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Coastal Jacket *Special Edition

why we made this

Deep woods or downtown, we designed this wet-weather jacket to help keep you dry in a downpour. Strategic venting is engineered to prevent overheating and Twill fabric lets you move freely but is still tough enough to handle a little bushwhacking.

fabric + features

  • made with durable three-layer fabric and panels of stretch two-and-a-half layer Twill
  • Taped seams help keep you dry
  • Cinchable hood and snap off cuffs help keep rain out
  • Lined pockets, collar and cuffs add warmth
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: no sweat (technical and functional gear to keep sweat in check)
  • fabric(s): Twill
  • fit: athletic
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$248.00 USD
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Coastal Jacket *Special Edition 5 5 1 1
One Rain Jacket To Rule Them All Love this jacket. Never seen a rain jacket with twill fabric before. It looks and feels like cotton canvas. Ran it under the faucet, yup, it sheds water. The only rain jacket(s) I've seen with a fabric that wasn't Gore-texy are the fancy ones by Sanyo. Those are super expensive wool jackets made in Japan that shed water. They are super fashionable too, but to me they look kind of old fashioned (like a wool overcoat) and I'm a younger person who wants something edgier, something that looks more hip, something that doesn't look out of place when I'm wearing sweatpants and running shoes. The regular coastal jacket for men is black (or other) and it really does look and feel like your typical rain jacket. It's all nylon (or polyester) with a solid color. I have a rain jacket by Outdoor Research but it makes a lot of noise when I wear it and it gets super hot. It also looks, works, and feels like a typical rain jacket which is precisely why I don't like wearing it. The Coastal SE is special. It doesn't make tons of noise when you are walking with it and the twill fabric gives it a softer appearance (like a regular jacket). There is soft felt lining in the collar, cuffs, and pockets to make it feel warmer and more comfortable, like a regular jacket. This is the kind of jacket you can wear when it's a little cold outside and it will keep the warm air in. I don't mind wearing this even when it's not raining outside and believe me, at $248 this jacket is going to see some good use. It's a fitted look just like all of Lululemon's products for men. The size L fits me well and I'm a fairly typical size L. The sleeves come down a bit, but I think it's to keep the water off of the back of the hands and is not a design flaw. I don't understand how this could be sold out so fast. Seems like I just saw this released maybe less than 1 month ago. Got my jacket from store in Portland, OR. Zero sales tax, love it. I feel like I made out like a bandit. The chest pocket has a hole to thread your headphones through. Really handsome jacket that makes me look and feel good wearing it. Lululemon has done it again, I feel inspired. September 14, 2014
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