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The Big Mat

why we made this

Our tall yogis want LOTS of space to stretch out in the studio, so we made a bigger mat with natural rubber for cushiony support. It's wider and longer than The Mat and has a polyurethane top layer to help us get a grip in our sweatiest practice.

fabric + features

  • large design gives you more space to practice
  • thick rubber construction is cushioning in any pose
  • polyurethane coating stays grippy even in a sweaty Vinyasa class
  • an antimicrobial additive helps prevent mold and mildew
  • wipe your mat down with warm, soapy water or soak it after a super sweaty class
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): polurethane, rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 84" x 29" (213cm x 74cm)
  • weight: 8.25lbs (3.75kg)
  • thickness: 5mm
$88.00 USD
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{"0001":[["ONE SIZE","3482705"]],"13228":[["ONE SIZE","3542633"]]}
{"ONE SIZE":[["0001","3482705"],["13228","3542633"]]}

The Big Mat 3.9 5 16 16
product did not perform for this yogi I purchased the The Big Mat, color: black size: ONE SIZE sku # 3482705 along with a mat strap. I am a tall male who practices hot yoga numerous times each week. I was under the impression that your mat was designed for hot yoga. I have followed your instructions very carefully, I washed the mat in mild soap and allowed it to air out for the first week. After each practice I wipe with mild soap and rinse off with plain water then allow to air dry. The first time I used it has been the only time that I have been satisfied with this mat. I am only using it only once a week to allow it to dry completely out. I have a vigorous practice of five sessions per week and sweat profusely and cannot use the "Big Mat" in my daily practice. I have slipped and have had the mat move from under me during a hour and a half practice. I am extremely unhappy with your product and would not recommend to anyone who practices hot yoga regularly and sweats. Thanks Harold Smith 200RYT April 15, 2014
Didnt work for me I somehow have not been able to get this mat to work for me. I'm 6'1, 210 lbs and sweat PROFUSELY. I've been doing yoga for a couple of year now, and about 3 months ago "graduated" to doing power yoga. I needed a mat that did not cause me to slip, and my wife, who also uses a Lulu Lemon mat recommended that I invest in this, as it would help me big time with my yoga practice. Well, after about a month of trying this mat, I must say that I cant get it to work. I tried all possible things - using both sides of the mat and having a wet towel to rest my hands on. Moreover, since I am not the most graceful yogi where I can transition/flow seamlessly, the transitions from plank to forward fold and getting into any of the warrior poses cause folds to appear on the mat and for air bubbles to form between the floor and the mat, which is disruptive at best and dangerous at worst. In about 20 mins there is a ton of sweat, and I end up slipping, both on my palms and my feet when I flow get into tree/airplane poses. I have to constantly wipe the sweat off the polyurethane side. I tried reversing the side, which absorbs the sweat no doubt, but then because it oozes out and causes me to slip when I am in plank or down dog. Nothing against the sales woman who sold me the mat, but I specifically asked her about 5-6 times on whether she was sure that this would work with me because I sweat so much, and she assured me it would. Unfortunately it has not worked. I hope LuluLemon is able to come up with a solution for people like me and have a product out there that works. I must say though, getting this mat has certainly made my yoga practice MUCH better. As long as I don't slip, I am able to do the poses much better. I used to have the cheap mats before, and it was not the same. My knees and ankles used to hurt when I sat in Virasana on other mats, and the thickness of the mat make it very comfortable for me to sit in this pose for an extended period of time. March 25, 2014
Great mat Im 6'5" and new to yoga. I rentened mats at first, but the length was a problem. I've found this mat to meet my needs quite well. There is a smell to it at first, but it's really not an issue anymore. March 10, 2014
Big Mat I am 6ft. tall so when I am laying down, either the back of my head or my heals hang off the mat onto the studio floor, the length of the big mat solved all problems, the width of it and the awesome feel are just an added bonus, awesome mat overall and would recommend it to anyone a little taller that doesn't like to go off their mat. February 21, 2014
Long & Thick I've been through a few mats for yoga and I'd put this at the top of the list. I can hold my poses without slipping and I like the plain black color as most of my mats are brighter colors. This works and is well made and I'm confident will last me for years. After a few days the odor is gone. This is a staple that I leave in my car for last minute yoga opportunities. January 31, 2014
Too many whiners Let's review some basics - 1. No one's yoga mat smells like hydrangeas if you bury your nose in it! Add a drop or two of essential oil. Let it air dry for a week with an open window. Any cloth mat is going to soak up your sweat, dirt, and odor. This one doesn't really. I wipe mine down with a hot water rag to dissolve the salt/dirt from sweat. That helps a lot. In other words, not using soap consistently which is asking for a slippery soap scum residue on it. We all sweat and make a mess. It's a good thing, and no material for a mat is perfect if you want to stay clean and smell nice. 2. When you have a roll of rubber, the gases will build up. The smell when I opened it was pretty strong, but thats physics with rubber. I let it air dry in a room with some coffee beans for a week and it hasn't been enough to bother me since. Either get a mat that gives you good grip or don't. 3. This mat doesn't "collect dirt". You just see it. There's a difference. Every mat collects dirt. Wipe it off and do your practice. 4. This is a larger mat. It's made a huge difference for me being able to stretch forward in lunges and dogs and stay on the mat at all times. I wouldn't expect this mat to be necessary but for taller individuals. If you're tall enough to need it, you appreciate it for how it contributes to your practice, not for how it looks to your friends or any of the other things I mentioned. Because of the size and material, it's also a touch heavier. I'm surprised someone isn't complaining about that... I do yoga a few times a week and am excited to increase my practices more. I don't have great knees from previous injuries (sprains/dislocations), but I was surprised at how comfortable it was for me. I can sit on my knees pretty easily. It's not thick but it does absorb contact well - better than a cloth mat btw - but not thick enough to bother balance. It's a good design. It shouldn't be thinner or thicker. It shouldn't be a different material. It shouldn't smell like pancakes. It shouldn't improve your status in life. It should however make a full-proof contribution to your yoga routine. It does! I love it. January 19, 2014
Great mat, but not perfect I love how big it is. Love how after moving from position to position, my head is never facing the dirty studio floor. I'm 5'9" and I think it's perfect size for me. It is a bit embarrassing to unroll it, because it is noticeably larger than everyone else's. I followed the directions about letting it air out...mine still smells pretty bad 1 month into using it 6 days a week. It has some marks on it already from everyday wear and tear. It is heavy, but I figure carrying it is part of my workout. ;) I wish it came in a fun color, but at least to mat straps are fun colors. January 12, 2014
VERY disappointing... I just purchased the Big Mat over the holidays after using the Manduka XL mat over the last couple of years. Lots of people who have the reg Lulu mat have raved to me about the lulu mats so i decided to give it a try when my manduka was taken. I have used it 3-4 times and my experience has been disappointing to say the least. I have a strong 3-4 times a week Vinyasa practice. While i get a great grip on the mat the mat slips on the ground and bubbles/bunches up alot near my feet. I primarily do vinyasa and I have never heard of this problem on the lululemon mats before but its happening to me. I dont know if this is a defective mat or this is a common problem with the Big mats. I really enjoy that fact that you dont need a towel on the mat because of the incredible grip and that its even bigger then the manduka but the bubling and slipping of the mat seem very dangerous for my practice. January 9, 2014
This is the worst yoga mat ever made. I'm on my second "Big Mat". Lululemon refuses to refund me my money (they do not offer a refund if the mat has been used). So here's the soon as this mat off gasses, the polyurethane coating wears off, and the mat no longer performs as sold. The big mat is sold by lululemon associates as the "rolls royce" of yoga mats, and guaranteed to grip better than any other mat during a sweaty yoga practice. "That's great" I said, "I sweat profusely when I do yoga". They said the more I sweat, the gripper the mat gets. The first time I used it, the mat performed as I was told it would. I washed it with me in the shower using a gentle soap. Rinsed well and dried it in my shed overnight. The next time I practiced, I was sliding all over the mat. It had zero grip. In fact, it was worse then freshly waxed marble. This mat SUCKS! Instead of having a fantastic yoga practice, I focused on the confrontation i was going to have to have with lululemon staff. Because, this is the second time this has happened with the same mat. November 17, 2013
Such a difference! I am 5'9" so the length of The Mat could have been fine, but sometimes like to practice in places I'm not so sure about the cleanliness of the floor. I wanted a mat where I didn't have to worry about running out of mat space. I debated a long time between the long Manduka Black Mat Pro and Lulu's the big mat. I decided to try this one honestly because it's cheaper and I couldn't be happier. The sweat absorption is amazing for yoga and other workouts like Pure Barre at home and I never have to worry about running out of mat space (or being a little too close in a crowded studio). After laying my mat out a few days the smell was almost gone so I didn't find that to be a big deal. Awesome mat! May 24, 2013
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