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Tracker Short II *2-way Stretch

strong and light, Swift fabric is woven to stand up to whatever we throw at it - we love this technical fabric for its no-bulk, no-nonsense performance

why we made this

We're proud of our athletic quads – we worked hard for them! We made these shorts out of stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric with plenty of room for our muscles. With details like a secure leg pocket and lightweight liner, they help us reach our runner's high time and time again.

fabric + features

  • lightweight, sweat-wicking Swift fabric has two-way stretch to move with you
  • secure, zippered leg pocket to stash your essentials
  • wide elastic waistband won't dig in and has a continuous drawcord that's easy to cinch mid-stride
  • built-in liner keeps you covered and helps your shorts stay put
  • shaped hem and athletic cut has plenty of room for muscular legs to move freely
  • flat seams help prevent chafing
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: athletic
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 4" (10cm)
  • liner: yes
  • leg opening: 263/8"
$54.00 USD
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Tracker Short II *2-way Stretch 3.3 5 148 148
OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! Let me start off by saying I own 3 pairs of these shorts: black, floral print, and orange. They look amazing on and truly look great on girls with large quads. I have had no difficulties with the black or floral pair. However, I wore the orange pair for the first time this weekend for a special race. Only 1 mile into the race I started to feel a sharp poke in my left hipbone. As I got to mile 5 the pain was unbearable! I still had 8 miles to go with this constant, painful poking! I had to pull my running top down and tuck it into my shorts to get through the run. All I can say is ouch, ouch, ouch. I am super disappointed in this specific pair. I plan to huff and puff my way into getting a store credit considering this is a consistent issue. Where is the quality check and consistency anymore!?! I have really been upset by this lately. I tried to attach a photo of my hip but it won't post. I will keep trying! August 18, 2014
Plastic poking me Don't think the reviews are just a one time thing. I bought my first pair of trackers. So cute on. Wore for less than 2 hours and I was being poked by something. I was able to pull out plastic thread. Then another, then was never ending. I took them back to the store and got a refund but it still is wrong that I even had to deal with it. There's more than one or two faulty pair. They are ALL faulty and lulu needs to change the elastic they use. If $15 Target running shorts can have elastic without poky plastic threads then lulu should be able to find high quality elastic for $54+ shorts without plastic threads August 17, 2014
Great short I have really enjoyed these shorts thus far. I took them on a run and was pleasantly surprised by the way they stay put, as well as the breathability. However, towards the end of my run (once the shorts were damp with my sweat), the material by my inner thy's would completely ride up and get stuck :( So obnoxious. Made me opt for my Nike's on the next run. They are super flattering, make your butt look cute as well. Will wear them plenty. I am 5'6" and 140 right now, ordered a 6. Fits well. August 17, 2014
Ouch! I purchased a pair of these shorts and at first I LOVED them. After a few times of wearing them the material began to scratch my side to the point where I had little cuts. They were much too uncomfortable to wear. If they did not scratch they would be perfect, they fit very well and were very breathable for all the running that I do! August 17, 2014
Not worth the money I bought these shorts about two weeks ago in the polka dot print, if these shorts were being reviewed only on appearance, they'd get a five. However, the appearance is probably the only good thing about these shorts. Upon my first time running in these, they started bunching up right away. After two or three more wears, I noticed the pokey plastic things scratching me on my left hip. I really wish I had read reviews before purchasing these shorts. I'm very disappointed with my purchase and don't think I'll be purchasing lululemon bottoms again in the future. August 15, 2014
Painful scratching! I bought these shorts 3 days ago and immediately loved the fit and style. I've worn them twice, just around the house, and haven't washed them yet. On the second wear, something on the left side of the short's waist band started poking me. I can't seem to find whats causing the poking, but I have a few red spots on my skin around the area. I came online and read all the reviews and everything people are saying about the shorts scratching you is true. Don't be charmed by the, at first, super comfortable fit. These shorts will turn on you! August 14, 2014
Beautiful shorts, terrible pain I was so excited to have finally found a pair of Lulu runner?s shorts that are slightly longer in length than my usual Speed shorts. Especially since the waistband isn?t rather mid-way rather than a low rise. However my excitement ran short as soon as I wore these for my first run, as many of you have mentioned, and I truly wish I read the reviews ahead of time, there is that annoying poking on the left side of the waistband. You really can?t even pull it out, because the fibers are so tiny but beware, they are quite sharp and bothersome. I thought maybe if I give them a wash they would be more comfortable but that didn?t do a thing. My only solution was to tuck my shirt in when I tried them again. I am a dedicated Lululemon shopper, and most of their product is my go-to for my workouts, as well as lifestyle, however, these Tracker shorts for the amount you invest in them, the quality is a big disappointment! August 13, 2014
Perfect except for the invisible poking thing! These shorts are perfect for bigger things and longer legs. They don't ride up your legs and they are a great length. Only problem, something I can't seem to see or find pokes into my left hip. I am so sad. I bought 2 pair. My first lulu purchase and I drove hours to get to the store!! Wish I would have read the reviews. They are the best running shorts ever if you can over look the scratching. August 13, 2014
tracker shorts left side poking the tracker shorts are the perfect length and are perfect for athletic muscular legs... however .... the two pair i own scratch and poke me extensively on my left side. i can't tell you how many times i have looked at the waist band trying to determine what is causing the poking only to not be able to see anything there. it is very uncomfortable and distracting. i can't wear the speed short b/c i find them too short and the run times shorts are too tight in the legs.... that is why the tracker is so perfect. but i am unable to wear them for long lengths of time due to the constant poking and scratching. what is odd is that it is only on the left side..... i am needing new shorts but am not sure what to do as i can't wear the other styles offered and the tracker shorts appear to have an issue .... August 13, 2014
Loved at first... I bought my first pair in black back in May and was absolutely in love with them! I am 5"11 and these shorts fit me great with the extra length. Since I loved my first pair so much for my birthday in June I bought 2 other pairs. Immediately when I started wearing the 2 new pairs I noticed that something sharp was poking my left side, so I finally took some tweezers and pulled some out. They are really long plastic fiber things that poke through. What is weird is that it only does it on my left side. I have continued to wear them over the summer and today I became extremely frustrated because now my original black pair is doing it. I think what is most frustrating is how much I actually love these shorts, but since all 3 pairs of mine are having the same problem I don't want to exchange them. I don't know what my options are but hopefully I have some. I love lulu lemon and I have spent a lot of money here. Only place I can find yoga pants long enough! I also only wash my lulu clothes together, on gentle cold cycle, no fabric softener, and i hang dry them. I think there needs to be a recall on all of these shorts, and hopefully lulu lemon can make them again without the plastic fibers! August 12, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM