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The Small Towel

why we made this

Sometimes our sweaty palms make gripping the mat near impossible. For moments of slickness, we designed this mini microfibre towel to be small enough to always have on hand. When things get messy, we place it under our hands or feet - we've also been known to tuck it into our bag when we're heading to a spin class or to the gym.

fabric + features

  • microfibre is soft, lightweight and super absorbent - perfect for your sweaty workouts
  • they're mini, so carry two - one for your mat and one for an after class wipe down
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): microfibre
  • dimensions: 26" x 16" (66cm x 40.6cm)
$18.00 USD
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{"ONE SIZE":[["4297","3492138"],["0845","3532689"],["12172","3533364"]]}

The Small Towel 4.4 5 17 17
Much needed This is the product I've been waiting! The size is perfect for keeping the sweat out of your eyes during an amazing spin class. It is so absorbent. I have the blue, which is such an uplifting color. I'm going to purchase another one so that I can always have a clean towel when the other is in the wash. Love it! March 6, 2014
Great once you get used to it! The texture of this towel was awkward at first. It took me a couple of uses to get used to. It's much thinner than a normal bath towel, but it does seem to do a good job of mopping up the sweat while staying relatively dry. The size is just right. I prefer this over my other workout towel, but it does seem to be overpriced. I bought the vintage pink and it's a little more of a purple in person. February 23, 2014
Perfect! Does what it is intended to I waited awhile to write a review to see how this "Small Towel" held up over time. It has been great! My hands used to slip all over during my yoga practice and this has completely solved that problem. I keep it sprawled out at the front of my mat and am no longer distracted and frustrated by my slipping. It has worked well for me every single time I have used it and it is a great small size for carrying around. I do wish there were more darker colors available as this is a workout towel and can dirty easily, but oh well color doesn't change the functionality. This has been a great purchase and I do recommend it if you need something to help with slipping! February 1, 2014
Great Little thing I recently started doing hot yoga, but I was not appreciating little drops of sweat going into my mouth and nose so I was looking for a a hand towel rather than trying to use the big towel on my mat. I found this one and it was on sale at my local lulu in split pea. I used it at my next class and it was the perfect size to keep next to my mat and grab during quick water breaks. It is also very soft which is a plus. December 6, 2013
small is a little big great absorbency, and I love how I can roll it up and fit it in my bag easily. this is a great towel, but it's kind of big. I just want a simple tiny towel just for my face. but if you want a bigger towel I definitely recommend this one. August 10, 2013
simple-perfect I love it. Its just that simple. Everyone needs a good small towel during a sweaty yoga class. This is your towel. It has the perfect feel, and grip. When I opened it, I was not convinced. You don't really see how well it works until you use it in class. July 30, 2013
Perfect towel I'm giving this 5 stars because now they come in more colors. I snabbed a blue one yesterday! I had the light grey one but hated the color because it looked so filthy so fast and I perfer fun colors. Ok now fur its functionality...this thing is super soft and soaks up sweat. I use it to lay down on my bench for bodypump and it fits perfect and feels like a little mattress pad its so cozy. Its not super thick nor super thin. and the small size is perfect. July 29, 2013
Perfect! I bought this towel because all of my tops are racerback & I HATE sticking to the back of the recumbent bike at the gym. I now drape it over the back of all of the equipment & I'm so much more comfortable not sliding around and/or sticking to everything! It's the perfect size & I'm going to get 1 maybe 2 more. I'm pretty sweaty & I didn't have any issues with absorbing sweat, I certainly don't leave wet spots on the backs of the equipment anymore (I always clean up!). Two people asked me where I got it at the gym today & said they were going to get one. I don't understand the make-up complaints. Who wears all that makeup while working out? I have wipes in my (LL!)bag & take it off before I get started! And besides, that would smear or come off on any towel. I don't understand the hem complaints either - there isn't one, so there's nothing rubbing or irritating me while I'm up against it. A terry towel wouldn't be comfortable at all but then again, I'm not mopping myself off, I'm just using it as a clean, comfortable, surface. I also chatted with a guest educator & was told it's safe to wash with all my LL clothes & do not wash with regular towels. June 17, 2013
Love the towel, not crazy about the hem This towel does the job but I'm not crazy about the hem. Maybe there's a reason for it but I don't find it aesthetically pleasing. I use this towel for yoga, and I also use it on runs. It's lightweight and small enough to either hang on the treadmill or stuff in the back of your crops during an outdoor run. More colors, please! :) June 17, 2013
An unhemmed chamois This towel like fabric is not anything to write home about. I sweat ALOT. I pretty much have a towel for every activity I do. I give it two stars because I can coordinate my towel with my lululemon outfit, but it's basically a piece of thin chamois like material with raw edges. It absorbs well but does not dry quickly. Also, if you have makeup on, your sweat will look like a dark spot of liquid instead of like a bright orange streak ;) even if you just blot (you can't really wipe with this towel anyway). Overall I wouldn't recommend it or buy another but I do use it. Just prefer the terry type towels more for cardio and weight training. May 28, 2013
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