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Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luon (Roll Down)

Tight-knit and sweat-wicking with four-way stretch, this high-performance fabric gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel

why we made this

Choose your adventure rise! We designed these yoga pants out of cottony-soft Full-On Luon® fabric to be a twist on our classic Wunder Under™ tights. High or low, the adjustable waistband can be worn up for more coverage or folded over for a hip-hugging feel. Minimal seams on the waistband means it lies smooth against our skin, no matter which way we wear it.

fabric + features

  • a tight-knit version of our Luon® fabric - Full-On Luon fabric gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel
  • Full-On Luon fabric is sweat-wicking and four-way stretch
  • added LYCRA® fibre moves with you and stays in great shape
  • second-skin fit is great for checking your alignment in the mirror
  • the wide, smooth waistband is designed to eliminate muffin top
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, gym, to-and-from
  • fabric(s):
    Full-On Luon®
    , LYCRA®
  • fit: tight
  • rise: high or low - you decide!
  • inseam: 301/2"
  • leg opening: 11"
  • hemmable: yes
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$92.00 - $102.00 USD
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Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luon (Roll Down) 2.9 5 114 115
Disappointment I bought these leggings a few months ago and fell in love with them instantly. I love the roll down because it really flatters the body, but if you look at the pants, they look 10 years old instead of a couple of months. There are little white balls all over the top of the waistband that I cannot seem to get rid of, and they also appear all over the legs. It is so frustrating for this to be happening when I paid over 100$ for the pants. After a few weeks they even began slipping down requiring me to pull them up. I overlooked this because I loved the pants so much, but now that there are white balls all over, they can no longer be worn! All in all, I am very disappointed. January 28, 2015
Disappointed I love all my lulu stuff and have bought the wunder under in the past, with no problems. I live in UAE so its impossible for me to return items, so I trust I will get what I pay for. Not so with these pants. I bought them on a trip to Canada and the first few wears they were amazing. Then they started to slip whilst I was wearing them. I now have to continually hike them up which is super annoying! Spending $100+ on pants that I cannot return is deeply disappointing. January 25, 2015
Pants do not stay on! I LOVE Lululemon leggings. I think they're fantastic quality, and wear mine from running, to skiing, to yoga. I bought these roll-downs with high-hopes, as they had fit perfectly at the store. I was hoping to wear these casually, as well as during cross-country skiing and yoga. However, within a few times of wearing them the waist on the pants had lost the ability to hold the pants up. I suspect either the elastic on the pants had lost the original elasticity, or the pants were just poorly cut and designed. The pants were SAGGING at the groin area as well. The groin area of the leggings were literally sitting mid-thigh. There is an extremely unattractive shape at the groin area of the pants as they are not sitting flat on your body and are instead falling down and being stretched with your movement. This is extremely disappointing for a pair of pants that's marketed towards athletic pursuits. Forget doing activities in these pants, I can't even get mine to stay on while I'm sitting down. I do love the feel of the material, and I don't have any issues with the sheerness of the fabrics. But the design of the cut, as well as the quality of the "roll down" band not being able retain elasticity deeply disappointing me. I would not recommend this particular cut, and have deep regrets about spending $100+ on a pair of pants that I can no longer wear after a month. January 24, 2015
Hello undies! I thought this issue was resolved? I just bought my third pair of Wunder Unders and my 7th pair of lulu pants since 2007. I LOVE the roll down as the high waist keeps my pants up when dancing. I'm so disappointed that I'm willing to attach a photo of myself bent over and embarrass myself on the internet: I bought the same size as usual (4) and they fit as expected. I bent over to roll the ankles and WHOA! I could read the size tag through the pants! Help! I can't live without these pants. January 21, 2015
disappointing!!! I recently bought a pair of these and loved them for the first 2 minutes. After that I was CONSTANLY pulling them up. So I exchanged at the store for a smaller size because I thought that the problem was because they are too big. I was so wrong. I sized down and the same thing is happening again. I know that they are not too big still because the next size down is too small. I feel like this should not be appending. I am disappointed because I spent a lot on a pair of pants that I can not wear. January 20, 2015
disappointed I was so excited about this style of pants, being high wasted and sucking everything in, but after one time of wearing them there was pilling on the inner thighs and my butt (from rubbing on seats/chairs?). I love lulu and this is probably my 10th pair of wunder unders from them, but I've never had the quality be this bad. I figured full on luon would last longer than one wear, especially for the price. They also stretch out after one wear, and even though I wash them I usually only get one wear after washing before they stretch out again and I have to continuously pull them up, which is what I was hoping to avoid with the high wasted style. Overall the style is a genius idea, but I feel that the quality of lulu leggings are just not the same as they used to be. January 18, 2015
Alberta Lake is sheer I love the roll down waist and the Alberta Lake color is gorgeous, but as many other reviewers stated they are sheer. You can see the tag right through them and underwear, even the knees are sheer in a bend. I got the same size I wear in WUPs every time so I know they are not too small. It's just this fabric. Please make it wherever your Dark Cherry and Dark Camo because those are thick and compressive. January 18, 2015
Comfortable and great fit but see through These have a wonderful fit and I wanted to love them and ordered the teal color hoping that the sheer-ness that I've been reading about wouldn't apply to this pair, or that Lulu has fixed this issue by now, but dang, bent over once and seriously you can see everything. No way could I wear that to a yoga class. :( It's too bad because these are really flattering and comfortable, but alas... January 17, 2015
All Balled up! I boutght these, as they are highwaisted and keep my mommy tummy all tucked in:) Fitwise they do the trick... But after the second time wearing them they were full of little balls between my inner thighs:( I do not mind spending money on quality items but I expect the new fit to last longer than two wears! January 16, 2015
I was so bummed! I saw the rocky road sand dune toothpaste online and could not WAIT to go to the store and purchase a pair. Cutest pattern I have ever seen from Lulu. I am 5'5 and usually wear a 00 in jeans. I grabbed a size 4 and tried them on. VERY see-through. The store associate encouraged me to try up a size. Well I did, still see-through at a 6 when i bent over. I do CrossFit and yoga so have to do a lot of squats and bending over. She then told me there were probably still too tight to go up to an 8? Umm I am a 2-4 normally. I tried it anyway because I was desperate for these pants. Still see through when i bent over but now they didn't even stay up and were very baggy in the legs. Obviously it's not they they are too tight, it's the fabric. I wanted to cry leaving the store because my heart was so set on these. Then I went to target and fond a cute pair that were not see through and were only $15. Score! Come on Lulu, you know everyone comments about it being see through. Fix this so we can start buying your pants again! PLEASE! January 16, 2015