a dozen times and I guess I should say I'm lucky I haven't had the issue of the plastic threads. I actually like the thicker waist band as it allows for a more comfortable fit. August 27, 2014
awesome!!! Love these shorts!! They are so light great for running. I'm a pe teacher as well and they are so stylish enough with the design that I can wear them to work during the hot months. Overall love these shorts. Can't wait to purchase more pairs! August 25, 2014
PAINFUL As a girl with larger thighs, these short are incredible...they fit PERFECTLY, they NEVER RIDE UP (which changed my life). I actually didn't think shorts could fit my body this well. BUT...even though I love them, they STAB ME. They HURT ME. I still wear them all the time, but I am sad that I know I cannot buy another pair in good conscience (even @ the sale price) because the spines that others have referred to are debilitatingly painful. I wish I had read the reviews before I spent my money on these. I thought I was literally crazy at first, because it is hard to find and pull out the spines...but then I read these reviews and now I know that I am not crazy...I just purchased a low quality product. August 25, 2014
Wrong shorts I ordered these shorts and received the 4 way stretch when it states that the shorts are suppose to be a 2 way stretch. I am going to go to the store monday to try and see if there is a way to return because I did not receive the shorts I ordered. Is there a label or email that you could send me that I could show to the store other than the email order and the shorts I received. I hope it is enough. August 23, 2014
Awesome fit for muscular quads Love the way these shorts look on (I have a muscular, curvy body). I'm 5'3" 130 lbs and wear a size 6. So, here's the thing with the irritating little plastic thingies. I took a pair of hemostats and pulled those suckers out. Yes, I agree it's a quality issue, and Lulu should pull these from the shelf, but since I didn't want to give up the jungle print, I chose to fix the problem myself. Hopefully Lulu team is taking care of this problem and I can continue to purchase these shorts! I wear these for running, FYI. August 22, 2014
Good Length! I've read a lot of reviews about painful, clear threads poking out of the waistband. I haven't had that issue at all. I did have that issue with a pain of Speed shorts I bought over a year ago. It took a while, but I was able to find the thread and had no problems since. Anyway, about the shorts. I love them! Super comfy and a good length, especially for the taller ladies. I'm 5'11" and a size 8 and I love wearing them for basically anything. August 22, 2014
Looks better than they feel I tried these on in the store and loved them, so I bought 2 pairs in May. They fit great, looked flattering, and I thought they were comfortable during my runs...until I developed a scar on my left hip from the chafing/rubbing from something in the waist band. I washed the shorts according to Lulu instructions and closely examined both pairs. I ended up pulling out a few clear plastic wires, which I assumed were from the price tag. I didn't think much of it at the time, and used Body Glide on that hip before long runs. Everything else about the shorts were comfortable. They've been my favorite shorts since the Brooks HVAC shorts went off the market. At the end of July, I received a gift card and bought a third pair of the Tracker Short II. I ran a few times without a problem (still using Body Glide), and then today while I was just hanging out with the kids, I was driven crazy by many short, sharp, annoying, poking, plastic fibers on the wide waist band on the left side. It was distracting and infuriating and if I had been at my own home, I would ripped them off my body! I ended up using a pair of tweezer and pulling about 10 different lengths of plastic thread out. I'm worried now that my shorts will fall apart. I read the other reviews and kicked myself for not reading them sooner because these wires/threads/fish line seem to be a the reason for many of the negative reviews. The Track Short II would be 5-star running shorts if not for this major flaw. I'm surprised that there is no recall on the product or solution to this problem. I certainly would not purchase another pair, and I'm on the hunt for my next new favorite running shorts. August 19, 2014
OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! Let me start off by saying I own 3 pairs of these shorts: black, floral print, and orange. They look amazing on and truly look great on girls with large quads. I have had no difficulties with the black or floral pair. However, I wore the orange pair for the first time this weekend for a special race. Only 1 mile into the race I started to feel a sharp poke in my left hipbone. As I got to mile 5 the pain was unbearable! I still had 8 miles to go with this constant, painful poking! I had to pull my running top down and tuck it into my shorts to get through the run. All I can say is ouch, ouch, ouch. I am super disappointed in this specific pair. I plan to huff and puff my way into getting a store credit considering this is a consistent issue. Where is the quality check and consistency anymore!?! I have really been upset by this lately. I tried to attach a photo of my hip but it won't post. I will keep trying! August 18, 2014
Plastic poking me Don't think the reviews are just a one time thing. I bought my first pair of trackers. So cute on. Wore for less than 2 hours and I was being poked by something. I was able to pull out plastic thread. Then another, then was never ending. I took them back to the store and got a refund but it still is wrong that I even had to deal with it. There's more than one or two faulty pair. They are ALL faulty and lulu needs to change the elastic they use. If $15 Target running shorts can have elastic without poky plastic threads then lulu should be able to find high quality elastic for $54+ shorts without plastic threads August 17, 2014
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