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The Pure Mat 3mm

why we made this

Holding a pose with just one foot grounded can be tough, especially when we're sweating up a storm. We designed this natural rubber mat to help us get a grip when we're feeling shaky in Eagle pose. At 3mm thick it provides us with just enough cushioning but still keeps us connected to the studio floor.

fabric + features

  • cushion your hands and feet with two layers of natural rubber
  • practice on the textured side for a grippier feel
  • antimicrobial additive helps to prevent mold and mildew from growing on the mat
  • closed-cell nature of this mat makes it easy to clean - just spray down with soapy water or tea tree oil
  • first impressions aren't everything - the rubbery smell of this mat will fade over time
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): natural rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 71" long x 26" wide
  • weight: 4.9lbs; 2.2kg
  • thickness: 3mm
$48.00 USD
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{"ONE SIZE":[["9354","3482954"]]}

The Pure Mat 3mm 2.2 5 59 59
Slip and Slide I wanted a thin, lightweight mat for regular, warm, and occasional hot practice. I liked how The Mat functioned, but thought it was too heavy to lug around. Unfortunately, I'm lugging around this mat PLUS multiple towels to make it thorough a non-heated class just so I don't wind up face first on the floor! It's lightweight and it doesn't smell but it's slippery as heck. It's so bad that if I head to a hot class I'll borrow a cheap studio mat instead just so I don't hurt myself! The worse thing is, I don't even sweat that much but it's still too slippery. I really really wanted to like this mat as I am a huge fan of most Lulu products but this just isn't working for me. Sad face. September 7, 2014
DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY I got this mat as a gift because I had started practicing more and wanted a high quality mat. This mat is truly worse than my previous mat from Target. I practice all types of yoga and this mat has caused me to leave practice annoyed plenty of times. It smells STILL (after 8 months) and its SO slippery and now bubbles everytime I use it. I bet I spend 5 min per yoga class fixing my mat. Do not buy this mat, it's truly not useful for any type of yoga. September 3, 2014
allergic I have washed this mat well and more than once and yet I still get a red rash all over my body and mostly on my face during use and after use that is painful and itchy. I am assuming it is an allergic reaction although I have never had any reaction to latex or anything in my life. Other than that this mat is slippery and stinky and a distraction from my practice :(. September 3, 2014
Smelly and scuffed after a month of use I received this mat as a gift from a friend and I was really excited to finally have a high quality mat to practice on. However after a month of use (3-4 times a week), the terrible smell still lingers and it embarrasses me to use in my studio. I also have a lighter color and it looks like it has gotten run over by a car from the scuff marks it has picked up. I tried cleaning with baking soda, lemon, and tee tree oil and the smell still hasn't gone away. I wish there was an alternative, but since the mat was quite pricey, I feel obligated to stick with it even though I'm not fully satisfied. I would suggest purchasing a mat elsewhere if you're looking to invest in one. September 3, 2014
The Smell....Oh The Smell Was excited to finally replace my old yoga mat with a new high quality mat; the Pure Mat had all the qualities I was looking for, so I didn't think twice when the mat description suggested to air the mat out prior to use. Well, there is a reason for that suggestion - the mat smells. The smell of rubber is very, very strong and unrelenting, it permeates everything (skin, hair, clothing). I have washed my mat after every class and it has been outside since it was purchased and the smell is not dissipating. Unfortunately I cannot and will not continue to use the Pure Mat in practice. I'm disappointed in you lululemon for creating a mat with such bad off-gassing - what is the solution, is there a fix? Please let me know. August 31, 2014
Good all purpose mat I've had this mat for 8+ year and it does the job fine. Being a bit of a germaphobe, I like to have my own gear. It is not the best mat out there due to its thickness but it is better than the mats which are usually supplied at the gym and outdoor fitness classes. My mat colour is light green on the bottom and dark green on the top. I don't have any stains on it besides a small rip on the top which was caused by a sharp metal pole during an outdoor fitness class. I use a piece of terry cloth and a mix of water and lemon juice to remove grass stains and dirt. For sweat and odour, I give my mat a bath in mild detergent, a good rinse and hang dry. At the moment I use my mat once a week for vinyasa yoga but I've used it for cross-training outdoors with dirty running shoes, grass, etc, and it was great. Despite the age of my mat, it is still in good condition; it hasn't stretched, there are no "compressed spots" on the mat where I frequently do a pose (warrior, downward dog, etc.) and no discolouration. It's lightweight, my mat weighs in just under 3 lbs, therefore straps on easily to my backpack. It has a good grippy surface and I've never slipped on it. Mine also has a centre line on it which has helped me on a few occasions to align my hips (I don't think that the newer versions have this feature). I picked up "the towel" a few weeks back since it was on sale and it does not slip when combined with this mat. I would recommend this mat to casual yogis or to people who need an all purpose mat which can be used for other activities. August 23, 2014
slippery sucker I bought this mat about 5 months ago and I was really excited to finally get my first high quality yoga mat! I was expecting no issues since I am already beyond satisfied with lulus yoga wear. I loved the color - and didn't mind the smell. However this mat is so slippery I can't use it. I've used it maybe 15 times and always leave class frustrated. Mind you I practice a mild vinyasa - I have found myself focusing more on not slipping/falling on the person next to me than my practice. Very disappointed in the quality as now it just sits in my closet August 12, 2014
Be careful if you have a latex allergy... It's my own fault, but I bought the mat without thinking about what it was made out of first. Unfortunately, I am allergic to latex, and after using the mat I noticed I was breaking out in hives. After doing a little more research I realized that this mat is made with natural rubber and LATEX... A very common substance that causes irritation after repeated exposure. Not a great substance to put in something that people will be laying on frequently. I do want to say apart from the latex issue, I really like the mat. I like that it is very stable when it is rolled out.. the ends don't tend to stay "rolled" and it lays perfectly flat (which is why I bought it), and I find it is very cushy despite being only 3mm. If you do not have an allergy it is a great mat! August 10, 2014
progressively dissappointing I bought this mast in January (about 5 months ago) and have hardly been able to use it, I have used it for simple hatha-flow yoga classes - nothing too hard, or causing too much sweat, however every time I bring it out I am more and more upset with it. First of all, it is unbelievably slippery. I understand that it is not meant for hot yoga, or anything like that and its not really meant to be ultra-grippy, but when I am in a cool room, doing basic poses like a downward dog and I cant even keep my hands from slipping down the stupid mat, it goes to show how little grip I actually have. Very disappointing. Secondly, I have used it a maximum of 30 times in the last 5 months and it is somehow covered in scratches. Once again, I get that wear and tear does happen, and that's just life, but I have tried my hardest to take care of this mat. I let it dry out after every use, even if I haven't sweat on it, I keep it wrapped up in a yoga mat bag when I'm not using it, I don't use it outside, or anywhere other than the yoga studio for that mater, but somehow it has gotten scratched. Not just a scratch or two, it looks like I have left it laying on my kitchen floor for my kids and dogs to tear up. Seriously disappointing. For the amount I paid, I wasn't expecting some super-yoga-mat, but I was at least hoping for something that would work for easy, hatha-flow type classes, and this simply isn't cutting it. I will NOT be buying another, and I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy. July 29, 2014
Just OK I tried the Pure Mat as a solution to my issues with 'The Mat' (I couldn't handle the smell!). I'm happy to report that the smell of this mat is much more bearable than the other, thicker lulu mats. However, it does not have the same cushion or absorption properties as 'The Mat'. Therefore, I would only recommend this mat to someone who just wants a nice, thin, lightweight mat. As for me, I am going to give 'The Mat' another go! July 25, 2014
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