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No Boxer Boxer
- Final Sale

why we made this

From your morning commute to the boardroom and beyond, we made these boxers with sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric to keep your mind on the money, or the traffic, or the next meeting - basically anything but the cojones.

fabric + features

  • soft, lightweight fabric is four-way stretch and engineered not to shrink
  • added LYCRA® fibres mean these boxers won't bag out
  • a shaped pouch helps support the family jewels
  • engineered with chafe-resistant flat seams
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: to-and-from, everyday
  • fit: athletic
  • length: 53/4” (15cm) – designed to sit high on the thigh
  • inseam: 53/4” (15cm) – designed to sit high on the thigh
$24.00 USD
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No Boxer Boxer 1.7 5 41 41
Bring back the game on boxer briefs I am or should say was a huge fan of the Game on boxer briefs. I tried these no boxer boxer and DO NOT BUY. They are horrible. My pair already have ripped after only a few wears...meanwhile my game on boxer briefs after over a year have just started to tear. Will never buy these again...horrible! August 31, 2014
Just fine These are a worthy re-design of their predecessor. As ground-breaking as the previous version of these were (game on), they were not without problems - I had to return a few because they wore out or ripped way too early in their lifespan. They feel just about the same to me, and if they last longer, they may even be better. They do not stay in place quite as well as the game on, but they are fairly close in this regard and don't bug me much personally. The ideal next generation should incorporate some of dimensions of the game on, or perhaps a short and longer boxer (like the studio and format boxer), and the material of the new version, which seems a little more solid. Overall, I like these just fine. August 30, 2014
Uncomfortable I wish I came here to see other reviews of these before buying them, because I am having the exact same issue. I loved the Game On boxers. I went into a store to grab a couple new pairs and I was assured by the sales staff that these were exactly the same, just with slightly shorter legs. If I wore the Game On boxers, I would be totally satisfied with these. Well I hate them, they ride up and bunch up in the crotch. Now I never wear them. Unfortunately you can't try on or return this product, total waste of money. What was wrong with Game On's? Everyone who I know that wears them says they love them. Why did they need to change?? August 28, 2014
Won't be buying another pair A complete disappointment and extremely uncomforable. I was a huge fan of the Game on Boxer and had at least 20+ pairs. They were hands down the most comfrotable underwear on the market and I would recommend to anyone that would listen. With the No Boxer I would do the opposite and tell people to stay as far away from them as possible. I decided to pick up a pair of the No Boxer since they're the new thing and regret that I actually bought two pairs. The reason I was a huge fan of the Game On's was that they didn't ride up (probably because of the length) and the lack of a "pouch". The new design rides up and feels bunchy between the legs with all the extra fabric for the pouch, the No Boxer is just like every other boxer out there now. The Game On's were the only reason I stepped into Lululemon, and without the Game On's I won't be back. August 25, 2014
no boxer boxer fiasco I have been buying the Game on Boxers for many years for both my sons. They love the Game on Boxers and were very upset to find out that you will not be selling them any longer. I have been trying to find some Game on Boxers in size Large, but I cannot find any. I purchased each of my sons a pair of the new No Boxer Boxers and I am upset that they both do not like them ... mainly because of the length of the leg (too short), and because they are tight on the thigh. My boys want the Game on Boxers to come back as soon as possible. Thanks. August 25, 2014
Game On's were the "No Boxer Boxer"!!! Honestly how could you replace the Game On Boxer, let alone change them so dramatically (I owned 20+ pairs)?!?!?! The Game On Boxers were of cult status, every dude I know wears them and only them... Game On's are why I started shopping at Lululemon to begin with... Your Yoga Pants brought Women in for the first time and your Game On Boxers brought Men in. The worst thing about the No Boxer Boxer is that the changes you made make them similar to almost every other high end Boxer Brief currently sold on the market. I loved the Game On's because they were longer than your standard Boxer Brief in the legs and didn't have a defined "shaped pouch". I wore a Large in the Game On's, but after taking one glance at the No Boxer knew I had to go up a size because of how short they have become. Regardless of that change helping slightly from other guy's comments, still had chafing and they road up in the leg, not to mention the whole "Shaped Pouch" fiasco. This new style comes nowhere close to Game On's comfort and I just don't see myself being as loyal to these new ones as they are so similar to every other mediocre Boxer on the Market. Please bring back Game On's!!! August 20, 2014
Not as good as "Game On" boxer briefs I was really disappointed when I heard that Lululemon was discontinuing their "Game On" boxer briefs. I almost exclusively wear them. When I saw these "No Boxers" in store, I was intrigued by their look so I bought a pair knowing that the "Game On" wasn't coming back. "No Boxer" are comfy but just not as comfy as the "Game On". The pouch at the front is a nice addition and keeps things more together but overall these don't match up. These are shorter boxers and for me, I'm tall (6'3"), so those extra inches on the "Game On" pair really fit me perfectly. These feel tighter around the thighs too. I likely won't buy another pair. BRING BACK GAME ON PLEASE! August 19, 2014
Big disappointment. What happened to the Game On? I was a big fan of the Game On boxers (100% of my boxers were Game On until I bought a pair of these), recommending them to all my friends and trying to convince them that they were completely worth the price. When I was told that they were discontinuing the Game On boxers I was deeply disappointed but decided to give the No Boxer Boxers a try. Big mistake, and unfortunately a final sale made these a complete waste of money. After a day of wearing them I found that I was constantly having to pull them down as they were riding up often and they were completely uncomfortable. Lululemon went from making my favourite boxers ever to the worst ones I have ever worn. Why would Lululemon discontinue boxers that almost every guy loves in favour of boxers that create such great discomfort? August 17, 2014
"Game" Over Don't expect these to fit/feel like the 'Game On' boxers they supposedly replaced. The fabric is the same, but the length is shorter and the leg circumference is noticeably smaller. If you have "sprinter's legs," these will be tight on your thighs. It's possible that going up a size might alleviate most of the problem, but I'm not going to spend another $24 to find out. I'm really glad I only bought one pair of these. Lesson learned. I understand the reasoning behind Lulu's no-return policy for underwear; you can't re-sell used underwear. But given the cost of their underwear (and the apparent profit margin) I would think they could allow people a store credit equal to the purchase price of one pair. August 15, 2014
I miss the game on boxer brief Can someone explain to me why you discontinued the boxers everyone loved and replaced them with boxers that are either too long or too short for daily wear? These ride up something fierce. Such a disappointment. FYI, guys like boxers with 7.5" inseams. It really is the right length for boxers. Please rethink this. August 12, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM