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ABC Pant (Tall)

this durable fabric helps protect against light wind and rain

why we made this

We designed these pants with all-day comfort and performance in mind - seriously, you're going to want to live in them. A wide paneled gusset and four-way stretch Warpstreme™ fabric make these pants commute, travel and sweat ready. We get it, you're going places.

fabric + features

  • ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering gives you and the family jewels room to breathe
  • sweat-wicking Warpstreme fabric is four-way stretch
  • trouser waistband with belt loops sits comfortably on your hips
  • roll up the cuffs for reflectivity on dawn or dusk rides
  • six pockets make it easy to stash and dash
  • slim fit ensures your pants and your bike chain won't cross paths
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: no sweat (technical and functional gear to keep sweat in check)
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: slim
  • inseam: 36"
  • leg opening: 153/4"
  • hemmable: yes
  • p.s.: hemming will lose the reflective cuff feature
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$128.00 USD
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ABC Pant (Tall) 3.9 5 10 10
Suggestion on sizing & fit A great pant, if you get the right size. I have developed quads & a butt from years of skiing & biking. Am 6'2, 216lbs and have worn a 33 x 36 straight leg boot cut jean (Gap or Banana Republic) for at least 15 yrs. Have not been able to get my thighs into a pair of Levi 501's since I was 21. The reason guys are dumping their blue jeans in favor of this pant is because it is cut like a jean. What's the difference? It has the same yoke seam at the back like blue jeans. That's the seam that runs below the waist band and above the rear pockets. The result is that if you have a developed butt, your pants stay up because that yoke grabs your hips & top of your butt, without needing to tighten the waist. Your pants stay up because they are hugging your hips and not like sweats that need to be tied at the waist or bought so tight your butt stretches out the fabric. Fitted properly on an athletic body, it's the yoke that allows you to wear well fitted jeans, even with the top button undone & they wont fall to the floor. Lay ur favorite jean flat and you'll see, the back is higher than the front, and the waist is actually narrower than the top of the yoke seam. That's why others complain that pants without this yoke have a shapeless backside and the fabric just hangs down the leg. As with all Lulu's I have to up-size. In this pant I wear a size 38 -- remove your ego when ordering, it's only a number. They yoke rides comfortably on my hips, pant is appropriate tight across the top of the butt and there's an extra inch or two in the waistband but that's what makes them comfortable -- never have to undo the top button when laying down. Low rise? Yes, but because of their cut & the larger size I need, they're perfect. In a size 38 jean, the crotch would down mid-thigh. Length? First pair I actually have to fold up the cuffs when wearing flip-flops. But like all Lulu pants, no matter what they tell you, they WILL shrink after a few washings. Agree with positive remarks of others regarding comfort of 4 way stretch. Read the description: "ABC" stands for "anti ball crusher" and they deliver that despite the otherwise fitted look. The legs taper down to being 1/2 way between a reg and skinny jean. Would prefer a wider leg opening as it would look dressier with loafers & blazer. I have also have a 48" chest & size 12 shoes so skinny calf/cuffs look ridiculous on me. Have been buying Lulu's when they only had one store in LA and no online ordering. They originally made this pant for trainers to wear at the office and then go str8 to teaching a yoga class. I still have pairs that are well over 10 years old, all with the rear yoke, but wider cuffs that I still wear to the office with a blazer. I have literally traveled for 3 months with only 2 pairs of Lulu's, going from trail, sleeping on long flights to walking well dressed into restaurants. But designs/cuts have changed over the years and Lulu's had more misses that hits in designing a street pant. Last hit was the Kahuna a few years ago. With this pant they have another hit. Would prefer a side vent pocket rather than the jean design but now I'm getting picky. LULU ARE YOU READING THIS? You've forgotten a huge segment of your market. Make a pant with a slightly wider cuff and we can always have a tailor take them in (like I did with the Kahuna's). And keep producing the tall versions. And keeping making pants with the rear yoke as that's what makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in fit. Lulu's are the only polyester pants that fit tall guys, are breathable and don't look like 1970 leisure suits. If I could find the fabric they use, I'd design my own line of dress pant as I always get compliments on the older more traditional pairs Lulu use to make. December 19, 2014
I love these, but... I bought a pair of these a year or two ago. They might have had a different name back then. The material has a light pinstripe and these do not. I wear a size 36 waist. I bought size 36 and they were too tight. I had to exchange for 38s, which fit great. I love them. They're as comfortable as sweatpants but look presentable in almost any situation. Recently I decided to buy two more pairs. Having learned my lesson I bought 38s. I can barely button them. I need a size 40, which is 4 inches larger than my normal size. 4 inches! I see that size 40 is sold out, probably because all the guys who wear 36 bought them. I would give these 6 stars if you guys could work out your sizing issues. You also just lost a $250 sale, as I have to send these back and you don't have my size for an exchange. December 12, 2014
Anything but ABC I'm a pretty consistent 40" waist 36" length. These pants are lacking in both dimensions, with the 40 waist being closer to a 38 and very short in the rise so that the pants were just the opposite of the advertised "ABC." I like the material and styling so they would probably work well for shorter, slimmer guys who can order a size up. They are being returned. December 5, 2014
Amazing versatile pants Absolutely love these pants at 6'5" finally found a pant long enough. I wear them to work on a casual day and out on a Saturday they are so comfortable and fit so well. I have black and charcoal would love it if they came out with some more colours in the tall size. October 7, 2014
Great product I am 6'4" and have a 34-or-36 waist -- I had to size up to the 38 waist for these though. I bought the tall black ABC pants in store, and I was so impressed, I bought the grey ones online. Unfortunately, I can't receive deliveries at work. So the delivery company tried to drop it off at my home during the workday, and left a note that I had to go out to the burbs to pick up the package (so far into the burbs that no Vancouver public transit goes there). But after a panicked call to Lululemon's help desk, they straightened it out. I was so impressed with the help I received (and the product), that I went back to the store and bought another pair. I spent five weeks in Europe with these, going from "business casual" meetings to hikes (it is a very comfortable and flexible product). I just wish they'd have the same colour selection for tall sizes as they do for regular! September 1, 2014
More colors please These pants are fantastic to work/travel in. I travel every 3-4 days and these are lifesavers. Only problem is they only come in two colors for tall version. If there were 15 colors of these pants I would own 15 pairs. August 30, 2014
Great pant but fitted small... I'm 6'6" and 240 lbs and wear a 36" waist, but with Lululemon I always go up to 38" - however these pants are a different story. When I tried these on in the store, the 38" waist was too tight for comfort (the 2 38" waist shorts I bought fit fine). Initially, I just thought they were mislabeled, but I tried another to which I still had to go up to the 40" waist. The 40" fits like a 38" (although the waist is a tad too big). All around it's a great pant just fitted for a much slimmer build - for athletic (or somewhat muscular) go up a size. August 25, 2014
ABC - Not I am a slender 6"4", 200lbs. This pant like other's is consistently too short in the "rise", thus no ABC benefit. Most Tall men are likely to require a longer rise in my opinion, at least another inch. It's really hit & miss with Lululemon men's pant fittings, especially in the "rise". I've previously been very happy with prior Studio and Trainer Pants as the materials were thinner and stretched i.e. Luon allowing for more crotch rise room. A prior sampling of the Post Gravity Pant also revealed a short rise and bunching with the thicker fleece material. May 21, 2014
Great looking pant I have a pair of these, as well as the similar Mission pant. Very comfortable, and very flattering slim fit style. Warpstreme isn't the most breathable fabric for a pant, but it still performs very well, and dries quickly. I'm 6'2" and am grateful for the Tall version. May 20, 2014
Simply awesome huge fan of these pants.. they are extremely comfortable, easy to move around in and also versatile as they can be worn in a number of settings. Being fairly tall (6'3), I often find it difficult to find pants that have long enough legs so I went with the tall pant and am very impressed with the fit. However, if you are between waist sizes I would definitely recommend going with the higher size as they fit a bit on the small side. April 6, 2014
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