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Astro Pant *Full-On Luon (Regular)

tight-knit, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Full-On Luon® is a high-performance fabric that gives great support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel

why we made this

When we're jetting from the studio to a coffee date and back again, we want pants that move with us and don't scream, "I just came from yoga!" We designed these bottoms with four-way stretch fabric and a smooth waistband that lies flat against our skin (because the only place we want to see muffin tops is the café).

fabric + features

  • a tight-knit version of our Luon® fabric - Full-On Luon® gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel
  • breathable fabric is sweat wicking and four-way stretch
  • wear the waistband up for a high rise or roll it down for an asymmetrical low-rise
  • tuck your cards and keys in the back waistband pocket
  • just say no to chafing with flat seams
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, gym, barre
  • fabric(s):
    Full-On Luon®
  • fit: straight
  • rise: low or high - you decide
  • inseam: 311/2"
  • leg opening: 181/2"
$98.00 USD
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Astro Pant *Full-On Luon (Regular) 2.6 5 92 92
pilling problems I first loved these pants and how they seemed to suck in everything..I ran and bought a similar capri style but wish I had waited until I wore the pants a little more as they started pilling after a couple wears in the thigh area..when I went back to the store they pretty much told me it was how I was caring for them or what I wore with them and to go buy a sweater shaver to remove the pills...very disappointing when spending so much $$ on pants. Hoping the quality has improved since then. August 21, 2014
pilling I have had these pants for less than a year and the only thing that bugs me is the fact that I wash them the way im directed to. I only wash lulus with lulus and hang everything to dry. I purchased these because I loved the color(grey) which was hard to find and I love how you can wear the waist low. But they sit in my closet every day wishing to be worn but the pilling is stopping me from ever touching them I'm considering throwing them out but its hard to throw out $100. August 20, 2014
The seem in the pocket is running already! I bought these just a couple days ago and when I found the pocket today it had already fallen apart. I never even saw it before and its already damaged. What's even more upsetting is that I couldn't return them because I didn't have the tag on them, even though there was damage. So disappointed. August 18, 2014
Too Long Granted I only tried these on at the store, I love them! But being a short girl with short legs, the pants are too long. Even the 2s extend out past my feet! I want to purchase these but I want them to be the right length. August 18, 2014
Amazing at first I have 3 pairs of these and wore them often to the gym. After a month or two they being to peel and the stings hanging, even with me following the washing instructions. I need my yoga pants to really stand up to my work outs. For the price I really expect higher quality. I'm sadden by them, I love the fit and look in the beginning but now they're nothing but lint covered, peeling pants that stay in the drawer. Please improve the quality of the fabric! August 9, 2014
Fall apart and pill At first I loved these pants! They were so comfy and make you look amazing and feel confident. But then after a few times wearing them they started to pill and there's strings hanging out of the crouch area. This is the second pair of lululemon pants I purchased that have done this! I purchased a pair a year and a half ago and there's a little hole in the butt! The second pair a bought in January and they've fallen apart! Not too impressed especially since the closest store is a 5 hour drive... August 8, 2014
Not so great I am not a fan of the Astro pant. I have 3 pairs of yoga pants and countless leggings but they all pill so badly, especially the astro pant. I cannot wear my yogas anymore. One of my pairs managed to wear a whole in the bum after 6 months of ownership. I would wash the pants with only with other lulu products like my running tops & leggings, follow the care instructions, and nothing helps. I even asked about this problem at my local lulu store and they assured me I must be doing something wrong but obviously I'm not the only one with this problem... I would love a little more quality for the price. August 1, 2014
first pair and deeply saddened. This was my first ever pair of pants from Lulu and was truly excited about them. I felt like they were going to be my perfect "figure skating" and "yoga workout" pants. I've heard many great things about Lulu and being Canadian, I wanted to support a close to home company and I was proud to purchase these. I was sadly let down them they started to fit funny after I wore them for a few hours and should stretch out badly at the end of the day. They also had a big problem with pilling on the bum area even though I would fallow all the wash instructions and even air dried them. I have now 3 other pairs of different Lulu pants and none of them turned out like this, Lulu did did not hold true to this pair I got. I went to the store and was told there was nothing they could do and got just a sorry...there goes about $100 down the drain in something I just leave in my dresser. July 26, 2014
First lululemon Pants Everyone always raves about lululemon pants, I finally caved and bought a pair. Worth every penny. Fits great, very cute and stylish. I finally get what everyone is talking about ;-) July 21, 2014
worse pair of exercise pants I have ever worn My first pair of lulu lemon pants and after wearing them four times and never washing them they have balled up so much in the sit area and in the inner thigh. I can't believe I paid $98 for these. They should be better quality. And after reading other reviews I realize I am not the only one who has had this problem. I went into a lulu lemon store and they said I could exchange them for a new pair, but again after reading another review someone has already done that and the second pair did the same thing. Lulu lemon says it stands behind the quality of its product, well this product does not live up to my potential and when I visit a store they say I have to exchange for a new pair of pants or different style of pants. I don't trust your pants quality, so why would I want to buy another pair?! What do you suggest I do about this problem? July 19, 2014
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