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ABC Pant (Regular)

this durable fabric helps protect against light wind and rain

why we made this

We designed these pants with all-day comfort and performance in mind - seriously, you're going to want to live in them. A wide paneled gusset and four-way stretch Warpstreme™ fabric make these pants commute, travel and sweat ready. We get it, you're going places.

fabric + features

  • ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering gives you and the family jewels room to breathe
  • sweat-wicking Warpstreme fabric is four-way stretch
  • trouser waistband with belt loops sits comfortably on your hips
  • roll up the cuffs for reflectivity on dawn or dusk rides
  • six pockets make it easy to stash and dash
  • slim fit ensures your pants and your bike chain won't cross paths
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: no sweat (technical and functional gear to keep sweat in check)
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: slim
  • inseam: 33"
  • leg opening: 153/4"
  • hemmable: yes
  • p.s.: hemming will lose the reflective cuff feature
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$128.00 USD
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ABC Pant (Regular) 4.2 5 41 41
ABC Pant Loooove all your products. Have every color of every item of clothing you manufacturer. Only complaint I have is on ABC pant fly. On top of fly, the fabric always folds over, exposing the zipper. Therefore, seems like fly is open. Your image on your website depicts the fly folded over to a lessor degree, that area needs to be reinforced. Otherwise, these pants ROCK!! October 8, 2014
great pants, but fragile First of all, these pants are some of the comfiest things I have ever worn. But something that bothers me regarding the durability is that after only wearing them a couple times, one of the belt loops ripped off. I wasn't exercising in the either, I was sitting down in a chair. I hadn't even washed them yet. I'm not sure if this is a common thing or if it is just a default, but I would definitely recommend these pants once this problem gets figured out. October 8, 2014
Best Pants Ever! THE GOOD (Style, Flexibility, Functionality, Fit) I got these originally to wear to Canada's Wonderland in the summer but I wanted something that I could also wear casually or to work. I wanted pants that were light and stylish, something I could wear all day while moving around a lot in the heat as well as on cool nights. These pants are perfect for all of that. The right amount of air gets through the fabric when your outside to keep you cool and they are thin enough that you don't get uncomfortable indoors or when it is hotter out. They are really comfy on the body. The have the perfect pocket for a phone, even my new iPhone 6, they are the only pants I have that I can put my phone in and forget it, not having to worry about it slipping out when sitting down, getting in and out of my car ect. this goes for wallets and other stuff as well. The pockets have a perfect balance between tight and loose. The pants have a slim straight style fit that is perfect on the upper and lower legs. The leg opening at the ankle leaves a good amount of room to show your shoes, meaning the leg opening is very slime which is a big plus for me cuz I hate when pants are wider at the bottom when they are suppose to be a slim fit style. The pants have an overall clean and simple stylish look, the pockets on the back have a cool and simple look that don't stand out and the material of the pants seem very high quality. THE BAD (Sizing and Color) I chose the color blue (cove) originally and size 34, even though I am usually a 32 or 33 since I know you got to size up on this site. They were a bit too tight on the waist so I had to return them for a size 36 which fit perfect. I don't fit size 36 in any other brand so that was weird but I guess this site generally runs really small. I had to size up 1 size in the past for gym pants but for these casual type dress pants that have a less flexible waist I needed to go up 2 sizes. Not that big an issue because now I know for the future. As for color, the blue (cove) is not the best shade of blue, they are a brighter blue, that is almost purple looking in real life. The color reminded me of pants the Joker would wear. I have to admit though I only tried them on once in indoor lighting so maybe they are nicer looking outside. Anyway I returned them for grey (soot) and I was really happy with that color. THE UGLY (Exchange, Refund and Length) I wish they could have better exchange options for people who don't live near a brick and mortar store. I had to create a whole new order online for the size up and return the other pair in the mail and wait for the refund. I would have preferred an option of just returning the first pair in the mail and waiting for them to do the exchange, thus not paying anything more. The way they do it now you pretty much pay for your pants all over again and than you have to wait up to 2 weeks for your original refund which is really annoying because you essentially end up paying double for your one pair of pants in the short term. This was kind of a pain in the butt and I know they would probably say they do it this way because you get the pants you want faster but I was in no rush and would actually prefer waiting for my other pants than have to pay another $100 and than wait for the super slow refund. I had to get size tall instead of regular and they fit good but are probably about an inch and a half too long and I am 6'1. The regular ones fit fine but to be honest they could have been an inch longer than they were, so I am personally better off with the taller option I think. In shoes there are no issues at all but when wearing them inside with socks on they hang to low to the ground and you can find yourself tripping on them if not careful. THE END I have got lots of compliments on these pants and right now they are my favorite pants. I definitely would get another pair or two since I want them in more colors and I would highly recommend these pants since they are super comfy and have that perfect business or casual look. That was a lot of info but whatever it's so you know how awesome these pants are. I give them the #1 pants of the year award so you know they're good haha. October 8, 2014
Awesome Just bought another pair. Definitely size up (normally 32 and got 34), but that may just be how the sizing works here. anyway, went to a client meeting (business casual) in them with a button down and jacket, and then took them in the local trout stream for the afternoon. Worked like a charm, was dry after wading them 20-30 minutes later on the drive home. Super awesome September 25, 2014
hipster pants they run small in the waist and are very tiny around the ankles. Be aware of the return policy because it is only two weeks and if you are like me and live no were near a store, you will be stick with a pair of pants no one can wear... i found this out 16 days after i purchased them(i.e. 2 days past the policy) and could not get help from the store or from customer service. September 19, 2014
Looks like dress pants, feels like wearing nothing As an IT worker I have to look professional (business casual) but sometimes need to craw around do physical work. These allow me to move freely and look fantastic. No more binding wool dress pants for me and my junk. September 19, 2014
Amazing but... I bought these pants for my husband who is a 32 in all pants. He typically wears a medium in lulu gear. He found these pants to be super comfy but way too tight in the waist. We are wondering if there is a chance they are mis-sized or should order the next size up. He really wants a pair. September 12, 2014
perfect for normal guys I'm not a slim guy.... 5'11" and 185lb. I was reluctant to wear a slim fit pant. My wife got these for me as a gift and are my absolute favorite pair of pants. They are as comfortable as any of the normal lulu yoga pants I own but better looking than most of my dress pants. September 9, 2014
Game Changer I will never Golf in another pair of pants again after finding these. The comfort and mobility is like nothing I have ever experienced. September 2, 2014
Great for Ballet As a Professional Ballet Dancer, I love wearing these pants for class and all day of rehearsal. In ballet you still wanna be able see the lines and positions you create, the ABC pants are great because it is a fitted pant without restriction. I also wear these for climbing, next will be to travel on a plane with these. I loved these so much I bought a second pair. I would love a third. September 1, 2014