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No Boxer Boxer
- Final Sale

why we made this

From your morning commute to the boardroom and beyond, we made these boxers with sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric to keep your mind on the money, or the traffic, or the next meeting - basically anything but the cojones.

fabric + features

  • soft, lightweight fabric is four-way stretch and engineered not to shrink
  • added LYCRA® fibres mean these boxers won't bag out
  • a shaped pouch helps support the family jewels
  • engineered with chafe-resistant flat seams
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: to-and-from, everyday
  • fit: athletic
  • inseam: 53/4” (15cm) – designed to sit high on the thigh
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$24.00 USD
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No Boxer Boxer 1.7 5 58 58
holes Once again all my lulu underwear has holes in it. I can't believe the price I paid to have them last six months. Looking for a different brand November 19, 2014
No Flap I love all things LULU, except for the stock and these boxers. Although they feel great when wearing them, I ranked them as fair because of one HUGE design flaw. A man needs a flap. I am not a woman, I do not drop my pants to my ankles when I relieve myself. Add a flap and you go from fair to perfect. I really wish I knew this before I bought and really wish I could get a refund! October 31, 2014
Not bad but the fit could be better They are just a bit looser than I'd like in some areas but they ok decently enough in the thigh, they ride up a bit in the thigh but also not a ton of support elsewhere. I think underwear is a hard thing to nail down and I don't think this is the one just yet. October 27, 2014
Tremendously disappointed I have been using the game on boxers for a number of years now. I have larger thighs and struggled with standard boxer-briefs breaking around the legs, or riding up into that ever uncomfortable place they go. When I found the game on boxers they were a blessing. The thighs held their place and kept cool during the many different activities that have found their ways into my life. I even brought my 16 pairs with me to Japan when I moved here from Canada last year. All good things do wear down and constant use has left several pairs with some holes. When my siblings were coming to visit they picked up 2 pairs of the no boxer boxer. The shorter length is quite awful. The underwear just isn't able to hold its position and rides up constantly. While the new design is good in theory, trying to reduce chaffing, the fact they ride up caused some serious problems when I went walking around town with my siblings. I'm now left with 2 pairs of underwear that are literally unwearable. I'm also left with having to find a replacement brand for underwear. This leaves me very disappointed because I thought I had found a brand I would use forever. Even worse it leaves my siblings disappointed that their gift is more of a problem than a help. I sincerely hope that the company reviews and reverses the decision to discontinue the game on shorts. These no boxer boxers may have had good intentions with their design; but good intentions can't make up for the fact that it is an inferior product. October 22, 2014
OK ...still not as good as "the original" So I, like everyone else apparently, was extremely disappointed when the "game on" boxers were removed. However, lets all not forget that even that model seemed to have some SERIOUS FABRIC ISSUES in the latter part of it's lifespan, with boxers basically disintegrating within a couple months! I was also a bit wary of the "no boxer boxer" coming in as a replacement. THE GOOD: fabric seems better, breathes a bit better than the (last batches) of the game on. "the pouch" is a good addition IMO, pretty comfortable. New seams/seaming is solid so far. THE BAD: yes, they are a "hair" shorter in the thigh and seemingly a little more "snug" around the legs. THE UGLY: STILL NEED MORE IN "THE SEAT" ... I think lulu assumes everyone shopping here is a yoga and/or running fanatic, and has no azz whatsoevver -- WRONG. They tend to not have enough for the junk in the trunk if you've got any, leading to plumbers crack and riding up a bit out back .... Overall, they have been "ok" ....nowhere near the product that the original game on was though. 3 of 5 stars -- I'm sure you can find a decent comparative pair for less than $24. I have acquired 8 pair so far, continually seeking quality control. I do see they are releasing a "longer" version in November, which is good .... so I URGE YOU LULULEMON, add a little more room in the rear too!!!! October 22, 2014
Hate Hate Hate!!! Let me preface this by say I NEVER right reviews. Nothing on Amazon or any other major retailer. With that in mind you now understand how loyal I was to the Game On Boxer. This was a perfect product. And Lululemon has does us ALL a tremendous disservice with discontinuing the Game On Boxer and transitioned to the No Boxer Boxer. I bought two of the No Boxer Boxer because I was told by the salesperson that they were identical to the Game On Boxers. This is by FAR NOT THE CASE. The No Boxer Boxer fit is way too tight and because they are shorter they ride up ALL FREAKING day. PLEASE PLEASE Lululemon own up that you made a mistake with this product and BRING BACK THE GAME ON BOXER. I will not buy anything from your store until you correct this travesty!!! October 20, 2014
Whyyyyyyyyyyyy The game on boxer was literally a game changer for me. I got rid of all my other under wear while slowly accumulating a superior lulu counterpart. I went into my local store to purchase some more when they told me the product was discontinued and being replaced. Being optimistic I purchased a pair of the no boxers and I hate them! I usually don't write reviews but this loss of product really annoyed me and I wanted to draw more attention to the issue with hopes lulu would do something about this. The game on was perfect and like they say "if it ain't broke don't fix it." Come on guys don't let this many people down. I love all of the products and quality of material but this is really disappointing to me. October 7, 2014
horrible underwear replacement These just suck!!! And why would LULULEMON get rid of the game on boxer brief ...they were so much better...this company has gone so far down hill...dont replace something with a totally different product ...its shorter, tighter and not as comfortable....get back the game on boxer brief and educate your employees in your stores they seem to only know about women's clothes....its horrible ...a giant step in the wrong direction with these but its worse when you DISCONTINUE game on boxer brief!!!! September 28, 2014
Horrible boxers I was a huge fan of game on boxers. They were a perfect fit and length. I threw away all of my other boxers and even got my friends hooked on those boxers as well. The "no boxer boxer" is TERRIBLE. Very tight around the thighs. if you sit down they give the "plumber" look. I am so disappointed in LULU. Please bring the game on boxer back. September 28, 2014
Okay, not great. These are alright. I have a few pairs of the Game On Boxer and those are definitely better. The No Boxer rides up most of the time, but sometimes doesn't depending on the pants I'm wearing. They might be okay if I had smaller thighs - but I don't so that's just speculation. Again, these aren't amazing, but they're not awful either. Hopefully they'll bring back the Game On Boxers. September 27, 2014