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5 Year Basic Tee

made with SEACELL® - the yarn derived from seaweed - and blended with cotton and spandex for an ultra-soft fabric that retains its shape and stays soft after washing

why we made this

This premium, natural-fibre T-shirt was built to last. We've engineered it with four-way stretch so that it moves with us but won't bag out. Because sometimes life doesn't stop for us to get changed between yoga class and the rest of our day.

fabric + features

  • Vitasea™ fabric feels soft and has added LYCRA® fibres to help hold its shape
  • chafe-resistant flat seams won't rub you the wrong way
  • designed to be preshrunk for hassle-free laundry
  • athletic fit - not too snug, not too loose
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: post sweat (easy-to-layer gear to cool you down)
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: athletic
  • length: hip
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$54.00 USD
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5 Year Basic Tee 3.2 5 73 74
Where's the Black T??? I love this Tshirt. I have a few of them, but I am STUNNED that I can't get it in black anymore??? How can you not have a Black colour in regular stock!! Its a basic colour that NEEDS to come back ASAP! I went to the store this week and they said that Black is now dark grey??? This needs to change now. Not having a black T is like not having black yoga bottoms!!! Thx for listening to my feedback. I hope change will happen. September 30, 2014
Honey I shrunk the shirts i first bought two of these shirts and was told by the girls at the store that these shirts would not shrink as long as a dried them on low with no fabric softeners. Well it turns out that after 1 was both shirts have noticeably shrunk to the point that I can no longer wear them. Being the loyal lululemon fan that I am, I purchased several more shitrs, which have been great as long as you do not put them in the dryer. I just wish I would have known that before I ruined two shirts. September 16, 2014
Not Quite There... I bought two of the five year basic tees (orange and white/grey) recently. I was SO happy with the fit and the comfort level (fabric is GREAT) that they provided me right away. However, I am VERY disappointed in how much the vibrant orange (with the square on front) has faded into a shirt that does not stand out how it should after just a few washes following the recommended washing method. As well, the shirt collar has not remained as crisp as it should, forming slight waves in it. I hope these issues are rectified in the future or else it is hard to see myself spending that sort of money on a shirt that wears away so quickly. September 9, 2014
Didn't even last 1 wear!! I was quite excited to buy this shirt for my boyfriend! He looks great in lulu shirts , so why not add to the collection. He wore it out and not even a full days wear it was wrecked at the back of the shirt piling! I was furious! So not what I expected . August 26, 2014
Odd rip in shirt I recently ordered my husband the 5 year basic top in white (this was his third top in white and he has several other colours too- he lives in these shirts). Just the other day he went to take it off and it ripped just below the lululemon crest. We were so disappointed becuse we've never had a bad experience with our lulu gear. This product still deserves 5 stars because my husband loves these shirts regardless August 4, 2014
Fairly solid, but some flaws Overall, I love these shirts and currently own three of them. However, all three seem to develop same flaw after the first wash - rippled collars. The collars all ripple after the first wash, but don't get worse with subsequent washes, at least not yet. That said, I was surprised and a bit bummed with the rippling. One other suggestion - shrink or move the tags. The tags become quite annoying after a while. July 6, 2014
5 years or 5 days When I put this shirt on for the first time I loved it. Great fit and super comfortable. After 1 wash though following Lululemon's washing instructions the stitching looks like it was rubbed on sandpaper. The collar is no longer smooth. I am very disappointed in the quality of this shirt. I really want to like Lululemon's product but this will be the second completely different product that I have taken back for quality issues in 2 days. For a premium clothing company they need to get their act together and start doing some QC on their products. And definitely don't throw a time period in the name if it won't stand up for the test of time. July 2, 2014
Bacon collar! Four $54 dollar T-shirts with wrinkled collars. I don't think over $200 worth of "5 Year Tees" should only last a few washes (in some cases one wash). I'm embarrassed to wear my shirts and won't be shopping at this store any time soon. June 28, 2014
5 years? More like 5 washes Lululemon claims this shirt was designed for five years. There is no possible way that they did any type of product testing or quality control that led them to this assessment. Nothing but a marketing scam. I was very excited when I first tried a 5 Year T on, great fit, color, feel. After wearing it I was nervous to wash it, so I meticulously followed the prescribed washing method, and didn't mix it with other items. Like others have said, this product is more like the 5 WASH Tee, not the 5 year tee. After just a few washes, maybe 3-4, the neck was stretched, and "bacon'd", leaving me very disappointed and hesitant to buy any more. After just a few washes the original color was also heavily faded, even after using nicer, gentler detergent. I've moved on to buying Under Armor tee shirts that are of a very similar style and fabric. No issues with these. I won't be buying another Lululemon T shirt unless someone gifts me one and the item proves to have been significantly improved. I wanted to love this tee and buy every color...just wasn't meant to be I guess. June 26, 2014
Awesome T? but seriously, don't expect 5 years! These Ts are awesome. I am 6'2" so the extra length on the body is really good for me to wear as an every day T shirt. The fabric is very high quality and the stitching has lasted perfectly. Mine get washed at least a couple of times a week and after 2.5 years I am now starting to lose the shape on the necks. For the price I am really happy that they lasted over 2 years so I am now buying some more. Not too keen on the new 2 tone colours and its fairly poor that some colors are only available in small sizes. My local store has had no mens Large sizes in the last 5 visits I made! So in summary, great Ts but I won't be buying Lululemon stock until they sort their supply chain out! June 24, 2014