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Kung Fu Pant 2.0 (Regular)

Our signature four-way stretch fabric is sweat-wicking and cottony soft - we love this high-performance fabric for its serious stretch and recovery

why we made this

It doesn't matter how good we are, it's impossible to do a deep lunge in a pair of jeans. We developed these pants with our Luon® fabric because it's sweat-wicking, four-way stretch and breathable. After all, we want to be able to move freely after our yoga practice.

fabric + features

  • our cottony-soft Luon fabric is engineered for serious stretch and recovery
  • Luon fabric is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch and breathable
  • we narrowed the leg opening for an updated, slimmer fit
  • two hip pockets and two rear pockets for your cards and keys
  • chafe-resistant flat seams won't rub you the wrong way
  • athletic fit for a muscular posterior (that's hockey butt in layman's terms)
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: post sweat (easy-to-layer gear to cool you down)
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: athletic
  • inseam: 32"
  • leg opening: 171/2"
  • hemmable: yes
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$98.00 USD
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Kung Fu Pant 2.0 (Regular) 3.5 5 18 18
Great fit and functional These fit great, got them hemmed and they are perfect for working out or running errands. I have not had any issues with these and they have lasted many workouts and washes. I can do anything in these. January 21, 2015
Perfect lounge pants Bought these for my boyfriend for Christmas against his wishes... he basically lives in them now, even said he would wear them to the bar. The fit is very flattering - all previous reviews complaining about fit I am going to say they bought the wrong size. For reference (since no one else gave reference numbers) he has a 30 inch waist, 24 inch thighs and a 32 inch inseam. He is an ultra marathon runner and the fit works well, they are a tad long however but not obnoxiously so (put on a pair of shoes and they are not dragging). Overall very satisfied with the purchase. Also have no issues with pockets gaping or bulging - again buy the pants in the right size and you will have no problem. January 9, 2015
Great fit and style but fabric smells weird. I love these pants, They fit great and are extremely comfortable, however the fabric seems to have a strange smell to it that honestly smells like urine. After buying the pants and wearing them for the first time It was all I could smell. I spent hours trying to determine where this smell was coming from and then sadly realized it was my brand new pants! So I immidiately put them in the wash and they still smelled like urine! :( As much as I love these pants I don't think I will ever wear them again as I just can't stand the smell! January 6, 2015
Nice, but pockets flare out I have two pairs of these, one in black, one in dark grey. They're nice pants, but they fit a bit differently based on color. The black ones fit well. They're a tad bit baggier below the knees than the dark grey ones. They're comfortable & overall nice. The dark grey ones I like a little better. They're very slightly less baggy from the knee down than the black ones, and the material is nice. One criticism: the pockets are stitched too big on the dark grey ones. I'm a 34 waist, 30 length, but the pockets on the dark grey pair manage to flare out anyways (unlike on the black pair). My quads are a regular size, I have a rounded workout routine and I bike, but if I had no muscle on my legs the pockets might not flare out. Both pairs are in large. Go figure. Got the free hemming done on both pairs. Great hemming job. I would recommend these to a friend, save for that one pocket issue. Maybe it's the style? I don't know. Doesn't happen with cheaper sweats, or with the black version that I bought. October 26, 2014
Don't try on these pants... ...because if you do, you won't want to wear anything else. And you won't care how silly you think the pocket flaps in the back look. You'll just realize how terribly comfortable these pants are, and you'll start questioning whether it would be socially acceptable to wear your (new) yoga pants out to bars on the weekends. Seriously, they feel that good. And with respect to the comments about "masculine legs" and "hockey butt" not fitting in these pants... I've never played hockey, but I did play four years of college tennis and am currently training for the Boston Marathon, and I had no issues finding a way to get my legs to fit in these pants :) In fact, the more "tailored" cut (if you will) of the pants is my favorite thing about them. October 11, 2014
Great Pants I was looking for pants to wear to yoga and bought these after reading the reviews. They are perfect- very comfortable and don't look like sweat pants. They are warm enough but not too warm. I don't typically write reviews but these deserve mention because they are simply awesome! How about making a khaki colored? October 11, 2014
Favorite Sweatpants These have been the best pants for working out i have ever bought. They are so great i even bought multiple pairs. These are great for hitting the gym in the morning or taking the long cold walks to class (I'm a college student) October 2, 2014
"THE FLIGHT PANT" Review of the Kung Fu pant: So this pant was brought to my attention by my best friend(he brought me to my first yoga class nearly 4yrs ago), who was advised by both his younger and older brothers to get the "LULULEMON NINJA PANTS" ASAP (these guys aren't the type to read labels... ha ha)- and, that one pair of this pant would soon become "what you live in." So, as it turns out, both my best friend (i owed him one and bought him a pair) and I have been wearing this pant nearly everywhere we go ever since.... these are our thoughts: These have truly become beloved, more so than any other article of clothing. This is due to the fact that they fill a role/roles not theretofore filled by any article of clothing, and I wonder whether this is a possible problem when attempting to market this pant. I will explain: this pant has become that which I slip on when I want to be clean and comfy at home, that which I wear when I want to be comfy going out for a quiet dinner with friends, that which I put on for a long flight abroad... These are not multiple roles normally ascribed to one pant, at least not any that I've ever worn!!! Thus I propose a name change- "The Flight Pant." Who does Kung fu these days (other than me of course- ha ha serious I do)? And at first blush having found these on an internet catalog, this pant comes off as not quite slacks, but somewhat like Kung fu sweat pants(who wears sweat pants?!). This pant should be aimed at the professional, fit gentlemen of the world who dread getting on the red eye and want to be comfortable but still maintain a semblance of professional composure- these pants allow all sorts of yoga contortions to easily make one comfortable in an airline seat, easy access to pockets for passports especially back pockets with sewn shut side/top for good retention of said documents, and flexibility of all pockets to allow access to contents even when in a seated position, and with the ends of the pant legs loose and breathable on occasional hot flight moments but warm enough for high altitude travel. In conclusion, I think aiming to fill a need that gentlemen have, but were otherwise unaware they needed to fill- namely they need a "Flight Pant"- could serve to get this highly essential garment into the hands of those whose legs need them the most! Truly, Jackson PS- did i mention they're the bomb for yoga? haa PSS- these pants do not "pill." I find these reviews mentioning pilling highly surprising- perhaps these folks are throwing them in the hot dryer everyday? I have worn these for months, begrudgingly taking them off for cleaning- usually to air dry them on a line or light dry in dryer then hang dry for several hours... I have more than occasionally pressed them up against hiking pack velcro- very aggressive stuff- and to my surprise and chagrin they have never been injured. These things don't pull unless you have some steel wool and a bit of time on your hands!!! October 1, 2014
Better than the original! I really liked these pants better than the original Kung Fu pants--they're great for the slimmer leg and less bagginess. I don't see the problem of the other reviewers in issues with not enough room in the legs, and my thighs are definitely not skinny. I would say, though, that Lululemon needs a better pair of pants for guys who do activities like yoga and pilates, because we need a slimmer leg--maybe even a mens legging? Are you listening Lulu? I may be the only guy in my barre class, but I still want to look good. September 3, 2014
2nd pair after return and there is still pilling These pants are not worth the money, pure and simple. I returned my first pair a few months ago because of pilling. The second pair has done the same, again around the crotch. Not worth the money for apparent complete lack of quality. I highly recommend against purchasing these pants. September 2, 2014