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Tracker Short II *2-way Stretch

strong and light, Swift fabric is woven to stand up to whatever we throw at it - we love this technical fabric for its no-bulk, no-nonsense performance

why we made this

We're proud of our athletic quads – we worked hard for them! We made these shorts out of stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric with plenty of room for our muscles. With details like a secure leg pocket and lightweight liner, they help us reach our runner's high time and time again.

fabric + features

  • lightweight, sweat-wicking Swift fabric has two-way stretch to move with you
  • secure, zippered leg pocket to stash your essentials
  • wide elastic waistband won't dig in and has a continuous drawcord that's easy to cinch mid-stride
  • built-in liner keeps you covered and helps your shorts stay put
  • shaped hem and athletic cut has plenty of room for muscular legs to move freely
  • flat seams help prevent chafing
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: athletic
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 4" (10cm)
  • liner: yes
  • leg opening: 263/8"
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$54.00 USD
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Tracker Short II *2-way Stretch 3.2 5 174 174
Adore these shorts, but.... I did my legwork before buying these shorts. I was almost skeptical and then when Katie at the Summit store in Birmingham told me of your try them out and love or return, I bought them. I have loved them from the moment I wore them running and now they are my favorites. I dare say I'm ready to rid myself of my former beloved Tempos and buy these, the only trouble I'm running into is size 10's and 12's seem to be like elusive White Whales to find. Apparently I was lucky to get the 12's that I did. Please please make more! September 27, 2014
Love the Fit, HATE HATE HATE the waistband I have purchased two pairs of these shorts this summer. I love the fit. The legs aren't too slim for more muscular thighs, but the waistband is so annoying. The clear plastic pieces that poke you are pretty much unbearable. I've been trying to tuck my shirt in to remedy the situation. I was introduced to Lulu by my sister-in-law because she loves it so much, but I can't say that I agree with the her about the quality of the product. September 21, 2014
Scratchy waistband Between the 2-way and the 4-way, I own 5 pairs of these shorts. Obviously, I love the fit. But all of that is negated by the fact that in two of these, I, too, have plastic pokey things coming out of the waistband. You can hardly see or feel them with a finger-- but they definitely cause intolerable irritation on the waist. I grabbed some tweezers and pulled at one of them, and it looks a lot like fish-line. People have been complaining about this since early summer-- back when I splurged and bought a few. I see that people are still complaining. Why hasn't Lululemon fixed this?? It's unbelievable that such expensive shorts would be made with scratchy plastic threads in the waistband, and more so, that they won't do anything about it in light of the complaints. I own tons of Lululemon clothing and I am really getting sick of the quality decline. But more so, the blatant disregard for their captive customers. I'm also sick of being told to go back to a store and talk with a salesperson. A) that is not convenient for many of us, and B) the salespeople are definitely not always eager to help. Oh man, I have stories about that too. I am just sucking this up as my loss. But I'm really hesitant to buy from Lulu anymore. None of my Athleta clothing scratched up my skin . . . just saying. September 20, 2014
Beware of waistband I love the fit of these shorts. The cut of the thighs and the width of the waistband are perfect for running and hiking. But after wearing these for a few runs and washing them according to the directions, I started getting poked by hard plastic fibers. My left hip itches like crazy when I run. I still love these shorts for casual wear, but I absolutely can't run in them. Disappointing. September 15, 2014
I love these shorts I ran 6 miles in these yesterday, and loved them. I have muscular thighs, so shorts with narrow leg openings don't work well for me with chafing, like the run times shorts. After reading these reviews, I think I was expecting to feel scratches on the left hip during my run (and the reviews definitely get in your head) but I ran in them just fine! Love the thicker waistband too, very flattering. TTS September 12, 2014
Read reviews before purchasing! While this is a cute, attractive pair of shorts, the poking of numerous very thin plastic pieces from the waistband is not in the least bit comfortable. Isn't comfortable, user friendly clothing what Lululemon is all about? It absolutely baffles and infuriates me that this company continues to produce these shorts, as well as capris and pants that have EXACTLY THE SAME ISSUE AND HAS HAD THIS ISSUE FOR YEARS without doing anything to remedy the situation!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ask for customer feedback but you CLEARLY have no intention on fixing the issue in the shorts, capris or pants and obviously will continue making same. SHAME ON YOU!!! September 10, 2014
Amazing fit for athletic legs I own 4 or 5 pairs of these and I love them. I am 5'3/135# with very athletic legs (I'm a 4/6 in street clothes, 6 in these so that they fit my thighs, though the 4 waist fit fine)-shorts from other manufacturers often ride up too much, or the waist band causes pudge where there is none. These shorts don't. They don't ride up on my muscular quads and the waist band lays nicely flat. The one thing I HATED about these shorts-in 4 of the 5 pairs I bought, there were sharp fibers in the waste band that really irritated my skin. When I looked closely and got out tweezers, it appears that they are actual plastic fibers probably used to make the shorts that were poking out. I don't know how Lulu can fix this issue, but its definitely a design flaw that I've never experienced with other shorts. Where is the quality control, especially since this is a known issue? Not serious enough to keep my from buying them (or giving them a 5 star rating)-removable with tweezers. September 7, 2014
Great fit, but the waistband is awful I was so excited to bring home some good fitting shorts, and these were so comfortable when I tried them on in the dressing room. However, the first time I wore them to work out in, I noticed something sharp in the waistband poking me, and I got a nice red rash from them. They are impossible to wear. Now I will have to drive over 100 miles to try to return them if I can return them at all after wearing them. Stay away until the issue with the waistband is fixed. September 6, 2014
Hurts and leaves a terrible red mark I have purchased a total of three of these shorts. I fell in love with the black pair and it wasn't long after that, that I purchased two others thinking I had hit the jackpot! At first they were great. I would wear them to yoga or to run. I always wash on delicate and air dry my clothing which is why I don't understand why these clear plastic wiry thread has come from. It pokes my left side and it is so uncomfortable I haven't worn them unless I'm desperate. At first I thought it was just one string so I pulled it out but I feel like I have just encouraged it to hurt me more. What is the deal?? I am seriously doubting the quality I thought was there with the lulu lemon brand. :( as of now I'm not recommending anything they have made despite my love for their tank tops. It's a sad day...... September 5, 2014
something is poking me! I thought I was the only one, but apparently other people are having the same issue with these shorts. Something feels like a needle poking me on my left side at the waistband. I was thinking that I didn't get the price tag thing out all the way, but apparently there is something else poking me. September 4, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : REL-14.2.20140913.02:24 PM