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Groove Pant *Full-On Luon (Regular)

Tight-knit and sweat-wicking with four-way stretch, this high-performance fabric gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel

why we made this

These medium-rise, flare-fit pants help us get in the groove, whether we're flowing on our mat or dancing around the studio. Made with sweat-wicking and four-way stretch fabric, they're a seasonless classic that keeps us comfortable from the start of class to a post-sweat treat (we definitely earned it!).

fabric + features

  • a tight-knit version of our Luon® fabric - Full-On Luon® fabric gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel
  • breathable fabric is sweat-wicking and four-way stretch
  • the rise is a little higher at the back to help keep you covered in Forward Fold
  • the smooth, flat waistband is comfortable and won't dig in
  • hidden waistband pocket for your keys and cards
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, gym, to-and-from
  • fabric(s):
    Full-On Luon®
  • fit: flare
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 311/2"
  • leg opening: 211/2"
  • hemmable: yes
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$98.00 USD
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Groove Pant *Full-On Luon (Regular) 2.7 5 99 99
perfect for everyday wear These are my favourite Lulu pants, extremely comfortable, very slim looking, no panty lines and easy to wash. I own several pairs and I am haven't yet had a problem with them being too sheer or pilling after washing. I do however find these new groove pants fit bigger than before. The size 6 used to fit me (5'5", 118 lbs) perfectly, now there is extra fabric that bunches up slightly in the crotch area. Despite of their less than perfect fit, I love them just the same. I rate these pants 4 stars because I think they are a bit too pricey for a pair of yoga pants. October 28, 2014
loved the pants but r pulling I absolutely loved my pants, I bought them a year and a half ago and wore them a lot. I am just disappointed that the fabric is fading and the stitching in the bum and crotch area is coming unraveled and I can't wear them any more. I just thought for that price they would lasted a bit longer. October 27, 2014
Pants are suddenly shorter! I recently ordered two of the newer Lulu groove pants, and they are shorter than my older ones. I thought at first that maybe I had ordered Tall in the past, but measured the inseam and it was certainly NOT 35"... the new ones I ordered measured 31.5 and the older ones I have measured 32 and when comparing them one on top of the other on the floor to see if maybe my older ones stretched, this was not the case. Waist to bottom were all completely the same, but the new ones are about a half inch shorter, which is just enough to make the difference so they look terrible. Has anyone else noticed this problem?! I tried on some in the store and did not have this problem so I have concluded that quality assurance measures seem to be lacking and I received two duds! October 24, 2014
MORE COLORED LEGS PLEASE Let me start by saying that I love Grooves and have been buying them for years. Yes, the style has shifted and the quality has drifted, but I've remained a stalwart supporter of the Grooves, as well as the Astros, because these two styles happen to flatter me personally. Although I have a trim torso, my legs, especially the calves, are proportionally thick & short. I love Lulu's various leggings, crops and shorts others, but not myself. This leaves me with limited options -- and i work out daily. With this in mind, I ask that you create more Grooves (and/or Astros) with colored legs. (Quilted waists don't count since they are rarely visible!) You haven't had a Groove (or Astro) with ANY base color other than Black since the Soot or Cadet Grooves of last spring. Despite a few exceptions, colored-leg Grooves have sold quite well. I'm not going to pretend that they'll be coveted (& disappear in minutes) like their sexy sisters (those WUs, WUCs SS etc) but they won't end up on WMTM or linger for over a season either. I know that I am not the only one wishing for a greater variety of Grooves or Astros. I saw a woman make a similar request to mine on "Hey Lululemon." Like her, I crave Grooves in any of the darker colors. Bordeaux Drama, Fatigue, Coal, Fuel/Forest, Black Grape, Rust Berry. You get the idea. Thank you for your consideration! October 21, 2014
Ok for A little I bought these pants probably around June or July of this year and at first I loved them. Then a couple months went by and they started to stretch out! They now do not even fit like they used to when I first bought them! I am very disappointed because I love the pants! Along with them being stretched out, they starting to have balls at the top of the pants. I don't even know why because they have never been in the dryer and are only washed on a delicate cycle! Lululemon is my favorite store but these pants let me down because I know that's not their normal way of wearing! October 15, 2014
owned 5 pairs of pants ...but I have these three year old pant that I don't wear as much I washed it with my hands and hang it dry...but the stitches and thread are in bad condition...I brought it in the store but the lady told me can't do anything anymore cause it's old and wear a lot...i showed her the stitches and told me it's from wearing..I told her the tiny hole and she told me maybe you sit so where else and it damaged the pants...bad costumer service....I'm so disappointed on how they insisted me that I wear it too much that's why stitches and hole damaged my pants...hesitant to buy a new pair anymore....it's too much and never gonna last long October 13, 2014
Terrible quality - Wore these and they are amazing, washed them by themselves on gentle, and they have pilled terribly. I mean terribly. For $98 pants I would expect higher quality, my pants from other retailers (low cost retailers) that I won't mention did this - but I also paid $20 for them. I am so disappointed in the quality they are unwearable now. I love my lulu stuff - but not for this kind of quality! October 10, 2014
Not the same Grooves I just recently purchased my second pair of groove pants and was pretty excited to have another of these awesome pants. I got them hemmed with the complimentary in store hemming program, picked them up and was incredibly disappointed. Not only was the material not as comfortable as my first pair and kept riding up in the legs causing crazy camel toe, but the hemming ruined my pants. The lady at the store who pinned my pants did them way too short so I had major flood pants when walking! If I stood still they were fine, as soon as I made any movement I was embarrassed. I returned to the store a few days later and had no problems in returning them for a full refund. I was expecting a hassle but they were very understanding and didn't question anything. I didn't end up purchasing another pair but mostly because the material is not to my liking. I like the cotton feel of my old pair, these ones were too much spandex. I'm not sure if I would ever end up shopping at Lulu again. October 9, 2014
I rarely write reviews. But after my most recent order from lulu, I felt compelled to say something. Over the past couple weeks I have purchased (and returned) 9 different pairs of yoga pants. After coming to grips with the Groove no longer being sold in stores (??) and finally admitting that the Astro was unflattering and uncomfortable, I ordered 2 pair online. Turns out they are having a few issues with consistency. I didn't even need to try on the "bumble berry blossom" pair (but I did) to know that it wasn't going to be good. They were thin, looked cheap and very, very sheer. The black granite/mojave tan pair, however, were just they way I remembered my brand new lulu's to be 3 years ago. I exchanged the sheer ones for the "black/fa 14 quilt 5" and hopefully they won't be going back as well. Had I only ordered one pair in "bumble berry blossom", I would have been infuriated. Maybe Lululemon will soon realize that the old adage "if it ain't broke..." is true and stop tinkering with a great product. Also, they should bring back the Gratitude Wrap. :) September 30, 2014
Got them through the mail yesterday and did the bend over test for my husband and he could definetly see what underwear I was wearing the rip out tag practically glowed through the fabric. The size was right so it wasn't that. I have an older pair and they are not see through at all. For the amount of money you pay it's too bad they changed the fabric and not for the better. However they are extremely comfy and look great. September 27, 2014