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Ascent Pant (Regular)

why we made this

Hiking, biking, working and traveling - we do it all and we want gear that keeps up with us. Engineered with an athletic fit, tailored details and durable Ascent fabric, these pants take us from our morning commute to an evening hike and everything in between.

fabric + features

  • made with durable, moisture-wicking Ascent fabric
  • hidden zipper pocket designed to hold your cards, keys or cash
  • roll up the right cuff for hidden reflectivity
  • the panel between the legs intentionally moves seams away from special cargo
  • athletic fit for a muscular posterior
  • preshrunk so there are no surprises in the wash
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: no sweat (technical and functional gear to keep sweat in check)
  • fabric(s): Ascent
  • fit: athletic
  • inseam: 34"
  • leg opening: 16"
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$128.00 USD
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Ascent Pant (Regular) 3.9 5 37 37
Amazing Pants, Never in stock I bought a pair of these pants over a year ago now, and fell in love. These are the reason I now shop at Lululemon. They are amazing for school, the office, even playing sports if needed. They look like dress pants yet are durable enough to be used for any activity. They are well worth the money, considering most dress pants are over 100$ anyways, yet are only good for the office. These are amazing pants, and if I could I would have a closet full of them. Unfortunately, and here is the kicker, these are never ever ever in stock. I have checked this site for the last month and a half every day hoping to find these pants (in size 34 for reference) and they never have stock. These for some silly reason were taken out of the store sometime last year, don't know why that is. They are becoming unicorn or great white buffalo level of impossible to come by. I have went into several locations, emailed Lulu several times, and while everyone is very friendly no one can get me a pair of these pants. I am extremely disappointed I didn't buy a pair in every colour last year so I wouldn't be stuck like I am now. I also would like to comment on some of the suggestions below. I agree with several people that these could be slightly more slimming. Most dress pants are going that way these days, and although these are close to that fit and look they could use a small adjustment. I also agree the seam behind the knee should be taken out, its a bit awkward to have on a pair of dress pants, and seems unnecessary. I however enjoy the fact the Lulu symbol is on the pants, I'm proud to be a customer of Lululemon, and enjoy showcasing the brand logo. I love these pants, but unless they come back in stock I will be forced to shop elsewhere for dress pants, which would suck because these are the best. February 21, 2015
Love the pants, just not the fit Just received a pair of these as a gift. I love the material, and they look like they could be worn at the office in comfort. All of my Kahuna shorts are size 32, but the size 32 Ascent pants are too tight. Unfortunately, there's no size 34 left to exchange. Hope this style comes back! I'd happily purchase a couple pair. February 16, 2015
Good Travel Pants but check stitching quality I own most of the different style Lulu pants and the Ascent is the most versatile one Lulu makes. Unlike most of the other Lulu pants this one can be used in a business casual situation and is great for travel. I own 5 pairs in different colors. The Ascent fabric is durable which makes it great for travel and work. Unlike the ABC or Mission which are more of a "jeans" alternative this one easily looks right at home in the workplace. One suggestion to Lulu would be to remove the horizontal seam behind the knees as all mens slacks lack this. Others have commented on this also. Of the 5 pairs that I own, one had a faulty stitch on the front zipper area and the stitch started unraveling only after wearing it a few times. I'll post a picture. My advice would be to purchase these pants in the store so you can inspect the stitching. The other nice benefit is the media pocket. I do have to warn that anything larger than an iphone 5 will not fit and the iphone 5 is very tight. Also Lulu decided to put the media pocket on the left hand side which is odd since most people are right handed. You just have to get used to putting the phone in with your left hand. On the Mobility pants the media pocket is on the right hand side and this works much better. January 25, 2015
Perfect for client facing business attire Love them! They stretch, feel good, breathable, and you can squat in them! Why squat at work? Why not?! It moves with you and no one can tell they are Lulu's. From a business professional standpoint. I'm not ashamed. They get 4 of 5 stars only because Lulu doesn't carry them anymore. Bring them back Lulu!! Lulu, email me when you decide to bring them back. I hate going to the stores and searching for them only to be disappointed that they don't exist anymore. December 15, 2014
Great but not available anymore in store :( These are by far the best pair of pants I have ever owned. I purchased two over a year ago at a retail location but was shocked to find out they are no longer carried in store. I really hope this doesn't mean they are being discontinued and are slowly disappearing. The new ABC pant which seems to be the replacement are too light and form fitting. Please bring these back! November 29, 2014
Nice but gets dirty easy My wife and I often buy lululemon products, we really like them and we had never had any problems until I recently bought a pair of the Ascent Pants in black a few months ago, I have just wear them once and I find that every time something rubs against my pants it leaves marks. I really like these pants and how they fit but because of this problem they are always going to look dirty which is very disappointing. Is this a common issue? November 14, 2014
Best Pant Ever I cannot stop raving about these wonderful pants. Aside from them being comfortable regardless of what I wear underneath, they look great inspite of what I am doing. Whether I am running for the bus, having a business meeting with a client, or having a day out with the family these pants move with me and are fit for any occasion. I have recieved many encouraging comments on my bum in these pants. Again, Best Pant Ever! October 20, 2014
men's are great for women 2 sizes smaller I ordered 32 for husband who wears 32 in all pants. They feel like 30 not 32. They are too small. Guess what - I am a girl and I am 30 in women pants, they feel great on me. My mom said - keep them . I am 5'9. Length is great. They are high and deep pockets. Graet for Seattle wet fall and all winter. Stretchy - love the fabric. We'll see if it is breathable . So I will order 34 for my husband and keep 32 for me. Wow! Now I will always check men's section. And I can keep his 32 shorts that are too small for him. But men, attention, order size bigger at least. better go and try lulu men sizing - much smaller. Then buy online. September 28, 2014
Great pants - Lululemon always out of size 36 Love the pants, but my biggest issue is that Lululemon is always out of stock of size 36 regular in the most desirable colours. This isn't only for the Ascent pant, but shorts as well. Hopefully someone can better manage your inventory soon...so I can buy more. September 22, 2014
Good, but could be improved I love the idea of this pant. A comfortable athletic pant, that works in the office and can be commuted in. I think this market is being underserved, and there is a huge opportunity here. In fact, if Lulu fixed a few things, they could have a whole new category of clothes to sell. They could even go head to head with the professional executive pant category (like the wool pants Joseph a Bank sells) Here are a few recommendations to make it perfect. Get rid of the seams on the back of the legs. They don't do anything, and normal dress pants don't have this. Make the material the same as the ABC pant. The Ascent material is a bit too thick. The ABC pant material is thinner and closer to the thickness of a wool dress pant. Git rid of the pinstripes. 99% of men don't wear pin stripes in the office. Just offer normal dress pant colors: navy, black, grey, beige. This might be controversial, but I'd say get rid of the Lululemon logo on the back of the left leg. Professional men in the office would rather keep the fact that they're wearing an athletic technical pant in stealth. The athletic cut and fit is spot on. Don't change that! Most men don't want to wear skinny pants in the office, so offering the athletic fit, increases the size of your potential market. August 29, 2014