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The Mat

why we made this

We're dedicated to a regular practice, so we designed this ultra-absorbent mat to help us kick some serious asana day after day. It's designed to soak up sweat and wick away moisture – so no matter how sweaty we get, we can always get a grip. We even used an antimicrobial additive to help prevent bacteria and mold from taking hold of our mat.

fabric + features

  • thin polyurethane top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture to help you get a grip
  • thick base layer cushions your hands and feet
  • antimicrobial additive helps prevent mold, bacteria and fungi from taking over your mat
  • natural rubber has a slight smell, but don't worry, it fades over time (we suggest you roll it out to air it out between practices)
  • wipe your mat down with warm, soapy water or soak it after a super sweaty class
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): polyurethane, rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
  • weight: 5.8lbs (2.65kg)
  • thickness: 0.19" (5mm)
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$68.00 USD
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The Mat 3.8 5 914 918
Love... but slipping... I LOVE THIS MAT. I recently decided to try out this mat after using a manduka mat for the last 2 years, and was super excited because I didn't need a towel when I practiced. I was absolutely in love until I started to slip in class. I purchased this mat in January, and now it's starting to loose it's grip. I am slipping in poses like down dog and warrior 2. I used water to clean and hung it over my shower rod to dry, but that didn't seem to help. Not sure if I'll buy another one or just go back to manduka and just use a towel. April 16, 2015
LOVE! I love this mat! This is my third (and most expensive) mat so far, and it is so worth the money that I paid for it! I use it for hot yoga, and even though I sweat like crazy and don't have a mat towel, this mat doesn't get slick! I have not slipped once, and it sticks to the ground well, too. My other two mats were bad about peeling. I would be in down dog and notice pieces of my mat on my feet! No such problem with this mat! I am very pleased! April 15, 2015
Falling Out of Love... and a few down dogs I bought this yoga mat last August and really loved it at first. It's the first mat that I really dropped some money on and have treated it like the prized possession it should be. I've been practicing with it now for 8 months and can no longer practice on it without a towel. I slip and slide like no ones business. April 14, 2015
The BEST mat I absolutely love this yoga mat! The size, the thickness and the grip are great! I use it daily and carry it around to go to the studio. Some may find it a bit heavy. I do mostly hatha flow classes and had no problem at all with the mat. Yes, the smell is bad for the first couple of uses, but it wears off. Very confortable, definitely the best mat I've owned. April 10, 2015
broke out in rash I recently purchased this mat and love it. However, after using it a few times my upper chest broke out in a rash. Is there something I can do to the mat to prevent this from happening again or should I return the mat? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. April 5, 2015
Good mat while it lasted.... Bought this mat in 2012 after my other one was stolen out of my car. Pros: - Overall a good reliable mat that served me well. - loved the ability to use both sides. - During hot, found the smooth side a bit slippy. Then started to practice on the other side. - nice cushion Cons: - really smelled a lot like rubber at the beginning but it went away - can be tedious when putting it into the mat bag - rubber sticks, have to force it in. - NOW - the bottom/stripey side has started to disintegrate, and I have left black marks on yoga studio floors!! Oooh - sorry! And surprised that it's happening! It's only a few years old, I've kept it clean and I used it at least 3 x a week. Not using anymore. QTN: How do I dispose of this mat? Can I bring it back to the store to be recycled or show what has happened? PK April 1, 2015
Mat is no longer sticky on bottom and white stuff i LOVED my mat, but after a month of practicing I noticed that there was a lot of stains after class, like scrapes and wet marks, but i found this odd since I don't sweat much at all. SO, I washed my mat. A woman in the luluemon store told me to just shower with my mat, so i did. It took FOREVER to dry and when it did dry, there were all these white stains on the back of it (spongy side). I went to yoga the following week, and I was sliding everywhere. It would lift up in the middle of class. I went away for 6 days and when I came back and used my mat, I was still sliding everywhere. I tried rinsing it with water, thinking there was soap on it, but the same thing happened (sliding) and the white stuff remained. Can I exchange for a new one? I've only had it 2 months! March 30, 2015
Excellent grip but needs lots of airing out I bought this mat because I was looking for something with great grip, and The Mat had a reputation for being very grippy. I'm happy to report that the grip is great and, extra bonus, the padding is generous enough that I use this one mat instead of my previous two mats. If you are going to buy this mat, be aware that you will need to open it up and air it out, outside, for a couple of weeks at least. I don't have chemical sensitivity but it smells very strongly like rubber (think tires) and the odour is very distracting at first. I gave four stars because of the smell and because of the high price point. March 29, 2015
My mat tore :( I have had a Lululemon 'The Mat' for 7+ years and felt it was time to retire the old one. I purchased a new blue one with hopes of it lasting me another 7+ years. The first class was great. My mat was sticky enough for my hot yoga classes (felt even stickier than I remember my last mat being) that I didn't need a towel. Unfortunately, when I rolled out my mat for my second class, the sticky top coat stuck to itself and tore! I'm so disappointed and didn't even save the receipt since I never dreamed of having to return it. March 25, 2015
Best Hot Yoga Mat I purchased this mat a month ago when I began doing hot yoga. It was recommended to me by a woman at my studio and I love it! I do hot yoga 5-6 times a week and with this mat I do not need a mat towel, I actually prefer to use it without one. The woman who recommended it to me (and after reading reviews online as well) warned about the smell at the beginning and sweat marks, so I decided to get the black mat. After every class, I wipe my mat down using cleaner they provide at my studio and once I'm home, I hang it over my railing upstairs to air it out. The mat did have a bit of a smell at first, but it's rubber so that's expected. After a solid month of using it, the smell is gone and the sweat marks disappear once hung to air out. As for scuff marks mentioned in recent reviews, I've noticed some, but to me that is to be expected for anything that is getting this much use. This mat doesn't slide or slip, it provides a great base for balancing positions, and I really couldn't be happier with it. I have no regrets purchasing this mat, it is worth every penny! March 24, 2015