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ABC Pant (Regular)

this durable fabric helps protect against light wind and rain

why we made this

We designed these pants with all-day comfort and performance in mind - seriously, you're going to want to live in them. A wide paneled gusset and four-way stretch Warpstreme™ fabric make these pants commute, travel and sweat ready. We get it, you're going places.

fabric + features

  • ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering gives you and the family jewels room to breathe
  • sweat-wicking Warpstreme fabric is four-way stretch
  • trouser waistband with belt loops sits comfortably on your hips
  • roll up the cuffs for reflectivity on dawn or dusk rides
  • six pockets make it easy to stash and dash
  • slim fit ensures your pants and your bike chain won't cross paths
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: no sweat (technical and functional gear to keep sweat in check)
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: slim
  • inseam: 33"
  • leg opening: 153/4"
  • hemmable: yes
  • p.s.: hemming will lose the reflective cuff feature
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$128.00 USD
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ABC Pant (Regular) 4.1 5 94 94
Straight Up Beauties I bought these pants yesterday and it was well worth the money! So, actually I take that back. These pants are probably the most comfortable pants I have ever worn in my life. I also use them every morning for my figure skating (ice dance) and they are perfect because the pant is long enough to stay over the boot of my skate and stay covering it. Also, they are really stretchy which is perfect for how I am using them. The perfect all day pant, athletics, swag, and they just look cool! Back to what I was saying originally, $128 for a pair of pants? Really? Sure, they're perfect for how I use them but in no way would I buy these for simple every day use unless you have $128 burning a hole in your pocket. May 14, 2015
BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO KHAKIS I feel like jeans and khakis have kind of lost there luster, but these hybrid pants will restore your faith in the old standby "khaki" pants. First of all, they stay looking sharp despite wear and washes, so they don't fray and fade like cotton khakis; ooh and they shed wrinkles way easier too. Second, you don't BAKE in them like cotton khakis which no matter how loose they may be, those cotton pants will make you wish you forgot your underwear. These ABC pants truly do spare you crushing yourself in the tight places... and you can really get into all kinds of positions in them with your best karate kicks and still not come close to worrying you may bust a seam... which INEVITABLY happens with those cotton khakis right?! One potential strike on these... buy a size larger waist then you expect to need. These ABC pants run slim (THE ABC TECHNOLOGY ALLOWS THEM TO BE TIGHT BUT NOT UNCOMFORTABLE IN THE CROTCHAL REGION), and they are designed to run slim I believe, and perhaps making you look svelte in them makes them look truly sharper than a standard khaki. But if you have any muscle in those legs or that butt then you need to truly consider at least a size or even two sizes larger waist. For me it's an expectation I can't break, with cotton khakis you really don't expect them to hug you too tightly, and with these ABC pants it's the same for me- I like them to be tailored looking but not tight. It's just a warning to try these on first at the store unless you are skinny and like things tight ;). That said, they will become the only "dress pant" you might ever smile to turn to in the dead of summer! May 12, 2015
Sooooo comfy It would be hard to overstate how comfortable these pants are. They look nice with a sport coat and the rear pocket with the lay-flat zipper is much appreciated. As I experienced with the Urban Slacks (which I wish would come back), the inner button popped off after about a week. Maybe I use buttons incorrectly but it seems like "activewear" should be made with durability in mind. May 11, 2015
Where are the 33s? Great functioning pants that can be worn where ever when ever. I have worn them on an airplane for 8 hours, personal training, working out, casual every day...serious they can be work wherever; if.... You can find a fit. As you can read these pants fit weird. I wear a 32 waist and that is recently down from a 33. The 32 waist is a bit tight; meaning no belt, sometimes can't button the inner button. But the 34 are to big; need a belt and a few inches from belly and pants. If I gain one lb these pants will not fit at all. Lulu should offer somesort of trade in policy on these. Fit alot differently than last summers ABC shorts. Great rear internal zipper pocket though. May 6, 2015
Great but sizing is weird I love these pants! I have bigger than average legs and I wanted a slim fitting pair of pants that weren't strapped to my legs! I also skateboard so I needed something other than jeans to wear out here in the South Florida heat that would protect my legs/shins and not overheat me. My only complaint is the sizing! I purchased two pairs online and one in the store. I usually fit a size 33-34 waist and size 36 fit me perfectly in the store. They had no other 36 in stock, so I ordered two other colors online and they both fit nothing like my original pair I purchased in the store. They were both much baggier and not as tight around the waist. One pair wasn't too bad that I kept, but the other pair I had to return. They were extremely baggy and were falling from my waist. This is unfortunate because I love shopping online... I'd highly recommenced trying these on in the store every time you plan to purchase a pair. Try multiple sizes in your "range" it seems the sizes don't really make any sense! May 2, 2015
Good but could be great I love these pants and have one in every color but the new black cherry and are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. The only issue that I have with these pants is they stain really easily. The khaki colored ones have developed water stains from little drops of water from a water bottle type water. April 17, 2015
Most versatile pant in the drawer At 5'10" 170, I used a 32, perfect fit with my waist and length. The most generous muscles on my body belong to my butt and legs, and these pants fit over them wonderfully. I'm not sure of the length on the other waist sizes. But a 32 does not need hemmed at 5'10". The fabric is extremely comfortable and breathable which is absolutely clutch for someone who is active throughout the day and who loves the commando lifestyle. At the price you better love what you are getting, and I love them. I will be babysitting this pant to see if other colors I desire get released. I totally could see a thicker build having serious problems with the pant, but that is why returns exist. So don't hesitate to try them. April 16, 2015
make the exact same pants in boot cut! I have 3 pairs - blue, black and gray. I absolutely love them, however for them to fit i had to size up from a 34 to a 38 and each pair fits differently! I am 6', 235. Very athletic, thick build from CrossFit and oly lifting. While I love the heck out of these pants, slim fit is just not for guys like me. The thighs are tighter than I would like but they stretch enough. On top of that, I have big calves so they are tight there too. I might as well wear your crops my wife has. Unfortunately I have to go commando in them unless I want the world to see exactly where my drawers begin and end. However, no one enjoys seeing the outline of my package. Lulu tried to compromise with the chinos on a mission, but those fit funny because they have lots of fabric in the butt and legs, but tiny little ankles. LULU! Get your act together and realize that more men would be spending a heck of a lot more money at your stores if you would stop with the 15" leg openings!! My dream pants would be cut exactly like these, same fabric, but maybe with a tiny amount more leg room, calf room and ankle room. April 14, 2015
Perfect - more dark work usable colours Worn them twice to lunch yoga because I was in a rush - super comfy. Made from a stretch material that doesn't look too synthetic. Has a leg hugging fit so they get stuck at my runner's calves when I get up after sitting down - a small price to pay for the perfect bike commute pants. Cool in hot weather and fine in cold weather, but too light for standing around in freezing temperatures. Please, please, more darker colours that I can actually use for work. April 14, 2015
ABC Pant - Waist size is not correct The ABC pant waist sizing is not correct. A 30" waist is more like a 28". Not sure on the intention of the fit but moving up a size to 32, the pant itself is too baggy all around. The length and overall fit is great but unfortunately won't be purchasing due to the incorrect waist size. Perhaps a review of the waist sizing? April 14, 2015