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Run Times Short *4-way stretch

a lightweight, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric that feels cool and comfortable, keeping us moving in our hottest workouts
woven for strength and no-bulk performance, this four-way stretch fabric moves with us and stays out of our way

why we made this

We designed these technical shorts to help our long legged athletes stay covered and comfortable when they hit the ground running. Made to keep up whether we're doing speed trials, distance runs or intense bootcamp sessions, these shorts have three pockets to stash our essentials. Ready to run?

fabric + features

  • Swift Ultra fabric is breathable and sweat-wicking
  • lightweight and four-way stretch, Swift Ultra fabric moves with you
  • Light Luxtreme® fabric waistband lies flat under your top
  • three pocket waistband gives you plenty of space to store your stuff
  • liner helps keep shorts from riding up
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run, gym, bootcamp
  • fabric(s):
    Swift Ultra
    Light Luxtreme®
  • fit: slim
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 4"
  • liner: yes
  • leg opening: 25"
$54.00 USD
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Run Times Short *4-way stretch 4 5 54 54
Run Times vs. Groovy Runs: a (long) comparison This is a review for those who, like me, loved the Groovy Run shorts. (Naturally, as soon as an item becomes beloved and gets mainly five-star reviews, Lulu discontinues it and replaces it with something else!) Here?s my take on the difference between the two. I?m a scientist, so I?m all about data, and I used a tape measure on one pair of each. I am comparing two size 12s, and all measurements are approximate, ?cause it was kind of hard to hold the tape measure in place - I could have used a third hand! Also keep in mind that even two identical Lulu items can have slightly different sizes, so YMMV. GR = Groovy Run, RT = Run Times. Inseam. GR 4.5", RT 4". Waist circumference. GR 38", RT 37". Leg opening. GR 31", RT 29". Rise (measured from crotch seam to top front). GR 14", RT 12.5". Fabric. Both are 4-way stretch, but the GRs feel noticeably silkier to me (I?m comparing two different colors). I prefer that softer lighter feel that my GRs have. So basically in all measurements I took, the RTs are at least a little smaller. I?m really tall, with a 35-36" inseam, so the more length the better (can?t wear Speeds, it looks like I?m out there in my underwear). The loss of the half-inch inseam in the RTs is noticeable to me. I like a very breezy feel when I run (which is why I get 12s instead of 10s, and I also cut the liners out of both of these, which didn?t affect the measurements), so the smaller leg opening is noticeable to me too. The RTs aren?t too tight in the leg for me, but the loss of the 2 inches there creates less airflow. Because I?m so tall, I also like a higher rise, so the GRs win out there too. Overall: depending on your body proportions and your preferred feel, you might like the RTs. For me, they were a step backward, and don?t compare well to the idyllic GRs. If I?d never run in a pair of GRs, I?d probably love the RTs. As it is, I find them just okay. Unfortunately for me it?s yet another lulu example of replacing a beloved, well-designed product with something that just isn?t quite as good. What it looks like from here is being cheap. All the shortening and making it smaller here and shorter there means less fabric and more profits. (Not too surprisingly, the GRs and RTs were/are the same price.) Lulu, we can tell. August 14, 2014
BEST SHORTS EVER! Seriously, these are the best shorts ever. I love them! Perfect length, the material is amazing, they are comfy for running or just wearing to my daughter's sporting events. I am 5'1, 150 and athletic, and the 8's fit my muscular legs perfect. Absolutely buying these in every color! The liner stays in place when I run too, which is a bonus! August 12, 2014
Perfect I love the speed shorts but with long legs I have been wanting something a little longer. These shorts are perfect! They fit similar to the speed shorts with an inch longer of fabric. I am 5'5 135 lbs and fit in a size 6. The 4 way stretch is the best! (I find the 2-way to be stiff and uncomfortable) Please make in more colors of the 4 way stretch! August 12, 2014
My 2nd favourite shorts I am 5' 1", 90 pounds so yes, I am quite a slim person. The Speed shorts are the only shorts (apart from the booty shorts) that fit me properly so they are my go-to! However, they are a little too short for kickboxing and that's where these shorts come in. The Run Times shorts are basically a longer version of the Speed shorts. This is perfect for me! They are flattering like the speed shorts, but are longer so that I can kickbox without flashing anyone. August 9, 2014
Great shorts but disappointed I ordered these shorts for full price last week, and was very pleased with them, until this morning I saw that they were on sale and the price had dropped significantly. I wish I had waited just one more week to buy these. Quality-wise, these are nice shorts and I plan to wear them often. August 8, 2014
LOOOVE these shorts I am a fitness trainer so have to be conscious of appearance and these shorts are my "go tos". Perfect length (not too short) and great fit. August 8, 2014
favorite shorts I love lulu's Run Times Short *4-way stretch!!! I've purchased like at least 5 pairs. They always come out with super cute colors. The fit is good! I can do hot, power, and running in them! THey stretch well, and support well. I love the inner liner, too! Unlike Nike or other sports brand, their liner are tight enough so I don't have to worry about showing my undy. I love them, and will keep buying more!!!! August 7, 2014
love! I was really bummed when I heard that the Groovy Run shorts had been discontinued...As someone who has bigger thighs and a booty, those shorts were perfect. On my last trip to Lulu, a sales associate recommended these to me. I was very hesitant because of the shorter inseam, but tried them on and immediately fell in love. Between the color and the texture, I was sold. I've worn them running a few times and the only issue is that they sometimes ride up. The color is perfect (I bought mine in the Flowabunga print) and my booty and legs have never looked so good in running shorts. Will definitely be purchasing this short in other colors! August 1, 2014
Mislabeled Love these shorts...thankfully I checked them out in the store rather than ordering them online. The Granite are 2-way stretch not 4-way, as listed on your website. The Pretty Palm Cadet are 4-way not 2-way, as listed on your website. Hoping you make more patterns in the 4-way! August 1, 2014
Please make product descriptions accurate! I ordered these in great granite print. They are listed as 4-way stretch on the website. I don't wear 2-way stretch as the stiffer fabric causes chafing on my thighs on long runs. When they arrived, I tried them on and thought that they felt very stiff. I read the tag, which says 2-way stretch. Now I either have to make it into a store to return them or pay to ship them back because Lululemon can't read their own product descriptions. August 1, 2014
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