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No Boxer Boxer
- Final Sale

why we made this

We designed these boxers to be snug with a bit of stretch so when we're practicing our slam-dunk we don't have to think about bouncing junk. We made them out of wicking fabric that dries quickly so we can work up a sweat without worrying about the extra weight.

fabric + features

  • soft, lightweight fabric is four-way stretch and designed not to shrink
  • the flat-seam construction helps prevent chafing
  • added LYCRA® fibres help your underwear keep its shape
  • preshrunk for hassle-free laundry day
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, run, to-and-from
  • fit: snug
  • inseam: 53/4"
  • leg opening: 53/4"
$24.00 USD
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Bring back the old ones I'm mortified these have replaced the Game on boxers. These slide up and cause your inner thighs to rub. I have 12 or so pair of the old version (longer ones) and I will probably have to move to a new brand if this isn't remedied. July 23, 2014
too small terrible fit. the sales at the store said that with a 32-34 waist and bigger thighs that the medium would fit. he was so wrong. too bad you can't exchange it for a different size. the openings were cutting into my thighs as well. July 22, 2014
Why OH why replace the game on boxer with these??? I literally have over 20 pair of the Game On boxer brief. I have been accumulating them for over 2 years and bought pretty much every color that came out (save for the really weird psychedelic ones). As a big fan, I decided to give the No No boxer a shot, but they are just not the same thing. What the other reviewers say is true, they ride up, and I needed to keep adjusting throughout the day. The magic of the Game On boxer brief is that I never think about underwear when I'm wearing them, they are that comfortable. Any time I have tried anything else in the past 2 years I think about underwear intermittently throughout the day due to the need to keep adjusting and pulling them back down my legs. I'm disappointed Lulu decided to discontinue the Game On, and will probably not stop by the store or check the website to pick up the new colors like I used to. There's a network effect to having a product that people stock-up on like that, which is why I don't understand why Lulu would discontinue a product that flies off the shelf and is obviously very popular. Just as well I accumulated enough to last me a while until I figure out what brand to switch to for the next few years of underwear. I would return the No no boxer if they weren't final sale, maybe you'll offer to take them back from me like some other reviewers? July 21, 2014
loved them until i wore them I was told my the representative these boxers were made for Athletes like myself. As a hockey player i have been a loyal customer but these boxers were very disappointing. I wore them for a workout and there was an extreme amount of tightness on my thighs. Design flaw? on the tag it says made for hockey butt, unfortunately this is not true. Game on boxers fit much better. Would not recommend these compared to the game on boxers July 21, 2014
bring back the game on! I have at least 15 pairs of the Game On Boxers and have recommended them to countless people. Needless to say I find that these aren't even close. they're not nearly as comfortable. so disappointed in this product. July 19, 2014
So much worst than the Game On Just tried a pair of these. They are awful. They are too short and ride up immediately when running, walking, or just sitting around. I've had better $5 underwear from H&M. The Game On was a fantastic product. That these have less coverage and support at the same price smells like an effort to make more money from the customer. Bring back the Game On. July 15, 2014
Excited for the new colours, but no Game On Wanted to give these new boxers a try since the Game On boxer is no longer available. Went to the store and loved all the new colour options but as a tall guy the fit is way to short as said by many other guests. Please bring back the Game On boxers. Sad to say I won't be buying anymore until the style is re-worked or the Game On is brought back. July 13, 2014
Wanted to love them I, like many others reviewing this product, am a huge fan of the Game On boxers. I think I probably own 15 pairs, they're the only boxers I own. When I saw the No Boxer Boxers I wanted to give them a try, but I'm afraid I have to echo what others were saying. The new cup design seems good (albeit not a major leap, I'd say I'm pretty indifferent between this design and the Game On design), but they're simply too short. They chafe and ride up, and I've never had that problem with the Game On. If these were longer I'd be a fan, as it is I think I'm going to have to hold off buying any more Lululemon boxers until there is another version that is the same length as the Game On. July 7, 2014
NO BUENO... First off, let me say this...I'm a HUGE Lulu fan. I've got so much of LuLu stuff I think I might have a LuLu problem. That said, I bought my first pair of the No Boxer Boxers late last week. I've been wanting to try out the boxers for a while, but didn't need any new pairs. Well, I broke down and bought pair. Epic fail. Worst LLL product I've purchased yet. Just like LOYALLULU said, they stop right at the widest part of your thigh and ride up immediately. After one long travel day of wearing them, I'm chaffed in my inner thigh area. Not good! I won't be buying another pair of these boxers. I'll wait until the next, new version comes out. If these weren't "final sale", I'd take them back. Oh live and learn. It shouldn't be too long before the new style comes out. July 7, 2014
don't like this replacement for the Game On I have been buying the Game Ons for a while and love them, but my wife recently bought these new ones (which are apparently the replacement for the Game Ons). Lulu needs to rethink this - the length on these is all wrong - hits right at the widest part of your thigh, and so they ride up almost immediately. It's also a weird feeling. The Game Ons were the right length for almost any activity. Now there's too much of your leg exposed for chafing when sweating. Not sure why Lulu is getting rid of the Game Ons, but you've lost at least one underwear customer...and judging by how quickly the Game Ons are disappearing right now off of shelves (as I'm trying to stock up!), my guess is that many people have tried these new ones, and feel the same why I do. Keep these for some of your clients, of course, but don't get rid of the Game Ons with their longer length. July 3, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : OMS-PH1B.20140717.09:50 AM